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My Favorite Products :: Kids Closets



After working in countless kids closets, there are a select handful of my go-to items that always work in any space. Literally – you can find at least ONE of these items in any of my NEAT clients’ kids closets!

Products like bins and baskets do not guarantee an organized space. Really. In fact, implementing products is the last step in any space, and what we do BEFORE then makes a huge impact just on its own (taking everything out, sorting and categorizing, editing and purging, finding a better place to store items, creating a better flow, etc.)

BUT, if there isn’t a good system for keeping those items together in their category (like when there is a bunch of open shelving for small items, or a large drawer that needs to hold several categories of items) products that corral, divide, separate, hold, display, etc. (and labels to identify where things are and where things go) will definitely help to easily maintain that organization.

And of course, it makes it look prettier, too! Not going to lie here.

Kid spaces are where we typically like to use some color (I like to keep the rest of the organizational systems in clients’ homes pretty neutral.) There’s just something about bringing the pops of color from the kids rooms into the closet that creates a cohesive, fun look.

So those go-to items? Here we go!


Oskar Boxes :: LOVE. These come as a nestled pair of two and are SUCH a steal for two versatile boxes that can be used for storing anything from scarves and hats, small purses and dress up pieces, to small toys and supplies. We use them a lot in kids closets and also in home offices or craft rooms. You can find them here. They come in neutral colors like grey ::

And color ones like green, blue, and pink ::

Slimline velvet hangers :: Love them for all closets. They truly to allow you to hang more in a closet. Kids are again where I will go with colors or the ivory ones. Get them on Amazon.

IMG_5494 (1)

Dream Drawer Dividers :: You saw these in the file folding post (click here!) Love them. Can’t live without them. They are fantastic.

Acrylic Jewelry Stand and Divider :: Who says moms should get all the fancy jewelry and accessory displays? Little girls should have some fun with their accessories and have an area to display them, too. These trays are actually meant to hold lipsticks but their small size makes them perfect for all those fun stud earrings girls like to collect. And the larger trays give a designated spot for items like sunglasses and bangles.


Feathergrain or Whitewash Boxes :: These (click here) come in a few sizes and are super sturdy BUT super lightweight (which means easy for kids to take on and off shelves.) I like to use the dark feathergrain color  in boys’ closets as a great solution for storing flip flops, sport equipment, hats, etc.

They come in white, too! (See pics above) Perfect for storing casual flip flops or sneakers when you are running out of shoe space ::

Smart Store Insterts :: These were a “hmmmm” product idea that I debated in the store at first but has now has become a “YES” solution time and again. They’re meant to be used as compartments in these specific Colorwave plastic bins (you can find the whole line here) – but I use them to take advantage of the depth of many of my clients’ drawers to organize hair ties, jewelry, small toys, etc. See the transformation here?


Hope you will love these products as much as I do!



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3 Responses
  • Jill
    August 5, 2016

    Where did you get the boxes with the tags that say hats, bags at the top of the closet? Thanks!

    • Mika Perry
      August 5, 2016

      Hi Jill! Those are the Whitewashed Wooden Bins from the Container Store! They come in several sizes from xs-lg 🙂

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