I Rented The Runway … And It Was Amazing. – Mika Perry

I Rented The Runway … And It Was Amazing.


We recently went to a wedding in California and like any other time there’s a big event, the big question is “OK. What am I going to wear…??” We had several events with the weekend including a rehearsal brunch, touring wineries during the day, and the wedding to attend so I needed to find more than one outfit for this trip. I naturally started to stress.


Enter Rent the Runway.

Have you heard of it?? I had but never really looked into it. Well, this little service has now become my secret weapon because it solves two problems I usually face when planning outfits for an event ::

  1. Not enough time (…or the patience) to go around to stores trying things on. Spending half a day shopping and coming up empty handed is THE. WORST.
  2. Not wanting to drop a fortune on dresses I probably won’t wear often or ever again. I feel like for weddings and galas and events where you get photographed, you kinda can’t really wear it again, at least for a while.

Anyway, once I figured out the formality of each event I got to work on their website renttherunway.com. They have a great selection of designers (think of it a bit like Intermix – that’s what the site kinda feel reminded me of) and by renting the pieces you can get it at a much lower rate than retail price. So you can basically get so much more for what would typically be the price of one dress at a store. AND you can get to enjoy pieces that typically might be out of your price range. I don’t know about you but it’s not every day I can breezily drop $500 on a dress.

The site and mobile app are both easy to use. I browsed by different categories just seeing what caught my eye, “hearted” (or, “liked”) those pieces which then got to a list, and then read the reviews of those who have tried those pieces before to get an idea of how they fit. I LOVED that aspect because you could see real people with different body types and get their take on how it ran with the sizing. Some also posted pics of them in the piece which was super helpful.

Here’s what I ended up choosing!



I mean, how FUN is this clutch??



One useful feature is that for one piece you can select a “backup size.” The brunch dress was a new one to the site so they didn’t have many reviews yet to give me an idea of how it fit. So that’s the one I picked to get sent a Small and a Medium (ended up wearing the Small in the end.)

Once you have your order ready you can decide if you want a 4 day rental or an 8 day rental and I went with the latter. You then decide on a delivery date (I picked two days before we left just to be on the safe side.) Then I hit send and my order was in!

I went back and after reading more reviews of the green dress I decided I should have sized up, so I gave them a quick call and they immediately switched my order. So easy and they were so nice.

My one worry about this was that the clothes would look worn or not be in good shape. But everything arrived in pristine and immaculate condition; it all seriously looked brand new.

The outfits all worked out perfectly for the weekend. Once I was home I zipped them up in the case they came in, slipped in the prepaid shipping label, and dropped it off at UPS. DONE AND DONE.

For busy mamas on a budget needed some one-time outfits, I totally recommend checking out this service!






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  • Nichola Deahl
    April 5, 2017

    Your taste has always been impeccable & this site seems to meet & suit you beautifully! Thank you for sharing the site!

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