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8 Small Ways to Get Organized This Year


With every new year, many people have the goal to be more organized (which may include you!) And that’s GREAT, because getting more organized will bring so many benefits, like saving you time and energy and helping you move through your home and day with ease. It’s such a great feeling to know where to find things in your home, where to put things back which makes cleaning up easier, and to not be burdened and slowed down by clutter in your life. I always say that organization is not about perfection – it’s about finding ways to be more prepared in your life!

The problem is that we often focus on big areas of our home when it comes to organizing – like garages and closets – which can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Instead, I suggest starting with organizing yourself first – your time, your energy, your immediate smaller physical spaces – which will help you see results faster and more easily.

Starting small is a way to practice organizing skills, which will eventually have a trickle effect into the rest of your life and home. I know this to be true first-hand as I personally have become better an organizing, and have seen others grow in their organizational skills, too.

So if you’re feeling like you’re motivated to organize but then quickly become paralyzed by the thought of organizing your whole house, take a step back and let me give you a few ideas of where you can start small.

I recently did a segment on Your Life Arizona 3TV and shared my easiest organization tips that will make the biggest impact if you’re looking to be more organized this year. Here are my 8 tips!


1. Spend some time with berry/veggie/fruit prep


I started doing this a few years back, and it has changed the way we eat healthy snacks in my house! Essentially, I wash and cut up my berries and put them into clear mason jars in the fridge. It looks streamlined, I can easily see what we have, saves space, and is a quick and easy way for me or my girls to grab a snack when they’re hungry. This has become such a popular topic around here. I get so many questions that I created an entire berry prep blog post!


2. Create a smoothie station


Another quick and easy organization project is to create a smoothie station. If you make them frequently, it will save time to have most of the ingredients out and ready to go on the counter so that you can make one quickly! I keep my smoothie ingredients in labeled glass jars so not only is it easily accessible, it looks pretty, too.

If you’re not a smoothie person – but are definitely a coffee person! – here’s a post on my coffee station.


3. Declutter your purse


Purses can collect lots of junk and items we don’t need- empty gum packs, receipts, coins, mints, etc… If you use multiple purses, this can add up quick! Aim for emptying out your purse (or purses) at least once a week, weeding out what doesn’t belong (hello, goldfish cracker crumbs!) and placing back only what you need in there – think, the essentials. I love to use these affordable zip pouches to stay organized especially in a tote bag.


4. Simplify and clean your car


The big secret to keeping your car clean and organized? Less is more (only keep the essentials), and take trash out every day. As a mom, you wouldn’t believe the amount of items that come in and out of my car each day. But I make it a point to take out as much as I can every trip. I even keep a trash can in the garage so that trash doesn’t have to come in the house with me. I have a whole blog post on this topic, too!

5. Invest in tools for cord/electronics organization


Remember those handy zip pouches I mentioned earlier? Use them to organize your cords and chargers! These can get out of control, so rounding up all of your cords, headphones, and chargers and putting them in one place will feel amazing. I like to use cord tacos to keep them tidy, and I also like this cord and electronic organizer for travel and putting in my tote bag when I’m headed somewhere remote to work for the day (above pic is from a train ride in the countryside of England this summer.)


6. Organize just one drawer


Often times, organizing just one drawer can make a large impact! One easy way to do this is by file folding. The file folding method is simple, saves space, and is surprisingly easy to upkeep! If you’re not sure how to file fold, check out my blog post or look it up on Youtube. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can do this for any drawer that has similar items in it like jeans, towels, workout clothes, or PJ’s.


7. To-Do List Organization Using Post-It Notes


Yes, post-it notes! You can organize your thoughts and time by using post-it notes for a “brain dump”. Stick them on a countertop, the wall, or in your planner. Getting your thoughts onto paper and seeing them can be SO helpful. Post-it note organization is one of our most popular podcast episodes, listen here!


8. Time management hack : use a timer!



If you have a task that you’ve been putting off, sounds mundane, or will take too much time- use a timer! Set it for 15 or 20 minutes and you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in that short amount of time. I use this timer for everything from cleaning the kitchen, deleting photos off of my phone, or doing the laundry.


I hope this post was helpful, and if you’d like to learn more about how to organize your entire home, set up morning and night routines, and how to change your mindset around organization, be sure to check out my online courses!




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