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9 Simple Updates to Refresh Your Home

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It’s natural to want to update your home decor every once in a while, but budget and time restraints often don’t allow for a full home makeover. Instead, there are many easy, simple updates you can make to your home that will provide an instant home refresh! These small tips can feel like a breath of fresh air in your home.


Simple Updates to Update and Refresh Your Home


1. New throw pillows for your sofa

Switching up your throw pillows on the sofa will bring a totally different look to your living room – without the big price tag of a total room overhaul. Keep the same sofa but replace your dated pillows, and you will instantly update the feel of the space! Look to Pinterest or interior design Instagram accounts to see different fabric and color pairings and sizes to give you ideas. And when it comes to pillow filling, make sure to get ones that hold a “chop” which gives it a more elegant look (many pillows end up lying flat like a pancake, which is not a pretty look.) Target and Homegoods are great budget-friendly options, and McGee and Co is one of my favorites for beautiful covers that will be sure to elevate your space (I buy the covers there but get the fills from Amazon) Pro tip : be sure to size up on pillow fillers for a more full and luxe effect.




2. A signature home scent

Decide on one of your favorite home scents – whether that’s a candle, essential oil combo, or reed diffuser – and stick to that this year. It keeps things consistent, and like a spa or a hotel creates a welcoming atmosphere every single day. It also helps to eliminate decision fatigue on what scent to light/diffuse, and also prevents a mountain of half-burned candles cluttering your home (you know what I mean, right?? 😉 )  I personally love these scents from Diptyqye, Byredo, Jo Malone, and Capri Blue below and have used them over the years. I also LOVE essential oils from Young Living (tangerine, peppermint, and lavender are my standbys.) Find one that speaks to you, and make it your signature scent this year.



3. Updated cleaning products and tools

Cleaning products can really add up and get cluttered over time. Streamline and update your cleaning routine by eliminating all the old, dried out, rarely-used cleaning products and tools (no need to feel guilty if you just ended up not liking them – it’s OK to get rid of them!) and replace with a consolidated, pared down supply that you’ll actually want to use. Stock up on sponges so you always have a fresh one on hand, and a set of matching microfiber towels is an inexpensive way replace worn out rags and towels. Find a few cleaners you do like – both in performance and scent – and stick to those. Buying from the same brand creates a visually cohesive look, or if your favorite formulations are from different brands you can take it a step further and decant them into glass spray and pump bottles.



4. An edited-down bookshelf

Ah, books. My husband prefers to hang onto them, while I on the other hand like to get rid of a book once I’m done with it if I don’t think I’ll read it again. A little tip is that I keep a notebook where I take notes on anything I want to remember or takeaways I have from the book. This not only allows me to donate it when I’m done, but it helps me remember my lessons learned from that book. If you have books you would like to hold onto, one tip is to remove the outer cover which is often a loud color or busy. The hard cover underneath book cover is usually much simpler (and more aesthetically pleasing!) Another way to refresh your bookshelf is to color-code them or only keep neutral-spined books in sight. This gives a fresh, cohesive look to your books. You can also stack them in layers for a lived-in, collected feel for your open shelving.


5. Fresh flowers and greenery

My aunt in Japan had told me that no matter how tight money got, especially when she and my uncle were a young couple, she always made sure to have enough to buy fresh flowers for the home. This has always stuck with me as an example that even little investments for your home go a long way! My favorite greenery is called Israeli Ruscus. It lasts forever (seriously, like over a month) and is super affordable! I snag mine at Trader Joe’s but you can also ask your local florist for them. This greenery will be sure to give you an instant home refresh! If you’re a hydrangea fan like me, this Instagram posts gives some tips to revive them and keep them looking great.


6. Professional upholstery and floor cleaning

I often get asked how I keep our white furniture and light rugs clean, and my main secret is to get it cleaned professionally on a regular basis. I try to do this every quarter or so, and it makes a huge difference! If you’re local to AZ, check out Coconut Cleaning and mention “MIKA50” for 50% off your first service! It really isn’t as hard as it looks to keep white things clean. I think that might be a blog post for another time but one thing is that we don’t wear shoes in the house (see my IG post here!)


7. An update to your morning cup of coffee

My morning coffee is one of those little joys in life that I look forward to each morning. Add a new spin to your cup with a new creamer, a different kind of milk, or iced instead of hot (I like to add a dash of cinnamon to mine!) Maybe try a cup of tea one morning in place of coffee.  Or create a coffee station that is dedicated to all things coffee and tea! You can see how I created our coffee and tea station here with some tips for implementing one in your own home.


8. Switch to all-white towels

Nothing makes a bathroom look fresh like all crisp, white towels! This is a relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact in your home and make your life feel a little more luxurious 😉 My favorites are linked below from Target. I also find it easier to keep white towels white when you don’t have other colored towels in the mix. I wash them often on the “crisp white” setting, and use white vinegar to keep them fresh.



9. Decluttering

You don’t have to buy anything new to give your home a refresh – simply decluttering small areas of your home will make the biggest impact of all. If you feel overwhelmed with where to start, don’t worry! I created a 30 day decluttering challenge to break down decluttering into bite-sized, small tasks that you can do in 20 minutes or less. Want to join the challenge? Sign up here:




These simple tips might seem small, but I promise you will notice a huge difference when you try them in your home.

Happy home refreshing!



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