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My Closet Staples



Today I’m sharing with you some of my closet staples – my must-have-essentials that go with me through the seasons and I reach for all the time.

What I think about when I’m getting dressed (besides the obvious, like weather and occasion) are things like my mood, comfort and ease, proportions, and I tend to abide by the rule of less is more. Sure I love a pattern here and there, and I’ll incorporate new cuts and colors with different seasons (I love neutrals but won’t shy away from a good neon or pastel or blues) but in general I like to stick to classics that have a bit of interest and flatter basically anyone. That’s what I feel good in.

I get the comment that I look “so put together all the time!” and honestly, it’s just down to having go-tos that are a simple to wear and give that look of being put together really easily. I don’t like to go too trendy, you know?

Here are some of my favorite key pieces – many of them are on the Shopbop “buy more, save more” sale, too! Click on each photo for the link.



A must. What I look for in denim are classic cuts, comfort and flattery for my shape, and styles that go with all types of looks and can be dressed up or down. Here are a few of my go-to’s :





Since spring and summer are next, I wanted to include my hands-down favorite pair of shorts ever. I wore these all season long last year. They’re so good, they’re deserving their own section here! They sell out of sizes quick but tend to always restock them.





I love love love a good button up shirt. They can be dressed up or down, are flattering, and are so easy to wear like a basic tee but level up an outfit so much more.  I always french-tuck in the front, leaving the rest out.  I prefer silk or tencel because they look really casual and also don’t wrinkle as easily as cotton.





I feel like sweaters are the all-stars in my closet. They look SO cute with denim or tailored shorts in the summer, and of course are a go-to for colder months.





Nude heels are my go-to for elongating the general shape of my outfit – since I don’t have mile-long legs and am average height 😉 Here are a few of my faves :





These two styles are the pairs I wear most often. Definitely a high-low combo happening here, but well worth it for both styles. I wear the Valentino ones all the time.





For workouts I love APL, and for running around I like Adidas and Veja! (Vejas sell out quickly, thanks to Meghan Markle, but I have seen them come back.)





Dresses are so easy to wear – it’s an entire outfit in one. I love a good sweatshirt dress and have included this year’s black and coral version of the Ulla Johnson one from last year that I wear all the time. There’s also the Loveshackfancy dress that I have in pink, some neutral basics, and I love a good flowy colorful dress that are so easy to throw on during warmer weather for a fun pop of color :




Mine are pretty much all Lululemon. My favorite tanks are the Cool Racerback, favorite short and long sleeve are the Swiftly Tech, shorts are the Speed Shorts, leggings are the Align Pant (I get the 7/8 and crop versions) and my fave sport bras are the Energy ones. I also love The Baller hat. (I can’t link Lululemon as photos, but still wanted to share the names of the styles!)



SO! I already took advantage of the Shopbop sale and here’s what I bought (and have in my cart for a potential second round lol.) You’ll notice a lot of color here because I have a trip to Palm Springs coming up. I’ll be pairing them up simply with my staples above!



Hope this helps give you an idea of what I like to reach for on a daily basis 🙂





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