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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Her



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This gift guide is for all the special ladies in your life : your mom, your sister, your best friend, your mother-in-law, your aunt, anyone!

As with any gift guide, I wouldn’t suggest anything that I don’t absolutely love (or really want) for myself. But this is especially evident here because I basically pulled the best-of, greatest hits list from my side of the closet and bathroom that I have loved over this last year and beyond!

Note : most of these are free shipping, including Amazon Prime, so I indicated those below!

BONUS : Does your significant other need gift ideas for you? Just forward them this gift guide. Done and done! 😉



1. GLDN Necklace– GLDN makes gorgeous handmade jewelry that you can personalize in so many ways : the metal, chain length, and stamp. I have this necklace with three disks- each with my girls’ initials with an 18″ length chain. I often layer it with this necklace which has a cross stamp and a 20″ length. Both are in solid gold- I wear them every day! Use code GLDNXMIKA for $5 off your order.

2. Body lotion – yes, this body lotion is worth it. The giant bottle is a statement as a gift, and it will last your recipient all year. Free shipping.

3. Robe – the infamous plush robe that is so popular for a reason. I have the blankets and the socks by the same brand, and would buy this for myself if I already didn’t have two robes. So, I will be gifting this this year for sure! Free shipping.

4. Down parka – I bought this last year for a ski trip and it is such a great coat. It comes in lots of colors and is currently 25% off! It’s TTS. Also, free shipping.

5. Sweater  – this brand makes the BEST sweaters. This one is comfy and oversized, kind of like a tunic. You might want to size down one size if you think you might want the fit to be a little less loose. I have this in a neon green but will be buying the black for myself and for a secret recipient this year (don’t want to spoil the surprise if she’s reading this!) I am also eyeing the pink and the white. Ahhh! I need to stop haha! Free Amazon Prime shipping.

6. Fuzzy socks – these are my “flight socks”; I put them on as soon as I get on the plane. So cozy and wonderful. Anyone on your list would love them. Free shipping!

7. Perfume – A very of-the-moment brand, and this is one of their more popular scents from the line. I love it; I bought mine in London but they have them stateside, too. Free shipping!

8. Sherpa pullover – I have been wearing this non stop. Loved it so much I got a second color (I have army green and khaki.) It’s Amazon!

9. Candle – Just a perennial classic. Every woman should own a Diptyque candle, IMO 😉 Free prime shipping!

10. Blush and highlighter palette – I love this brand for it’s soft colors and formulations. This is an awesome deal for 6 colors. Free shipping!

11. Hydroflask water bottle  – I have this one! I love that it’s a straw top. Comes in several colors and is on Amazon Prime.

12. Pajamas – I have two brands of PJ sets that I go with, and this is one of them and probably my favorite set. It’s the pricer one of the two but I think you get what you pay for – it’s so soft, doesn’t pill, and is just the coziest thing. Whoever you gift this to will be so lucky. Free shipping.

13. Tech carryall – A very beautiful, simple, and feminine laptop case. I have it in the blush/tan color. You can get it monogrammed.

14. Slippers  – Alright. I wanted these for myself so I did a little test of two of the most popular ones of this style – one that is more of a name brand and pricier, and the other that was less expensive. I went through several packages and returns and ended up with “the winner.” And guess which won? The budget version!! The other brand was waaaay to0 tight, even when I sized up. For these, I would still size up a bit. For example, I am a size 8.5 and first tried the “medium 7/8” and they were too small, but the “large 9/10” fit perfectly. These are so soft. I have them on right now as I write this! It’s Amazon so you can prime ship them 😉

15. Cashmere beanie – a gift that will “fit” anyone on your list. This one is so luxe and beautiful at a great price, under $60 and free shipping!

16. Camel coat – I bought this last year and so did a lot of my followers! Great, classic coat at a great price. Comes in several colors but I went with the camel.

17. Rockstud sandals – if you want a luxury item to gift, these are SO GOOD. Everyone who’s bought them loves them too. I have them in tan and black. Very, very well worth it. At least you get free shipping! 😉

18. Faux fur stole – this is a hugely versatile and awesome piece to have in your winter wardrobe. Instead of buying a coat with a faux fur collar, just wrap this on top. If you’re wearing a dress to a party, drape this over your shoulders. Top a sweater with it to luxe it up a bit. I bought this last year and was blown away with the quality vs the price. SO GOOD. Free shipping.

19. Sunglasses – I have two pairs of this one to make sure I’m never without it. Under $50 and flattering on everyone. It’s free shipping with Amazon Prime!

20. Leather travel case set –  These were on my gift guide last year, too. Such a good quality travel case set – you can use them for anything : skin care, jewelry, makeup, even as a little bag to have in your purse or the larger one can be a clutch. You can monogram them, too!

21. Lululemon align pant – Popular for a reason. Anyone would love a pair of these, whether they have a bunch already or are new to Lululemon. Free shipping!

Happy gifting!



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