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My Favorite Products :: Pantry


I’ve said it before, but I LOVE organizing pantries.

And it seems that the love for a good pantry is shared by many others out there, too!

Take, for instance, my most-liked photo on Instagram, above. 

And my second most-liked ::


….aaaand my third ::


SO. I think it’s official that pantries are pretty popular!

In addition to “likes” (which by the way…THANKS!) I also get the most “where did you get it?” product questions in regard to the pantry – which organizing products I like to use and where to get them.

When selecting products for a client space, I take into consideration the dimensions, counts of items, categories, accessibility, aesthetics, quality, budget, ease of use, symmetry, and sustainability. It’s a lot more that goes into it than just thinking a cute bin would look nice!

Here are my top favorites ::


OXO Pop Containers. A perennial favorite. I personally prefer the rectangular ones rather than the square ones because it takes advantage of the depth of pantry shelving rather than taking up space to the right and left. They also make a canister for snacks and treats that open from the front, great for items like cookies and candy. I label these with a hanging tag rather than a sticker; the curves of the canister will wrinkle up the sticker and it won’t lay flat.


Yamazaki Home Tosca Basket. One of my more recent obsessions. Because of a larger “weave,” it works best for larger items like a box of couscous, a container of soup, and a jar of sauce to round up in a basket like “dinner.” Or a basket labeled “breakfast” and in there would be oatmeal packs, a box of pancake mix, syrup, and cereal bars. They brighten up a pantry and are made of sturdy wood and metal.


Slim Food Storage Containers. If you are working with a narrow space, these are great because they are slim and take advantage of vertical space by stacking. They’re also super budget-friendly, too! I use these in my pantry at home.


Acrylic Hermetic Jars – Used to store everything from pasta and flours to dried fruits and nuts. Multi-tasker! BPA-free acrylic is easier to use than glass because it’s lighter when transporting it to and from the pantry when baking. Plus, it won’t shatter and break – important if you have kids!


Marche Baskets – Comes in a variety of sizes which helps the different dimensions of shelving space. I use these for when the items inside (bars, pouches, packs, things that are repetitive and in larger quantities) are pretty enough to see. 


Water Hyacinth Baskets – Like the above, but when I don’t want to see all the “variety,” shall we say, of contents. These are the only natural woven baskets that retain a square shape and don’t shred and shed.


Tiered Can Shelf – I use white because the insides of most pantries we work in are white and therefore they blend in rather than standing out. The ones that are made for cans are actually really shallow so I use the ones made for condiments and it always works perfectly.


Clear Spice Jars – Decanting spices is not as daunting or as time-consuming as you might think. I think spices is a whole topic in itself but for now I’ll leave it here – these simple jars are classic.


Deep Pantry Binz – Yes. Bins with a “z.”  These are my go-to’s for more contemporary spaces.

(All items found at The Container Store.)

Pantries are truly like piecing together a puzzle. Ingredients, spaces, and products come together at once to create a perfect system for each person, in each unique kitchen.


Happy organizing – and cooking!



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