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15 Gifts for The Hostess


I was taught never to arrive at someone’s house empty-handed, so the most important kind of gift in my opinion is the hostess gift! In fact, this may be the only gift guide I do this holiday season because that’s how much I love giving hostess gifts.

These hosts or hostesses – whether a neighbor, a longtime friend, a family member, or someone you just met just – are inviting you over to their home, welcoming you in, and made the effort to make sure you have a good time with great food and company. Thanking them with something personal, thoughtful, fun, delicious, and/or one of your favorite things is something that really embodies the spirit of the holidays. But, these can really be used any time of year as you attend dinners and parties at people’s homes!

Things I keep in mind when giving hostess gifts is:

  1. keeping the color palate neutral (so that it would fit into anyone’s home decor or lifestyle) and
  2. giving things that I personally love to use myself (because then it just naturally comes from the heart.)

For this gift guide, I included not only whom I might give these to and why but ALSO how I would wrap them for giving!

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A Must – Personalized Tags. For every hostess gift, I include a customized gift tag. The sentiment might be something like “Thanks for having us!” or “Happy Holidays!” and say it’s from either me or “The Perrys” (depending if I’m just showing up or it’s the whole fam.) These tags are one of my favorites – black goes with anything. I use these Sharpie paint pens to write on them.  I use these tags for organizing around the house, too, so I always have a stock of these on-hand ready to go.

One Dish Towels.  This gift is double-duty. When gifting a bottle of wine or champagne, I like to wrap them in a pretty dishtowel tied with a ribbon and tag saying “cheers!” The wrapping is then reusable. Give them a taste of the obsessed-over “Hearth and Hand” line from Target with this simple striped towel.

TwoWreath.  A gorgeous wreath is a welcomed gift for the holidays. An olive branch is a symbol of peace and can be used now or any time of year on the front door. I would tie a big red ribbon around this.

Three – Candle Set.  If there is one thing I hoard, it’s candles for gifting. All year long, but especially during the holiday season. I personally am a huge Dyptique fan and this gift can be given two ways – as a set for a very special (and super lucky) hostess, OR if you’re hitting up multiple parties and events at once I would individually wrap these as beautifully scented little “thank you’s” for the host.

FourMantra bracelet.  For the friend that you know well and is either embarking on a new journey (like they just launched a new business) or is a season of life that needs some encouragement or support, I think this mantra bracelet would be a really thoughtful gift.  To know that someone is thinking of them or knew they needed a word of encouragement is a gift in itself. I would enclose a personal message card when wrapping this one.

Five – Cake Stand.  If you’re bringing over a treat, why not give the platter itself as a gift, too? And let’s be honest, tracking down a plate at the end of the party or seeing the hostess spend time cleaning it for you is the worst! This simple and elegant cake stand would fit into anyone’s line-up of entertaining serving ware. To transport both, I would wrap it up with clear cellophane with buffalo check ribbon or twine.

Six – Diffuser.  I love gifting people what I personally love. Home fragrances is one of my favorite indulgences and always makes me so happy, and this is a beautiful scent for the holidays (anything from Antica Farmacista is awesome.) This comes in a box so it’s easy to wrap.

SevenCandy Box Everyone loves candy. The end.

Eight – Throw.  The holidays brings to mind coziness, so give them a snuggly warm throw blanket. I would stick to neutrals like this one and if you have advance notice, order it monogrammed. Roll it up and tie it up with a bow and you’re set!

Nine – Marble Tumbler.  For my momma friends who I see at the bus stop or on park playdates, I know they love a good cup of coffee-to-go in hand like I do. This marble insulated tumbler is unique and chic.

TenServing Board.  A lot of people have asked about my marble and wood cheese board, so I figure that means people would love it as a gift, too! Personalized monogramming elevates any gift to the next level, but this cheese board would be beautiful plain as well. Like the cake stand, if you’re in charge of bringing apps to a party, wow them by giving them this beautiful board, too.

Eleven – Letter Board.  If you or your host have a good sense of humor, write a witty message and gift them this board. We recently bought a letter board and are having fun experimenting with quotes and phrases. I would tie a plaid bow around this one and let the message itself do the rest.

TwelveFragrance Set.  I typically don’t like to give gift sets because they can sometimes seem like you just grabbed something off the shelf in a hurry without thought just because it was a “gift set,” or include things that are just unnecessary – or both. An exception to the rule is when it’s well-curated and gives a small taste of a luxury that is usually reserved for special occasions; something people won’t usually buy for themselves. Jo Malone is always a classic and this little trio would be adorable tucked into a stocking or given as-is with the elegant wrapping.

Thirteen Tic Tac Toe Set.  Something for the coffee table like a book or object is a great gift, especially if the hostess is into decor or has a new home. Something for guests to play with is a whimsical touch in a well-arranged coffee table. I love the “@” and the hashtag design. If you are a business, this would make a great gift to include a little tag with your own social media handle or promotional hashtag. In fact, this would be a great business gift for clients and partners! Right?

Fourteen Wine Glasses A perfect example for giving what you love. I have these stemless wine glasses and am obsessed with them, and this comes as a set of 6. Accompany it with your favorite bottle of wine or give it wrapped in a box with a sparkly ribbon.

Fifteen – Gold Bowls.  If you are going to a cookie exchange party, or you know the hostess is an avid baker, give these gorgeous gold nesting mixing bowls, with a recipe card for your favorite cookie recipe tucked inside.


Happy gifting!



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