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Favorite Organization Products for the Kitchen and Pantry


When I organized in client homes, my favorite spaces to organize were the kitchen and pantry – especially the pantry. I think it was partly because I love cooking (and food!) so the items I was working with and what the flow of items and placement would be just would come naturally to me. But I think it was also because it was very much a puzzle that required a lot of strategizing and symmetry that, when executed properly with the right products, would turn out to be absolutely beautiful and functional all at the same time. A good pantry really creates that WOW factor – as evidenced by the fact that some of my most-liked photos on Instagram remain pantry photos.

I have an older blog post on some of my favorite pantry products (with photos of past client work) and many of those favorite products remain the same. But as the Container Store is having a kitchen and pantry sale right now, I thought it would be a great time to update the list with a new post and some updates to my new favorites, plus examples of how I use them in my own kitchen and pantry.

If you want to get ahead on your spring cleaning, or have been thinking about getting your kitchen and pantry in order lately (Marie Kondo’s documentary really spurred an interest in organizing!) this is an amazing time to take advantage of the sale to get you going.

Here are the organizing products I love for the kitchen and pantry – ALL CURRENTLY ON SALE!  – as seen in my own home.

* Tip : I love their pick-up-in-store option!


O U R  P A N T R Y





C O F F E E  A N D  T E A  D R A W E R




S I L V E R W A R E  D R A W E R





” J U N K ”  D R A W E R




D I S H  T O W E L  D R A W E R





K I D ‘ S  C A B I N E T




S M O O T H I E  S T A T I O N




And though the following aren’t technically kitchen and pantry spaces, the items I used in these spaces are part of the same sale! There are a lot of products that can be used in multiple places; you can find the perfect solution for your bathroom, let’s say, in the kitchen section, and a great solution for the playroom in the office section. Here are a few of those examples.











G I R L S ‘  C L O S E T




And while this isn’t technically our home kitchen, it’s our second kitchen in the Design Pickle office :





I also utilize these items in our kitchen (and in our fridge!) but don’t have photos of them at the moment.




And to secure individual dividers (like in the silverware drawer and the junk drawer,) I use these adhesives so that they don’t slide around. I like to use the clear gel for the plastic divider and the putty for the bamboo dividers, and they do not damage your drawer.




The sale won’t last long, so I would take advantage of it soon! But know that I purchased almost all of these items full price – and would do so again. Worth it at any price 🙂


Happy organizing,






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