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Holiday Gift Guide : New / Busy Moms


If there’s anyone that needs a little love and grace during the holidays, it’s a mom. Cooking , coordinating presents, arranging holiday photos, upholding traditions, entertaining guests, etc. Oh, all while taking care of the daily needs of a family. Moms, I hear you!

This guide is all about the time-savers and sanity-savers that I have personally found helpful during my journey as a mom. They’re items that a new or seasoned mom will wonder why they didn’t buy them sooner, or they’ll just text you one day and say “OMG, THANK YOU. This has been amazing.” I also included one new item I have heard other moms rave about, so I just bought one for myself on Black Friday.

Speaking of Black Friday, I’ve included the codes you need to get the best deals on these items, too!


1.  Packing Cubes – your packing and traveling life will NEVER be the same with these. We used them all throughout our travels this year and it kept me visually organized as I planned and packed outfits, efficiently fit everything into our suitcases, and kept items separated as we traveled around (eliminating the rumpled suitcases I’d have to completely repack before checking-out and heading to our next destination.) I have this pink set for each of the girls, and I love their streamlined, simple look. We have the Away packing cubes for Russ and I, and these are almost identical but for more than half the price.

2. Drybar Dry Shampoo set – dry shampoo is every mom’s friend and DryBar makes my favorite. This great value set also includes the Triple Sec refresher spray as well as travel sizes of that and DeTox, both perfect for keeping in a gym bag or in the car. ($52 for a $75 value)

3. Namebubbles label packs – I have used Namebubble labels for years now and put them on everything the girls’ own that goes out of our house and to school and extracurriculars : lunchboxes, backpacks, water bottles, jackets, shoes, headphones, dance gear, etc. They can be put in the dishwasher and washer and dryer, and also have allergy labels and the option to put your phone number on them. These are such a great gift to give moms so they feel more organized with all the kids’ gear! BLACK FRIDAY DEAL : Use code FRIDAY25 for 25% off and free shipping.

4. Jo Malone Set – because moms often forget to treat themselves 🙂 I remember when I had Reese and was in the hospital, a mom-friend came to visit and gave ME a gift – not the baby – and said “because moms need attention, too.” I just remember in that exhaustion of having just had a baby and everything around me was diapers and breastfeeding and bottles, wondering if I would never fell like myself again, that made me feel nice.  And, clearly, I still remember it.  Treat a mom you know with this gorgeous and luxurious set featuring candles and fragrances and they will never forget the kind gesture.

5. Bamboo kitchen drawer dividers – a messy home can often be a huge source of stress for a mom – whether they realize it or not. The kitchen is the heart of the home and these are one of my favorite super-easy organizational hacks for kitchens that any mom can benefit from. I use them for our coffee drawer, dish towel drawer, and utensils drawer, and they’re adjustable so they can be used in a variety of drawers for a variety of items.

6. Highlighter and blush palette – most moms are tired most of the time, and one guaranteed trick to look a little more alive and rested is blush and highlighter. I rarely leave home without putting on a touch of highlighter on my cheeks over my tinted mineral sunscreen. I have a similar palette and when I have a little more time for a day-time makeup look, I brush on one color for highlight, one for blush, and one for eye shadow and I’m done. Such a time-saving palette that will universally flatter everyone.

7. Chatbooks automatic Instagram photo books – Russ got this subscription as a gift for me a few years ago and it’s an automatic photo book that gets sent to you of your instagram photos. I was like, “well, the photos are right here on my feed. Why would I need it in book-form?” But let me tell you : when I got my first shipment I CRIED looking at it all because it feels very different looking at everything in an album vs. scrolling in your feed. It’s hard to explain, but it made me realize all the work I had put in to document our lives and how much we’ve grown over the years. And who knows how long Instagram is going to be around, so having it on paper is forever makes it your own collected memories to keep. Your kids will also love looking at these, too! I love that they come to me as soon as I’ve posted enough for a new book without me thinking about it. Automation is a mom’s best friend. BLACK FRIDAY DEAL : 20% off everything with code JOY

8. Instant Pot – I’m such a die-hard and loyal fan of my slow cooker that I was slow to jump on the Instant Pot bandwagon. But I’m on it now because I just bought one for myself – as well two more for family member gifts – after being convinced that things like my favorite salsa chicken recipe can be made in a fraction of the time. And what mom doesn’t need a time-saver, right? Especially at dinner time. BLACK FRIDAY DEAL : the best deal I found was on Amazon ($40 off) but Target and Williams Sonoma have it for similar prices, too.

9. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth – if there is a new mom in your life going crazy because their baby isn’t sleeping, I highly suggest this book. It saved me when Reese was going through sleep transitions around 3/4 months by giving me insight into children’s sleep needs and strategies to help them become better sleepers. She’s been an excellent sleeper since! If you have a mama in your life that’s LOSING IT because of baby/kids’ sleep issues, consider gently giving her this book. Other parenting books that have made a difference for me are The 5 Love Languages of Children and Parenting With Love and Logic. 


Happy holidays, moms!






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