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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Kids

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When you think of Christmas, kids are definitely part of what makes it so magical. Their excitement, their joy, their child-like wonder really adds to the beauty and spirit of the holidays.

Kids can be so fun to shop for – but it can also be stressful because there are just so many options. And there’s a lot of obnoxious toys, too!

To give you a hand, I’ve picked out the items my girls have really enjoyed this past year (or even longer) – plus a few items I will be giving them this year. I always try to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to kids’ gifts, balancing between items they want and items I know they need or could use over and over again.

At first glance, this gift guide looks very girly. I only want to recommend items I have used or would buy myself, and as a mom of all girls my experience is buying gifts for girls – so that is what I know best! That being said, many of these items can also be gifts for boys as well. They come in different styles, types, and colors, and some of these are just plain fun and good – regardless of if you’re buying for a boy or girl 🙂


Gift for Kids

1 . 5 minute story books – We love these for bedtime stories. These come in all sorts of varieties and characters but our mosdt recent additions have been the Daniel Tiger one and the Pinkalicious one. The lengths are just right, and they are written well (badly written kids books are so hard to get through!)

2 . Good Night Yoga – This is one of the girls’ favorite books. We often do it right before bedtime. It’s the CUTEST THING watching kids do yoga. You can see a couple pics of us reading this under my “kids” highlights on my IG 🙂

3. Scrunchies – Reese has been on a scrunchie kick lately. These come in soft and pretty colors for a great price. If your child is more of a bow type of girl, this set of bows are the Jo-Jo Bow sizes at a fraction of the cost.

4. Wool coat with faux fur collar – I love J Crew coats, and this is such a classic. It’s cute to dress up or dress down.

5. Monogrammed canvas tote – I have one for each of the girls in pink. We have used them as beach bags, dance bags, playdate bags, etc. and have lasted for over 4 years. These canvas totes are a classic for a reason!

6. Five-Minute Journal for Kids – The very popular Five-Minute Journal brand (I’ve used them over the years) came out with a new kids version and it is amazing. Take a peek at the inside writing prompts! These will be under the tree for the girls for sure.

7. Rainbocorns – Reese had been wanting this for months and finally got one the other day – and hasn’t let it go. It seems to be one of the new “it” things, like LOL dolls and squishies. You just don’t see the draw or purpose of toys like these – but kids love them.

8. Piggy bank – A interior-design friendly piggy bank that will go with any room decor 😉 We have ours next to their chore boards.

9. Cookie play set – Paige just got this for her bday and has been loving it, going around and serving us cookies at all times of the day. I love Melissa and Doug toys.

10. PJs – This is my favorite brand for affordable kids pj’s. They always have the cutest prints! BONUS : they are currently all 40% off! 

11. Digital camera – When Paige had her tonsillectomy, this gift from Grandpa and Grandma kept her entertained for DAYS. It’s so cute and is easy to use that we also ended up getting one for Reese, too. The girls have the instaX camera, but I like that this doesn’t require the film. It’s a different kind of fun where they just entertain themselves with snapping away.

12. All-in-one play kitchen – Paige got this last year and it has been hands-down the most used and loved toy in our house! She uses is almost every day. I love that it’s not an obnoxious color or design; it looks like an actual dream kitchen!

13.  Cupcake game – One of the girls’ favorite games this year. It’s absolutely adorable, easy, and keeps their attention.

14. Alarm clock – This is one thing I’ll be buying Reese this year. She’s been asking for an alarm clock, but this has a bonus of being an “ok to wake” clock that changes colors to let them know whether it’s OK to get out of bed – which is something Paige (who she shares a room with) needs. With the darker mornings, she has been getting out of bed and into our room at all points in the night because I think she doesn’t know whether it’s morning or night. So I am hoping this might help!

15. Puffy sticker activity books – the girls first got one of these last year at the airport before a long-haul flight and played with it for HOURS. Since then we’ve bought a few themes. This is actually a 3-pack of books for $10! They have pirates, farm, mermaid, fairy, etc. themes, too!


Hope this helps you with some ideas for the kiddos! These really are items my girls have loved – so I hope your kids love them, too.



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  • Mindy
    November 27, 2019

    I love the play kitchens. Do you find your older daughter playing with it too or just the little? My tall 6 year old is asking for another one and I’m not sure she will play with it as much.

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