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A few notes …

For kids that end up showing their hands during games, this playing card holder is so smart! I’m getting them for Paige and Reese.

Paige’s 2020 obsession has included headbands. Comes in tons of colors for under $20. My kids also toon a TON of pictures on their Instax camera this year. They turned out adorable.

These sticker books might be one of my best purchases this year! I placed them in a zip pouch in my car and whenever we are out at a restaurant (or a place where the kids have to wait) this keeps them super entertained. So surprised how INTO them they are!

I love the look of these Bird scooters! We use our scooters a ton during walks around the neighborhood or zipping over to the park.

Kiwico is TOTALLY worth it! Reese and I have loved doing these Atlas and Craft subscription boxes together (or on her own when I need her to be give me a break and be occupied lol)

The best kids PJs that we find can used for more than one year, the sizing and fabric are top notch. Love the subtle, not-obnoxious character patterns they have, too!

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