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It’s Getting Real :: Workouts + Macros



I’m currently on week 3 of serious sweat sessions and serious eats. And already? I feel amazing.

Right now, my plan is working out 6x/week and counting my macros.




MACROS have been at the forefront of what I have seen out there lately in regard to healthy eating and using food as fuel for results. It doesn’t eliminate any food group but just gives you a guideline of how much of each you should eat based on where you are at and what your goals are. I’ve been semi-interested in doing it for a while now and am SO excited to have someone coaching me in it. I’m a huge believer in investing in coaching and accountability and mentorship and leveraging someone else’s knowledge so that I can improve!

My current daily macros :: 1,800 cal (200g carbs, 150g protein, 45g fat)

This means I need to get to that many calories by eating that many grams of each category. Everything is made up of a combination of protein, fat, and carbs.

How do I track this? With MyFitnessPal and thank GOODNESS for this app because I don’t know how else you would do it. I thought logging food would be the most TEDIOUS and annoying thing EVER but the app has an insane database of food so anything you want it has for you to search, click, and add – with all the macros broken down for you. ALSO, you can scan the barcode of foods (Chicken breast from Coscto? Scan it. Coconut coffee creamer? Scan it.) So that makes searching even easier.

The hardest part about tracking macros so far has been weighing foods and prepping everything. Because you have to account for literally everything you eat, eating something like homemade chili is hard because you need to know ok how many grams of beans? beef? tomatoes? onions? olive oil? are in one serving? And THAT is a pain to count out and weigh. So I’ve definitely been making some simple things.

Basically, I’m eating ingredients.

But my trainer says it’s going to get much easier.

Why am I doing macros? Because this is a great way to tune into food to make it work for your body. And I am rebuilding my metabolism, checking in weekly on how it’s responding. I love that I am not eliminating any foods. And it’s been really eye opening.

ALSO I can still go to Chipotle. So all is well 😉



I go to an awesome, no-frills gym where people are there to DO WORK. Here’s what I’m doing.

Monday :: 30 min HIIT cardio – 45 sec on/15 sec off, 30/30, or 15/45 – and abs (this would be sprints on the treadmill or on the stairmaster. This week I sprinted on the treadmill at 0 incline/10.2 speed for 30 seconds, jumped off to the side for 30 seconds, then back on for 30, off for 30 for 15 minutes total. Then I ran at an intense 15 incline/5.5 speed and did the 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 15 additional minutes. DIED. )

Tuesday :: Lower body

Wednesday :: 30 min steady state cardio

Thursday :: Upper body

Friday :: Rest day, OR yoga/abs (…last week I totally rested because I could barely move lol.)

Saturday :: Shoulders and glutes

Sunday :: Endurance (hike or long run)


Guiding me through it all is my trainer, Rachel. She is a bodybuilder and is VEGAN. Let THAT blow your mind for a minute! (Check her out @plant_based_rachel.)

Off to go make a protein shake! (215 cal – 26.5g C, 21.5P, 5.2g F)



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