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Giveaway : My Favorite Things


YOU GUYS.  It’s time for my “favorite things” giveaway!

I’ve thought and talked about doing this giveaway for some time, and while things may take longer than I want it to sometimes (LIFE, right?) I will always make sure to follow up and keep my promises.

So here it is – your chance to win a collection of some of my favorite things – from wellness to organizing, to beauty and even grocery shopping. It’s basically all of my top items I talk about all the time on my IG stories. Coming to you in one big box!

This giveaway, curated by me (I went and picked up or ordered each of these items) is SIMPLY TO SAY THANK YOU for being a part of my audience, readers, and followers. Whether you’ve found me and connected via Instagram, our Good To Be Home podcast, or this blog, I wanted to let you know that I see you, I appreciate you, and love having you as my community of awesome people.

My love language is “gifts” so this makes sense. I’m saying I LOVE YOU!

Here’s the details on what’s included :

  • Zip Pouches – probably have Insta-storied about these a million times. I use them for EVERYTHING. Put your kids label name on them or use a label maker to categorize each one for each use (chargers, electronics, mom kit, diapers, extra clothes, etc.) and your travel life and everyday bags will never be the same.
  • “Wellness tower” – it’s what I store vitamins and supplements and even my essential oils in for travel. Again, you’ve seen me post these every time I travel but it’s for a good reason. They’re awesome. I included two sets of 3 for 6 total compartments!
  • Emme Diane “Pumpkin Enzyme Mask” – Emme’s entire line is customized to your specific skin care needs, but this one mask is one that everyone can benefit from. It’s hydrating, exfoliating, and brightening all at the same time. I use this every Sunday night and also before and after traveling and it just plumps everything back up.
  • Tanlux “The Water” – my favorite self-tanner. You can read all about it on my post here. I have tried every type of tanner (expensive and drugstore brands alike) and this one hands down has been my fave and gives me the best results (not to mention the most “your tan is amazing!” comments) I even put this on last night, woke up with a happy glow.
  • Be Good Hair, Bath and Body Set – love these for not just my girls but I love the lotion for me, it’s the only thing I’ve found to help with my eczema.
  • Gemfleur Wellness Pack – can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these aromatherapy remedies. I use them daily (just inhale or put a couple drops on pulse points) to set the tone and mood throughout the day.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – I wanted to give you everything that I put into my morning protein smoothie but it would have been very intense to send you EVERY ingredient, plust everyone’s nutritional needs are different. So I went with this one very versatile ingredient that everyone can benefit from. Collagen is vital (see what I did there?) for good skin so this one is a must. You can even put it into your coffee, which is what I’ve been doing while I’m currently traveling.
  • Car Diffuser –  One of my more recent additions to my favorites, this is now in my car (sits snugly in a cupholder, charges via a discreen USB cord) and diffuses usually lavender oil. I used to spritz essential oils into my car but now this has changed my car scent game. You can also use this as a travel diffuser as well.
  • Travel Chargers speaking of my car, I use these chargers for my phone in my car and really anywhere I don’t want a super long cord cluttering the space. It’s also a great size for travel. Included two because you can never have enough chargers. Like hair ties.
  • Capri Blue “Volcano”  Travel Candle – and speaking of scents and travel, I always travel with a scented candle and this one is sp pretty and well-scented and just love love love.
  • $20 Whole Foods gift card – because who can’t use a quick WF run?

Total value? $400.

One (1) winner be chosen on Mon 7/16. See post here for details on how to enter!

With love,


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