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How I Organize My Junk Drawer (and Dish Towels, Too)



A while ago I shared this little corner of the kitchen I call the “homework station/mom’s corner” in a a blog post here. But I never shared what’s below that, so today I am sharing the drawers below it which hold two categories : our junk drawer, and our dish towel oven mitt drawer.

Might not make sense to have them together like this, but let me explain.

In organizing, it’s super important to consider the top spots for accessibility of your most-used items. You can take a look at where things start to pile up, and think about “high traffic areas” : where you stand and work around a lot in whatever room. This is the prime spot for you to take advantage of setting up an organizational system for supporting the activities of that space and all the life that happens there.

In our kitchen, this corner is “the spot.” It’s where we move between the laundry room (which leads to the mudroom and then to the garage) and to the kitchen, so it’s definitely a landing spot/last-stop-shop spot before heading out the door. A “junk drawer” is perfectly at home here. By junk, I think by now you know I’m not throwing in actual junk and calling it a day. My friend Katie said it best : it’s a “useful drawer.” Everyone needs a place for pens, paper, scissors, keys, chargers, coins, stamps, chapstick, all those random life things that you need day in and day out.

Next to it is completely unrelated but it’s our dish towel and over mitt drawer. It has nothing to do with the junk drawer to the right – but everything to do with the oven and sink to the left of it. Accessibility is the name of the game here.

So all together, you’ve got my go-to- spot for life in the kitchen. Which is really where a lot of life happens in the home.

Here’s how I organized it:


D I S H  T O W E L S





I used my favorite bamboo drawer dividers (the depth I used is this one, and there’s one for deeper drawers here. Also available on Amazon here.)

Then I file-folded the dish towels, which is a method you can use for anything from towels to t shirts to workout clothes to onesies. In fact, one of my very first blog posts ever written was on file-folding and you can find that right here! It’s really weird but file-folding items is really satisfying. Try just this one thing if there’s one takeaway you get from this blog post 😉

As for the dish towels, I like them all to coordinate and my favorite ones are these.


J U N K  D R A W E R





Ahh, the junk drawer. Everyone’s got ’em, it’s a fact of life. But it can become a really stressful drawer if you never set up a system and keep throwing things into it.

My step for organizing a junk drawer is pretty much how I organize every spot

  1. Take everything out. EVERYTHING
  2. Go through it all and decide what to keep/toss/take to another spot in the home (you’re really not going to have donation items here in the junk drawer.) Be ruthless in keeping only the essentials.
  3. Place everything back in to how it makes sense. Most-used items like pens up front, glasses cleaners and less-used house keys towards the back.) It’s like putting a puzzle together.
  4. Once you’ve grouped items and put them in place, measure the drawer itself and the sizes of each “group,” then go get the containers. DO NOT BUY THE DIVIDERS FIRST. This is the last step, otherwise you will end up with dividers that don’t fit, don’t work, have too many or not enough. I used these acrylic dividers you can buy individually to really create a custom drawer.
  5. Implement and then use something called museum gel to adhere to the corners of the dividers so they don’t slide around. Very KEY.

For more details on this organizing process, you can catch my solo episode on Good To Be Home all on organizing right here!

For our junk drawer, you can see the items I picked to keep in here which the things we need most often on a daily basis. For all others (push pins, highlighters, gift cards, etc.) I put them in our office. This is a drawer that you need to customize entirely for you and your family; there is no wrong answer as far as contents.

Actually wait YES. Yes, there is one wrong answer. Takeout menus. LOL. There’s Google now.




So there you have it – my multi-purpose corner in my kitchen that has allll the things. Neatly organized.




S H O P  T H E  P O S T

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5 Responses
  • Lindsay
    December 5, 2018

    You inspire me so much to get our home organized! With four kids it’s def needed! I’m doing little by little. We don’t have an office and we already have a junk drawer that looks similar to this but I struggle with where to put bills and papers. I have a drawer right next to this one that I just throw important papers into. Any suggestions?

    • Mika Perry
      December 30, 2018

      Hi Lindsay! Papers can pile up, but my answer is to THROW AWAY! There is so so so much that comes in the door from mail and from kids’ school papers, and most of it is repetitive, doesn’t need to be kept once I deal with it, and is often things I can find online. For the things I do keep, I just keep one inbox tray for anything paper-related and go through it at least once a week during my week start checklist process. Everyday was unrealistic for me so I’ve found that once a week is the sweet spot.

  • Jill
    December 31, 2018

    Can you share about the iPad you have on the wall? Is that what that is? Is it a wall mounted charger? I’d love to know!

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