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3 Simple Closet Tips


There are so many different things that go into a closet for our clients, from selecting the best placement for good closet flow, to products to organize their space, to helping to customize a closet design.

No two client spaces are the same – each new closet has it’s unique shape and sizes and of course the contents of everyone’s wardrobes are different – so each time I walk into a closet it’s a new puzzle to solve. When I figure it out and stand back and look at the end results, it’s so, so awesome.

With all that puzzle-solving and customization, there are 3 simple things that can be applied to all closets and wardrobes, and they REALLY make a quick and significant difference in the way the space looks, feels, and functions. It’s like giving your closet an instant makeover!

Want to give your closet a facelift without a huge overhaul? Try these 3 simple ideas  ::



1. Color-Code

Arrange everything by the order of the rainbow (ROY G. BIV.) Do this with all your tanks. Then your tees, then your long sleeves, then your dresses, then your shoes, then your purses….basically, rearrange them by color within each category. Strapped for time? Just pick one area (may just your tops, or maybe just your jewelry) and see the instant effect. White goes first, then pink, then red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purples (violet) and then brown, gray, and black. For patterns, see what color dominates in the design and you might have to just place them more towards the pinks, or maybe they are more violet. Just play around with it a bit.

Color-coding doesn’t last forever; you WILL have to go in and touch it up every so often. After several rushed mornings when you barely get to put all the hangers back up, or if you have a housekeeper put away your laundry,  or you have a day where you just don’t care, or if your toddler goes into a drawer and pulls everything out, or your teenager shoves things back…you get the idea. Even I have to periodically spruce up the color coding in our closets because LIFE happens in my house, too. The good news is that the more you do it, the faster you will get at it.



2. Switch to matching hangers

This is a simple idea but it is the one tip that DOES take an investment in product – matching hangers – and a bit of investment in time. However, it is the ONE THING I will always recommend product-wise in a client space if I just have to pick one thing. An assortment of hangers creates a SUPER cluttered look in of itself. See the difference in the pic above?



3. Face shoes forward

If you’re finding that your shoes are stressing you out, try lining them up wherever they live in your closet with all tips facing forward. I often walk into closets with shoes going every which way. No judgement at all – I get it! But if you’re finding yourself in a similar situation and want to give our shoe space an instant lift, facing them all forward. Streamlined, super quick and simple, and you will see a difference.

Many times when our clients get organized in once space, it motivates them to keep going and organize more spaces in their homes. It’s like they get on a roll. If you’re feeling like your closet could use a little love, I encourage you to try one of the above and you might get on a organizing roll, too!



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