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Must-Have Organization Products for the Kitchen and Pantry


The Best Organization Products for the Kitchen and Pantry from the Container Store


When I organized in client homes, my favorite spaces to organize were the kitchen and pantry – especially the pantry. I think it was partly because I love cooking (and food!) and partly because it was like a puzzle that required strategizing and symmetry. When executed properly with the right products, it would always turn out to be absolutely beautiful and functional at the same time. A good pantry really creates that WOW factor.

I’ve spent plenty of time in the Container Store and know their products like the back of my hand. This post includes all of the must-have and best organization products for the kitchen and pantry, all from the Container Store!

If you have been thinking about getting your kitchen and pantry in order lately, I hope this post will help you narrow down which products are worth the purchase. I’ve included my go-to kitchen and pantry organization products, as well as examples of how I use them in my own kitchen and pantry.

* Tip: I love their pick-up-in-store option!








Coffee and Tea Station





Silverware Drawer






Junk Drawer





Dish Towels






Kid’s Cabinet




Our kid’s kitchen cabinet took off on Pinterest last year, it’s been shared a bunch on social media (maybe you’ve seen it!) and still remains one of my most popular blog posts. It’s SO convenient to have an organized area in your kitchen allotted for kid’s products. Place it down low if you’d like them to have access, or up high if they’re too young to help themselves. Check out the Kids Kitchen Cabinet blog post here!


Smoothie Station





Additional Spaces using Items from the Kitchen Section

The following aren’t technically kitchen and pantry spaces, but many of the organizational items I use in these spaces are found in the “kitchen” section.  There are a lot of products that can be used in multiple places; you can find the perfect solution for your bathroom, let’s say, in the kitchen section, and a great solution for the playroom in the office section. Here are a few of those examples.


Laundry Room










Kid’s Closet




Check out my blog post on how I customized and organized my girls’ shared closet here!


Here are a few more items I also love and utilize in our kitchen and fridge:






And to secure individual dividers (like in the silverware drawer and the junk drawer,) I use these adhesives so that they don’t slide around. I like to use the clear gel for the plastic divider and the putty for the bamboo dividers, and they do not damage your drawer.




If you’re interested in learning more about kitchen and pantry organization, I have an entire module dedicated to just that in my Organization Masterclass!


Happy organizing,





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  • Eva Garcia
    April 1, 2020

    I love the way you organized your kitchen. Besides being so clean and decluttered it is simply beautiful! Where did you purchase the wooden round cutting board by your sink?

    Thank you,

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