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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Under $25

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I’m all about that high-low mix of items. It’s how I personally shop and style my home, my outfits, and it’s also the way I look for gifts! It just takes a little bit of strategic searching – and I’ve done it for you here 😉

A lot of the items in my other gift guides are also under $25 – but I wanted to give you a full list that you can refer to that are all budget-friendly. They include Amazon dupes, little beauty and home favorites, and luxe PJs, a throw, and pillowcases that look and feel WAAAAY more expensive they are.

It’s a win-win, because your recipient gets something amazing – and you don’t have to break the bank 😉




1. PJ SetYES. An incredible pair of PJs for under $25! This is my most-loved set. I have 7 of them in different colors!

2. Silk pillow case – not ready to dive into the $100+ brand na me one? No problem! There’s an Amazon dupe for you to gift (or try out yourself!) I have the Slip so I haven’t tried this one, but reviews are good.

3. Beauty sponge set – I personally think these Beauty Blender – dupes are BETTER than the real thing. And many people agree! They are softer and just, well,. blend better IMO. Plus they are more affordable. Even more when they come in a value pack! I actually just put this in my Amazon cart because I need a new one!

4. Workout tank – SUCH a great find! It’s like the Lululemon or Athleta one, but at a fraction of the cost. And I think the fabric might be even better! It’s so soft. I bought both black and white – and at this price, you can totally gift someone a black and white duo, too!

5. Insulated coffee tumbler – I bought this for myself – and then Russ promptly stole it lol. It comes in 9 colors and is a great alternative to pricier types like Yeti’s and Hydroflask. I actually first got it because I got a promotional cup just like it liked it so much that I wanted another (without the promo logo) and found this one just like it. When it comes to coffee mugs, I don’t like the complicated flip tops and slide tops because I always end up spilling a drop (or a lot!) of coffee on me. This simple, slim design is so much better for me. Comes in an 12oz or a 20oz and are both slim enough to fit in your cup holder (another thing I don’t like about many travel coffee mugs!)

6. Earrings – These are absolutely gorgeous and you cannot beat the price point! I love that they are a modern shape yet dainty.

7. Candle – a mini version of a pricer candle always a great way to treat someone – but still make it budget-friendly for you.

8. Deer boots – throwing in one for the kids here! I bought these (also comes in a unicorn print) last year for Paige, and this year bought them both again in a bigger size. When you repeat a purchase, you know it’s good. I like that they are not a heavy boot so they can run around easily in them.

9. Lip gloss – my all-time favorite gloss! I gifted a bunch of these last year and will probably do the same this year!

10. Initial Mug – this is SUCH a pretty and updated spin on the monogram mug! I love the interior design -inspired bistro tile design. You can either get it in someone’s first initials, or grab a set in their last initial their whole household can use (I mean, at this price why not!)

11. Eat Beautiful cookbook – cookbooks are such a great gift. I got this one and it has the bonus of being absolutely beautiful enough to make it as a coffee table book! (Ps I have a whole gift guide just on coffee table books from last year)

12. Kiehl’s hand lotion – I love, love, love this hand lotion. It’s deeply moisturizing and sinks in right away, and I have noticed my cuticles improving after starting to use this. This is another item I have a few of that I keep around in the car, in my bag, etc.

13. Plush throw blanket– You guys. I cannot believe the price on this blanket!!!!! It’s AMAZING! I bought two this year (one cream, one green.) It’s so, so, so incredibly plush and velvety and feels like butter.

14. Our Moments family game – We bought this for our dinners at home and it’s awesome! Little conversation starters and it’s really sparked some great talks with our kids. It would be great for any family!

15. No show socks – I did a big cleanse of my sock drawer and now I only have one pair of in-flight socks and then the rest of them are these! I have them in three colors : white, black, and nude. this is one of those random things that people need in life and whomever you gift them to will appreciate having!

16. Dry shampoo – what woman doesn’t need dry shampoo? Right? I gifted this last year because I love it so much.


Hope this helps you cross off some items on your holiday shopping list!






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