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4 Tips for Organizing a Coffee and Tea Station in Your Kitchen

An area of our home I just love and makes me so, so happy is our coffee and tea station.  It’s a big part of both my morning and night routines. Today I’m showing you how I organized our space (it’s simple!) and 4 tips for creating a coffee and tea station in your home, too.



When we built the house, we knew the beverage fridge would be going in this part of our kitchen. Our beverage fridge is basically all sparkling water – not wine – so this gave me the idea that I could also make this a more morning-type area by storing our creamers in there and I could create a great place to set up an organized coffee and tea station. So we put our Nespresso machine here, I assigned the cabinet next to it for mugs, and designated the drawer below for coffee pods and tea bags. And thus a little “station” was created!

I make coffee in the mornings (you can catch my morning routine podcast episode here) and make iced tea for the next day the night before ( you can catch my night routine blog post here and podcast episode here!) I also make my calm drink here (it’s a magnesium supplement I put in hot water) that I drink at night. So this space really gets used all throughout the day.

It’s such a convenient and efficient system to have everything in one spot, rather than going all over the kitchen for different parts. Here’s how I created and organized our coffee and tea station – and 4 tips for you to consider when creating your own in your kitchen.


1. Find a zone that brings all the elements into one spot

Think about everything you need for a morning cup of coffee or your nighttime tea and try to batch, zone, or corral them all into one area of your kitchen. You might want to start with where either your coffee machine is or where your water source is, or where your fridge is for keeping water and creamer, and go from there in arranging where your mugs and coffee/tea goes.

Remember that you can utilize cabinets, drawers, and counter space collectively to create a “station.”

Also, don’t forget that many cabinet shelves are adjustable. So if there’s a cabinet that would be the perfect spot for your mugs and/or coffee and tea, adjust the heights of the shelving so that those items can fit in there – or so that you can move the current items to another cabinet and make those shelves fit what items need to move there.

I have our coffee mugs, coffee maker, beverage fridge for creamer, drawer for coffee items, a cabinet underneath for recycling Nespresso pods and our french press machine, and on the other side our water spout for filtered water and our silverware drawer for spoons. So I can just basically stand in one spot, turn around, and have everything I need to make coffee or tea.


2. Take items out of original packaging

Original boxes and bags often take up more room than needed – plus it’s usually lends itself to a more visually busy and cluttered look. You’ll see this often done in pantries (you can see our pantry in this post here!) but when you take items out of their original packaging (it’s often called “decanting” in the organizing world) you can see what you have, access those items easier, and take up less space with everything. Think about a box of cereal with a bag in it VS. a clear cereal container with an airtight lid on top. Or a box of bars that you can’t tell how many are still left inside VS. a basket filled with bars, ready to grab when you need one.

In the coffee and tea station, I take out the tea bags and Nespresso pods out of the boxes. This allows me to fit more into the drawer, make them easily accessible one-by-one, and it just looks much more streamlined. It just looks more boutique-like, cleaner, and just more purposeful. I take the tea bags out of the boxes, too. If you use tea bags that are not individually wrapped, I would consider placed them in jars with an airtight lid. Having them in a jar like this or this can actually look really pretty, or you can keep the jar in a cabinet if you don’t want to take up counter space.



3. Use dividers

A quick way to make any space look more intentional and organized is dividers. They keep items where they belong and tell you where to put things when re-filling a drawer or putting items away. These spring-loaded dividers are SO useful in any drawer (you can see how I used them in another kitchen drawer here.) You can also use individual dividers in acrylic or bamboo which can further section out your drawer and its contents. The key to using those is to be sure to measure out the drawer first and build it all together like a puzzle  (I like to get mine from the Container Store.)



4. Bring your wellness practices into the picture

I more recently added these artisan glass jars (below) and placed them here in our coffee and tea station because its contents are part of my morning AND night routines. In one jar I have collagen peptides, which I put into my morning coffee.  I also have a jar of l-glutamine powder (for gut health) and I dissolve that into water and drink it in the morning as well. The third jar holds my magnesium powder (I use this brand) and I drink that dissolved into hot water at night (I call it my “calm tea” although it’s not technically a tea.) The original containers for these powders were bright, bulky, and covered with text (read: not pretty at all) but when you place them in jars, they can be much more uniform and neutralize itself as part of the decor.  I used a permanent white paint marker to label them. It’s subtle, which is exactly how I wanted it.

I also store my probiotics in the beverage fridge, too!



There are lots of ways to create an organized coffee and tea station depending on the items you like to use and what kind of kitchen you have. But the 4 tips here I think will help anyone create a customized, streamlined, beautiful and efficient space they can turn to morning and night and feel more organized in their kitchen.

Cheers (with my coffee mug!)





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