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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Him

Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2019


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This gift guide is definitely based on my husband, Russ, and what he has bought himself, what I have bought him, and the things he loves and uses frequently! Men can be difficult to shop for, so here are 14 unique, affordable gifts any guy in your life is sure to love!


Gifts for men 2019

1. Puffy jacket – Russ always buys himself a jacket about once every year around Christmas. I might jump in this year with this North Face one, since he has a few trips planned to cold-weather destinations.

2. Airpods – Russ actually just got these for me the other day – and I love them! These are good if you have a hard time with airpods falling out of your ear (which, I do!) He said he would love a pair for himself. I’m thinking that’s a hint?

3. Gucci slides – I got these for Russ earlier this summer and he wears them ALL. THE. TIME. If your guy likes Gucci, this is a relatively lower price point for a luxury item that they can get a lot of use out of.

4. Polo – this is Russ’ favorite polo brand. It’s sleek, simple, and a great fabric. Comes in several colors (Russ has a ton in black.)

5. Reading light – this is a gift I bought for myself so that I wouldn’t wake him once he falls asleep. If your husband loves to read, this is perfect!

6. Cologne set – we discovered this one randomly in the duty free section at London Heathrow and both loved it, so I bought a set for him during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. It has a scent I can’t place but it’s SO GOOD. I like it better than his Tom Ford or Chanel ones!

7. Hydroflask – Russ was an early adopter of the Hydroflask around here and now we all have one. He has this black one and now I like mine so much that I have it on several gift guides this year. Hydroflasks all around! (Don’t forget the silicone protector for the bottom, too.)

8. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport – this is one of Russ’ top books from this year, so your guy might like it too! I read Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” and it remains one of my personal favorites. Haven’t gotten around to this one yet.

9. Sweatpants – Another staple in Russ’ wardrobe. Good quality and doesn’t look sloppy. I love it when he wears these joggers, I think they look so cute!

10. White sneakers – I bought a pair of these for Russ earlier this year as part of his “London wardrobe.” Russ doesn’t really buy clothes here and there but more so in one fell seasonal or semi-annual swoop, and this year I came in and helped before the summer. We both LOVE these shoes.

11. Airfly  – I can’t believe it but I actually found a tech item that Russ had never heard of : this! It’s so that you can use your own headphones or Airpods to listen to the in-flight entertainment on a flight via Bluetooth. I never watch the in-flight entertainment but Russ does, and this will allow him to use his own set instead of the ones they give you on the flight (which always makes me nervous with germs.)

12. Backpack – this is Russ’s favorite brand of backpacks. He’s gone through a few iterations of them over many years now. I have to keep him from buying a bunch, it’s like he likes to collect backpacks – but your guy might need a new one!

13. Cord tacos – I use these, but I am going to sneak a few into his stocking this year. They keep your charging cords nice and neat whether you’re throwing them in the above backpack, in your purse, in a briefcase, during travel, or even while you are using them and don’t need the long cord everywhere.

14. Half zip jacket – this is a great option for men of all ages, whether it’s your husband, brother, or your dad or even grandpa! A nice half-zip sweater for men can be worn for so many occasions and this one comes in several colors. I got this for Russ last year (in black, of course.)


There we have it! I hope this gift guide helps you come up with a new idea for the special men in your life 🙂

Happy shopping!



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