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Soft Kids Pajamas | Bun pins | Girls Flats | Makeup Case | iPhone Case | Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Mouse | Sweater | Book Light | Tumbler | Hydroflask | Time Block Planner | Waterbottle Boot


A few notes …

These corkscrew bun pins keeps my girls’ dance buns in place (and my messy buns, too!) Speaking of dance, I keep Reese’s competition stage makeup in this divider makeup case.

I have this silicone iPhone case which combines a pop-socket type feature  that lies flat so that it can easily slip into your pocket. Plus, it’s also a magnet so it sticks right onto my dashboard phone holder!

The bluetooth speaker making a repeat on this list, because it’s that good 😉

I bought these book lights last year as gifts and everyone, from Reese to my dad, loved them!

Our summertime AirBnb really scored with some great Amazon finds, because the hosts left these insulated tumblers for us as a gift (so sweet) and I use mine every day!

Russ and I are planning on using this time-blocking planner at the start of the year. We are big time blocking fans AND big Cal Newport fans (remember that one time he wrote about my blog post???)