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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Teens



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This is my first year doing a teen gift guide – and it turned out to be my favorite one for this year! That’s because I got to enlist the help of my own teen, my 14yr old stepdaughter, Maddix. As we drove around with after school pickups and activities, I asked her to tell me what I should put in this gift guide. So this was a collaborative effort and it allowed us to have some good conversations, too 🙂

One thing I suggest for teens that is not “linkable” are experiential gifts like concert tickets and trips. We have done that for Maddix and it’s been really fun.

Alright, here we go – teens!



1. Five Minute journal – I have used this one over the years but I think it’s totally appropriate for teens (there’s a kids version, too, depending on the age and maturity of your teen.) It’s never too early to start a gratitude and reflection practice, and this journal makes it easy.

2. Airpods – Maddix was so happy when we got her a pair of these! Currently on sale for 15% off!

3. Mildliner pens – I don’t know about you, but who can’t use a set of good pens? Colored ones are fun, and these dual-sided ones are part highlighter and part pen. They can use these at school and doodling around in notebooks and journals (I don’t get why they like to write on arms and hands and each other’s backpacks, though..?)

4. Scrunchies – part hair accessory, part bracelet. This set is so affordable and comes in teen-friendly colors.

5. Eye masks – Maddix loves sheet masks and these are nice because it’s just a quick little one they can do for under their eyes.

6. Sticker pack – I didn’t know it was a “thing” to cover Hydroflasks with stickers until Maddix told me, and now I am noticing them EVERYWHERE! Amazon has these great variety packs.

7. Hoodie – I don’t know about the teen in your life, but ours loves hoddies. This brand is one of my faves for soft basic ones. Even I have a few of them. Does that make me “cool?”

8. Dy shampoo and styling set – Maddix stole my Drybar dry shampoo, so I’m going to get her some of her own this year 🙂

9. Beats headphones – Airpods are great but so are really good quality head phones. If your teen prefers a head set, these are awesome. And they are currently on sale!

10. Lip mask – Kind of along the lines of eye sheet masks, this is something they can use for their lips while they sleep. It’s been very “in” this year.

11. Phone case – This brand lets you customize cases with their names. SO cute.

12. Eyeshadow palette – This was the first thing Maddix suggested when we first started talking about this gift guide. If your teen likes makeup, Morphe is apparently the “it” brand – and bonus points if you get a “Youtube-er collaboration” palette like this one.

13. Sweater – I have this sweater but thinking it might make a good teen gift. Maddix loves oversized tops and it comes in tons of colors. It’s a very “teen friendly” brand!

14. Hair styling set – Clips and a nice brush – what teen can’t use that?

15. Curling iron – I have this curling iron and love it, and with Maddix’s new haircut this year, I think she might need a curling iron upgrade.

16. Vans – This was another one of her quick-response suggestions for this guide. She’s right – now that I look around at the teens, everyone is wearing Vans. Amazon Prime a new pair to put under the tree this year!

17. Slippers – Teens + couches + lazying around the house. It’s a familiar combo for all parents of teens. This will make all of that cozier. I suggest sizing up on these. I’m an 8.5 and got a Large 9/10.

18. Hydroflask water bottle – Teens love Hydroflasks. I love Hydroflasks. Everyone seems to love Hydroflasks. It’s a fail-safe gift this year for sure! This light ice blue color is SO pretty.


Happy gifting!




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  • Kayla
    November 22, 2019

    I’m 32 and I like all these things haha!

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