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Mom Hack : Creating a Hair Caddy


As mom of girls, I do a lot of hair styles. Before school, before after school activities, before running errands, before church, before pretty much anything in a day – a hairstyling session is required. In a two story house, I quickly noticed when we moved in that I was running up and down the stairs for supplies. So, I made a very simple but lasting, efficient, and convenient system for hair styles for girls : the hair caddy. If you’re a busy mom like me looking for a way to make your mornings and daily routines a little less hectic, a hair caddy to keep downstairs (or in a different part of the house) is one super simple mom hack!



S U P P L I E S  F O R  A  H A I R  C A D D Y


Here’s what I have in our hair caddy (click on each for resources) :

  • Caddy – I prefer this caddy because it’s modern, simple, stylish, pretty, durable, and will go with any decor. I also use it for a first aid kit I keep in the same cabinet as this hair caddy. You could also use it for art supplies, nail polish kit, office supplies, etc.!
  • Water spray bottles – I always wet hair to style it on the girls. These are from Target, you can find them in the travel sized items section. They fit perfectly into the caddy.
  • Leave in conditioner – I’ve been using this one for the girls to help detangle after I wet the hair (they have crazy bedhead in the mornings!) I “decant” it into the same spray bottles as the water. I’ve also used this one and this one before, too.
  • Hair brush – these brushes are our favorites
  • Combs – simple pack from Target or a drugstore to section off and create clean parts
  • Clearcolored, and black small elastic ties – for Paige’s pigtails and securing Reese’s side braids
  • Large hair ties – for Reese’s high ponytails or buns
  • Body lotion – I keep this here because I like to put it on the girls every morning, so I do it at the same time as getting their hair ready. They both get eczema and this one by Be Good really helps to soothe them.
  • Labeling – I try to keep the girls brushes separate so I use Namebubble labels on them to mark them. It’s also useful to have them on there in case they get put into dance bags or backpacks or taken out of the house for whatever reason. I also label the caddy itself as “hair” with these labels.





Additional items you could keep in there : hairspray, gel, bobby pins, clips, and other personal care items like nail clippers, chapstick, and sunscreen! You want to think about all the things you need when getting the kids groomed and ready.



When I’m not using the caddy, this is where I store it :



You can find the blog post right here on how I organized this homework station/mom’s corner of the kitchen.

A hair caddy is one example of a small, super simple idea that makes a big impact in my day. You can take this idea of creating a caddy for your most-used items in your everyday routines and I think you’ll see what I mean by small things, big difference!

Happy hairstyling!




S H O P  T H E  P O S T



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  • jess
    February 10, 2020

    Where is the beautiful wood bowl where the lemons are placed? I love it!

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