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A Jumpsuit That Actually Fits (My New Go-To Outfit)

S H O P  M Y  L O O K

I have never done a post about one single outfit. But that’s how much I believe in (and love) this one.

Let me tell you more.

I’m on the average/short-ish side (5′ 5″) and was not blessed with long legs. If you’re anything like me, chances are it’s hard to find a jumpsuit that fits – if EVER. They’re always too long (like, a foot or more) and the torso proportion is often weird and too short for me. So generally I just say “no thanks, jumpsuits.”

This past week on a surprise trip Russ planned for my birthday to Hawaii, we stopped in San Fransisco for a night and did a bit of quick shopping before dinner. We saw Club Monaco and I went right in and when I saw a navy jumpsuit on a mannequin (a mannequin that looked nothing like my body, mind you) I said “hmmm let me try this jumpsuit on.” Only God knows why.

Well, THANK GOODNESS I DID because this is by far my favorite outfit purchase in a while! The fabric does not wrinkle, the cut is amazing, and it’s just flattering all around and feels great on. It is cropped and a bit flared which is why the jumpsuit works – it’s not too long and it creates a great shape.  I wore it to dinner on our last night in Hawaii and Russ loved it and said it “looks casual and tailored.”

I’m sorry, come again Tim Gunn?? When did we get such fashion vocabulary??

Kidding aside, he nailed the description. It’s comfortable and casual, tailored and put-together, all at the same time. And who could ask for more in a one-stop outfit?

If you have a Club Monaco in your city, go and try this on. Or any jumpsuit they have – I think they nailed this cut. If you don’t have a store near you, it’s on their site and I think it’s worth a try (you can always return) to see if it might become your new favorite, too.

Good news: this jumpsuit comes in a sleeveless version AND a short romper version! I linked all below.





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