6 Weeks in Belize :: Part 2 – Mika Perry

6 Weeks in Belize :: Part 2

Here are the looks we wore, what we loved, and lessons we learned from living by the Caribbean Sea. (Link to Part 1 of the recap here.)


For my style check out my previous post here!

For the girls, the theme was brights with bases of breezy blues. Because I bought these back in April, good news is that they are ALL currently on SALE! I linked each one below.

 1  |  2  |  3  | 4 |  5 (different color) |  6   |  7  |  8  |  9 (different color) | 10



Some of our favorite experiences and places we loved…

A day on the water snorkeling and spearfishing for lobster, snapper, and conch. Everything was cooked up at a beachside BBQ by our guide, Tony.

Snorkeling with sea turtles and nurse sharks! They’re safe to swim with 🙂

Coconut mojitos from our favorite bartender, William, who also came to our villa to cook us a BBQ when we had friends visiting.

Watching the girls play barbies in our pool.

Exploring a smaller island called Caye Caulker

Jerk chicken at Robin’s.

Brunch at Victoria House

Quiet moments on our dock, taking in the view.

And having friends come to visit from DC, Arizona, and California. SO MANY KIDS.


  • You do not need to bring self tanner with you on a tropical vacation. I literally do not know what I was thinking. I brought a ton thinking I was going to stay out of the sun but maintain that #glow. Well, you cannot avoid the sun on an island. I got SO dark!
  • Go with the local flow of life. There really is such as thing as “island time” – and people there live by it. When we travel to a city I love the go-go-go aspect and hopping from one thing to another on an detailed itinerary, which is going with the local flow of life in a city. For this trip, it took us a bit of time to let go of the need for a to-do list and unwind, and embrace that it’s OK to just do absolutely nothing and just RELAX.
  • Adapt. Accept. Milk was just milk and meats just meats and veggies just veggies – no “organic” or “free range” or “non-GMO” labeling here. I got tense, then got over it, and realized my family would be fine for 6 weeks.
  • Ask questions, be friendly and talk! I was totally dorky about this but learned so much about the people who ran the different businesses and their story on how they ended up on the island. It was also the best way to find out about local favorites and hidden gems!


Whether you’ve been looking for a tropical vacay, thought about Belize, or have never even heard of the town of San Pedro or the island of Ambergris Caye, I totally recommend considering a visit. It’s easily one of the most laid back places I have ever been. For this Type-A momma always on the go, it was a wonderful change of pace.

Until next time, Belize!



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