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Airpods | Apple Watch | Thermometer | Sweater Shaver | Tile Tracker Stickers | Tile Wallet and Keychain | Ember Mug | Bluetooth Speaker | Fabric Steamer | Spray Bottles | Dashboard Phone Dock

A few notes …

Can’t go wrong with Apple products like Airppod Pros and the Apple watch. I have both and use them every day.

A thermometer seems like a very 2020 gift, right?? This is the one we have, and I also love this sweater shaver to remove pills from fabric.

For people who misplace their wallet or keys all the time (ahem, Russ…) a Tile Tracker for their wallet or stickers to place on anything would be a helpful gift.

Another item that was at the AirBnb we stayed at over the summer was this Bluetooth speaker. It has SUCH a great sound for SUCH a great price – just $25!!!  I got one for our house and use it all the time (like during the girls’ bathtime.)

Once you get a garment steamer, you will wonder how you lived without one! Same with a sweater shaver.

This is a random find that might not technically be “tech” but it’s a genius invention : continuous spray bottles. I discovered them at a salon and now use them for doing the girls’ hair.

I have this magnetic phone holder in my car and love that it’s quick and sturdy, not the kind that you have to clip your phone in every time.

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