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Top 10 Daily Cleaning Essentials from Amazon


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, right? Clean floors, cleared counters, sparkling bathrooms, fresh sheets and towels, a crisply made bed, and a fresh scent everywhere. I MEAN – it makes me happy just typing it! 🙂

But it can definitely be challenging to keep your home clean especially when you have a busy life and/or messy kiddos. I hear ya! That’s why I totally believe in the power of daily cleaning habits, helpful tools, and small little luxuries to make it less of a chore and more enjoyable – and they all create a positive effect towards a cleaner home. Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite cleaning essentials I use constantly and love. And to make it even easier – it’s all from Amazon.



Before I get into my list of recommended items, I do want to note a few things here in regards to cleaning. They come from some frequently asked questions in my DMs whenever I’ve talked about our home or cleaning :


House cleaners

We DO have house cleaners – they come weekly. I take care of the daily cleaning (wiping counters, sweeping, hard floor vacuuming, dishes, laundry, taking out trash, etc.) and the seasonal, deep cleaning. But they do the bulk of the weekly cleaning in the middle (bathrooms, vacuuming carpets, mopping, cleaning baseboards, wiping down outdoor furniture, wiping light fixtures, etc.) Like building any successful team, we work together to take care of the whole home in different ways. I have zero guilt in having cleaners and value them so much. It’s an investment we chose to make with our time and with our home so we prioritized it! We have used the same mother-daughter duo for about 4 years now. I always tell the girls that they are here to clean – not pick up after us. So we do the picking up and organizing. If you want to get house cleaners, you should get them – even just once a quarter helps! Today I’m sharing with you that are mostly items that I use on a daily basis, but the cleaners also use some of them on a weekly basis in our home, too.


“Clean” cleaners

I started to make more of a shift to cleaner, greener cleaning products in our home a few years ago, with a stronger emphasis this past year. Especially as I learned more about hormonal imbalance and that many cleaning products have estrogen disrupting chemicals. I have moved more towards glass over plastic and seeing in general in the home where I can minimize potentially harmful impacts and replace them with gentler products. However, I am all about aiming to do your best – not “perfection” – and therefore I do still use some items – candles, ziplock bags, disposable straws, for example – that others may say are not “green.” I would say our home is like 50-75% “clean” or “green” products.  Just being real here, guys! I think every effort counts.


Clean vs. Organized

These terms get used interchangeably often – but they are different things. Clean means the cleanliness of something or a space, the lack of dirt or grime or germs. Organized means that everything is placed where they below, and there’s a system for finding things and putting things back. You can be a clean person, but disorganized, and conversely you can be an organized person but not keeping things clean. Ideally you want both, but they are separate – so you have to approach them with a different plan and tools. This post is just about cleaning, You can basically take a peek at all my other blog posts, my Instagram, or my Pinterest for organizational ideas. We’re just sticking to cleaning here today 🙂


OK so here are my favorite cleaning essentials for the home from Amazon, along with a few tips on how I use them (click the name for the link)


Bamboo Scrubber Brush Set

Protect your manicure and keep your hands out of of the way with scrub brushes in the sink. My hands get super dry and I They can also be used in various tasks around the house, too, like tile, tubs, and and spot-cleaning. This neutral set is pretty enough to leave out on a tray by the sink.



Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Having good set of matching cleaning cloths just make even your cleaning supplies look a little tidier. I have them file-folded into a drawer in our laundry room, similar to how I folded our dish towels in our kitchen (see that blog post here.) Three different colors means you can assign them to different areas/tasks in the home : kitchen, bathroom, windows/dusting. I keep a basket in the laundry room to toss them into throughout the week and wash them on my laundry days : Mondays and Thursdays.


Wool Dryer Balls

I started using these last year when I started incorporating more clean, less toxic cleaning products in the home. Dryer sheets have a lot of chemicals, and some studies have started to show that they can  be triggered by heat and released into the air and could be carcinogenic, harmful to the nervous system and the environment, etc. (you can read more about it here and here.) I felt this would be an easy, inexpensive item in the home to switch out and try out and so I started using these wool dryer balls and I have loved them! They dry items faster by lifting and creating airspace in between clothing as they tumble around (I used about 4 for small loads, 6 for a large load.) They aren’t meant to eliminate static, however I have not noticed more or less static with these. For a safer scent, I put a few drops of lavender or lemon on them.


iRobot Roomba Vacuum

We use this as our daily vacuum, running it at night when we head up for bed. I LOVE it and sometimes watch it (stalk it?? lol) to see if it will REALLY get that one crumb. And sure enough, it does 😉



Dyson Vacuum

We used to have the heaviest, oldest vacuum ever and when we finally jumped the gun and bought a Dyson – our lives were changed! That’s when we knew we were getting old – we were excited about a vacuum cleaner. This literally makes vacuuming easier and faster, and who doesn’t love some good vacuum marks on the carpet, right? (No? Just me?) This is worth every penny. We use the Roomba for maintenance downstairs (we have hardwood flooring) but use this for daily spills and crumbs and then for the carpet upstairs.




Black and Decker Handheld Vacuum


OK, this may be overkill but I have a third vacuum on here – and that is a portable, hand-held vacuum. I use this for tiny but annoying messes (hello, glitter) and instead of trying to wipe away crumbs on a table sometimes I just vacuum it up with this. I also love it for keeping the car clean (hello, Goldfish crackers.) Once you have a handheld vaccum, I feel like you will wonder how you went without one.

Acrylic Storage Bins

I store our cleaning products under the sink with these clear bins. They take advantage of the depth of under-sink counters but don’t get in the way of drains and pipes above. You can label them on the front and create a really nice and easy system. I have one for trash bags, one for dishwashing detergent and dish soap, one for sponges, and one for cleaners. Speaking of cleaners . .


Amber Glass Spray Bottles

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but amber bottles are having a moment and pretty much here to stay, especially on the countertop with dish soaps in kitchens. But I have loved taking that nice look further and streamlining the look of my cleaning products with amber glass bottles. They look so pretty and who doesn’t need a little morale boost when cleaning? I use this non-toxic household cleaner from Young Living (which I LOVE and cannot recommend enough) and dilute them separately for a general cleaner and a glass cleaner.  But if you have a favorite spray you could also decant them into these and label them with a white sharpie marker, a chalk label, these labels from PipersCo (which is what I currently use) or this new brand I recently found and am loving that makes just the labels you can buy separately.


Essential Oil Diffuser 

If you know me, you know I love my essential oils and diffusing them as part of my morning and night routines. I love that they are a healthier alternative to air freshners, and I truly believe in the power of aromatherapy with oils to create a good mood in the home. They can add a clean, crisp scent to the air (lemon, peppermint, grapefruit, bergamot are especially good) or create a calm, peaceful environment (lavender, cedarwood, vetiver, spruce, for example.) Rather than dousing your home with synthetic fragrance, I love using oils from plants.


Diptyque Candle 

When all else fails  – light a candle. I don’t have them going all the time in my house anymore, but I do love them every once in a while. It will instantly create a more cozy, welcoming home. If you have company coming with a bomb of a home and no time to get it together, light a candle, call it a day, and hug and welcome your guest. This one is my perennial favorite.


Hope this list of my favorite cleaning essentials from Amazon has been helpful! I hope to do one later about a daily cleaning routine, but know that it’s super simple – and these items are definitely part of it.

Happy cleaning!




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