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My Favorite Podcasts for a Busy Life


Yes, podcasts. Do you love them like I do?

Yes? I knew we’d be friends!

No? Let me tell you a little about the magic that is podcasts.

So I love reading and have really wanted to read more non-fiction, but it just realistically never happens. Either my kids LITERALLY push the cover of a book down on me when I try to read. OR if it’s nighttime which is the only truly quiet time of day, it puts me right to sleep. I have so many informative, recommended, chock-full-of-good-stuff books I want to read and things I want to learn and know more about – but it just doesn’t happen.


What I DO have to spare are little pockets of time in my day where I am doing something but it’s kinda boring and I could totally listen to something. While I’m getting ready in the morning, while I’m driving around on errands, or when I’m cleaning. Instead of listening to music, I listen to podcasts instead.

I have filled my Apple Podcast app with feeds of podcasts on topics ranging from health and wellness to parenting, productivity and self-improvement to faith. When I’m done with my task, I also come away with new information and knowledge. It’s such a win-win feeling!

It’s my ultimate #momlife hack and multitasking trick.

You may be asking “well, why not audiobooks?” The beauty of podcasts is that they are anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour, tops. An audiobook to me feels like a commitment and a little TOO much, not to mention a test in memory; I don’t think I would remember what was read to me a couple of days ago and be able to pick up where I left off. Is this ADD? Who knows.

Here are my current favorite podcasts ::

Optimal Living Daily – A cool format where they pick interesting blog posts for you and read them out loud on topics like minimalism, productivity hacks, positivity, personal growth, etc. They’re short and sweet. They also have related podcasts called Optimal Living Health, Optimal Living Relationships (they touch on parenting here) Optimal Living Finance, etc.

The Model Health Show – I heard Shawn Stevenson interviewed on The Healthy Mom Podcast (below) and was blown away at his vast knowledge of health, fitness, and in particular for this episode I listened to – sleep. If I do eventually finally read a book someday, it will be his book Sleep Smarter.

The Mindbodygreen Podcast – Great, deep interviews with people like the CEO of Whole Foods and the creator of Whole30.

The Healthy Mom Podcast – They basically cover every topic I’m interested in, always.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast – Love Lauryn but I think I like reading her blog more than her podcast (it’s a little too conversational) BUT I still love her brand and I swear, every product she recommends is awesome.

Respectful Parenting  – Help for parents. The End.

The Splendid Table  – OK. This is my ultimate nerd confession. I LOVE THIS PODCAST, and this is my OG podcast, too; I’ve been listening to it for years. My routine is to fold laundry and listen to an episode. These days, I can’t listen to them because I’m on a meal plan and listening to this just always makes me hungry!


Happy listening!




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