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Holiday Gift Guide : Kids



My first gift guide is for the most-fun group to give gifts to : kids! In creating this gift guide, I didn’t want to share whatever toys that are “hot” right now because I feel like you could easily figure that out just looking at Target ad or on Amazon. Instead I thought thought hard about and wanted to only share the tried-and-tested toys and items in our home that Paige (3) and Reese (6) have loved and used the most this year. And I’ve loved them in our home, too.

At first glance, this gift guide seems very girl-centric. And it IS because I am a girl mom and this is what I know best! If you have a daughter, a niece, an Angel Tree family with a girl or any other girl in your life, these are perfect picks.

BUT  WAIT. These are actually almost all totally appropriate for BOYS, too! The suitcase and boots come in other colors, the fair isle PJs are unisex, boys love playing with kitchens, too, and of course legos, and every child loves the magical stories of Roald Dahl. And who says pink is only for girls?

(For teens, I will be sharing a “for her” guide that include many items that teen girls like our 13 yr old, Maddix, will like, too. Stay tuned!)

Here are my top picks for kids :

1. Tea set – a tea set is a classic gift, and it’s one they will use time and again. This one has princesses but it’s done in such a subtle and elegant way; a lot of the tea sets out there are obnoxious-looking. This is not plastic, meaning it’s more breakable, but I think it’s not a bad idea to start getting kids to practice being gentle with their things. If you’re worried about that, this might be a set to break out for special tea party occasions.

2. Hairbow set – I have love, love, LOVED these Amazon bows. And what girl wouldn’t want to open up a box of an entire rainbow collection of bows? They honestly have all lasted longer than the bows I have gotten from small shops for such an incredible price. They come in 6″ (which are like JoJo bow sized) and 3″ sizes. You cannot go wrong with these.

3. Fair Isle PJs – we put the girls in Burts Bees PJs last year and will again this year. A fair isle pattern is so cozy and photographs well, too. The great thing about this winter pattern is that you can wear them well into January and Februrary even for Valentine/s day!

4. Native boots – our girls LOVE their Native shoes and have worn each pair they’ve had to death. These are their new boot versions, and they are SO cute! It also comes in an olive and light blue.

5. Mini Bake Shop – you may have seen Reese and I play with this on my IG stories. The clay it uses is light and spongy and easy to work with and most of all is not sticky and messy! (It’s called magic clay and here’s a set of just the clay if you want to try or gift that!) The instructions in this are so good and it’s so cute and I may have liked playing with it just as much if not more than Reese!

6. Toy Kitchen Appliance Set – my mother-in-law got this for us and it’s THE CUTEST thing! They are battery operated so they actually move and work and makes a “cup of coffee” (with water) – just like mom and dad make!

7. All-In-One Kitchen – my parents got this for Paige last Christmas and it has been hands-down the most used item in our playroom. The height of this is smaller than the other PBK kitchen pieces, but I like that because then they can use it really easily; the other ones are big and tall and have a larger footprint. I love that this one tucks into a playroom rather than overbearing it! Paige calls it “the chicken” lol – she flips the K and CH and it’s so so cute.

8. Classic Lego Set – Reese is obsessed with legos. While the thematic sets are super fun and helps kids learn to follow detailed instruction, I love the creative play this set encourages. Once, Reese built these color-coded worlds where each scene was all one color and arranged them on a shelf by rainbow order.  You KNOW I loved that!

9. Away Kids Carry-On Suitcase – if you have a travel-loving family on your Christmas gift, give the kid the coolest suitcase around with an Away carry-on. We got one for Reese and Paige this year to match Russ and my sets (he has black, I have pink) and these all came with us on all our trips this year. Such a great investment.

10. Doll Umbrella Stroller – Paige pushes this stroller around EVERYWHERE. I got it for her last year for her birthday and I loved that it was a neutral gray color. If you have a babydoll fan like Paige on you list, this is a great buy.

11. Roald Dahl Book Set – this is the most recent addition in our home and it’s our nighttime read-aloud books. We just finished the BFG, and this past Sunday had a “BFG party” to culminate finishing the book! I used to read Roald Dahl books as read alouds teaching 1st grade and the kids get totally sucked in. A kid may be like “cool, books. Thanks.” But trust me that they will love the stories the moment you get into it. Reading to kids is one of the best things you can do for them!

I hope the kiddos you gift to love these as much as my girls have. Giving to kids during the holidays is so fun!

Happy gifting!



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