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A Fun Dress (With A Little Secret)

My top go-to outfits are white jeans with a top, and dresses of any kind. I have tons of dresses at home and love that it’s just a one-and-go type of outfit; you don’t have to pick and coordinate a top and bottom. For every trip I go on, I always check out to see what fun dresses are out there to wear for dinners, brunches, hanging out, and just exploring wherever I am.

This dress is BEYOND FUN. Quite possibly the most fun dress I have word in a long time. It doesn’t feel big when you wear it but then you twirl or walk or swish around and it just billows and flows out beautifully and really makes a STATEMENT. Because I was on a beach vacay, I paired it with a straw fedora and these sunglasses. Which, BTW I bought on this trip and it’s a MATCHING MOMMY AND ME SET! I mean….! (I couldn’t find the exact color as a set online for you, but linked the kid and mommy versions separately below, and then another set that is just a different shade.)

I feel like you could wear this to a summer wedding, date night, anything resort-related.

BUT WAIT. There’s a secret.

I didn’t buy this dress – I rented it.

I had actually found this dress earlier but couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. Then, I found it on Rent the Runway. I’ve rented before (actually, on another trip to CA) and loved the experience so I was like you know what? Let’s do this. I made the rental reservation on a flight to Idaho, and set the shipping to be sent to the hotel we would be staying at in California and the concierge held it for me. So easy.

The great thing about renting is that especially for a dress like this that is really a statement, you don’t have to make the big commitment of buying it and potentially not wearing it again. You know what I’m talking about – you know you’re going to be photographed in it at an event or whatever and don’t really want to repeat it again. So for something like that, renting is awesome.

NOTE : I know you’re probably thinking but wait it’s a rental. For someone that is very aware of cleanliness and germy-ness, I have never felt weirded out by their rentals. They arrive in actually better condition than some of the dresses I personally own!

And for those that are like but wait, I want to actually OWN this dress, I found it on Shopbop in a different but equally gorgeous color and linked it below.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know! Rent the Runway doesn’t even know I’m writing this post, so this is truly just me letting you in on a little secret of fun gems of outfits available in places you might not typically think of.


S H O P  T H E  P O S T



S H O P  T H E  P O S T




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