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Best Affordable Dance Outfits and Gear for Girls




Calling all dance moms – this post is for you!

My middle daughter, Reese, has been in dance since she was 2, so we have been a “dance family” for the last almost 6 years. It goes by fast! When I first started her out, I had no idea what to put her in for class – so it was a lot of learning, asking, trial and error, and Amazon searching! Since then, my youngest has joined in on dance classes, too, so I have really been able to practice and narrow in on what outfits I need and the best places to get them.

I know that there are many of you mamas out there with little ones just starting dance – or maybe you’ve been in it for a while and just need some new ideas. Either way, knowing where to get the best dance outfits is super helpful. You’re busy enough already just getting them to dance classes, right?


Dance Outfits for Older Kids (age 7)


My 7 year old Reese is in company, which means she competes. She does jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop, so her clothes reflect that variety. But most of her dance clothes now are black leotards and ballet tights because most days she has ballet – and that’s the class that has the rules about what to wear.  She takes 7 classes a week, so dance definitely keeps her busy!

For the days she doesn’t have ballet, she’s been wearing bra tops and leggings. She also often tops it all off with her dance studio’s logo hoodies, but she does have some additional coverup tops.

Here’s a few of my favorite go-to dance outfits for Reese:



Dance Outfits for Younger Kids (age 4)

My 4 year old Paige takes one Saturday dance class a week, which is a tap/jazz combo class. It’s not strict with what to wear but I typically have her in a ballet-type leotard with tights. It’s so cute watching the littles dance! I also included some of her more fun print leos, plus a tutu she wore for Christmas week (there’s always themed things going on with the little ones!)



Dance Accessories and Gear

It’s not a true dance outfit without some accessories, amiright? 😉 Here are the bows and leg-warmers my girls wear to top off their dance outfits. I also included some of the gear we take to practice, competitions, and recital – plus what I use to do their hair. The brush has been majorly key for smooth styles!


Other great dance shops to check out

Below are other great dance shops we have used. I am not able to link them like I did above (not all online shops allow for that capability) so that’s why I’ve just listed them here and you can click and take a look around!

Discount Dance – we have bought a bunch of leotards, tops, and bottoms for Reese here. Lots of good staple pieces in different styles and colors.

Second Skin Costumes – one of Reese’s company teachers owns this store with her family! I feel like Reese is just recently approached the age category of the leotards here, so we haven’t bought anything yet but will soon! They’re great quality and really pretty, unique yet versatile pieces. I hope you will check them out and support family businesses like these!

Jo and Jax – they always have a big booth set up at competitions and conventions. So smart – because us moms will totally shop while we wait! 😉 Reese has several of their leotards and coverup bottoms. They have adult sizes, too, so you can match with some of their pieces!

Dee’s Dancewear – if you’re local to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, this is probably the best dance shop there is in town. If we need something like shoes in a pinch, we’ll go here. It’s also great if you’ve never had your kids in dance shoes so you can get fitted in person for sizes.


Happy dancing!



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