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My Latest Target Finds : Summer Edition


Now that I’m off social media, there is a huge void in my life :

I can’t share my Target finds with you.


But wait – I can!

Below you will find a few of my recent summer finds, a new designer collaboration line you definitely should know about, and a few of my long-time Target faves :




I shared on Instagram right before I said goodbye that I just ordered these beach towels – and I need to give you an update because these are amazing!

What I love about them is that they are double-sided : one side is a smooth Turkish towel look, and the other side is a more absorbent terry cloth material. I feel like a beach towel needs to be a little cushy, and though the Turkish towels look pretty they are usually kind of thin. These towels combines that aesthetically pleasing look with function – the best kind of combo!

I have four of the navy ones.






One of these beverage dispensers is very similar to the ones from Target I purchased several years ago, and I always have gotten a ton of compliments and questions about them. They have kind of a vintage, ornate vibe and I am so happy they brought them back – this time in a version with a wooden top! When entertaining, I like to write the name of the beverage with a chalk marker right onto the lid. Also comes in a pitcher and in 3 colors, but I am always partial to a good, nice neutral clear.

Another one is a slim rectangular one that is perfect to keep in the fridge. The size and shape fits so much nicer than a typical pitcher you might keep for something like iced tea, lemonade, or water. I just picked one up this week and have used them to keep my two favorite daily drinks cold-brewed and ready to go : unsweetened passion fruit tea, and cold brew coffee.

Basically, I just created a little Starbucks station in our refrigerator 😉






Over the years, Target set itself apart by collaborating with big names in home and fashion design to create limited and exclusive lines. I personally think the recent collaborations and collections have been a little lackluster. Until now :




I literally GASPED when this popped up on my Target scroll! I love the brand LOVESHACKFANCY and to see them collaborate on a Target line is a DREAM. Here’s me wearing one of their dresses, (which run around $295) and below are my top picks from this more budget-friendly new line (which are around $60)





L I S A  M A R I E  F E R N A N D E Z 


I have heard of this designer but have never worn her pieces. These three caught my eye :





The designer dress collection launches at 12AM MST on Saturday June 6th. I already have it on my Google calendar with a notification reminder set 😉




These are the phone cases I use for my iPhone. I like a good silicone case because I think they are less slippery. I first had the light pink, then went to mint green, and now currently have the marble one with a black pop-socket (yes, I’ve tried Loopy Cases and I know many people like it, but it gave me a weird “bend” to my finger and just never loved it.) These come in fresh colors and the price point makes it easy to give yourself a quick little update.




True, we don’t really need planners right now with the general lack of plans and events during the pandemic. However, let’s be hopeful that we will need to start scheduling things sooner than later – and when they do, I can’t recommend these planners enough!

The paper planner I have been using the last three years have been from Target and they stopped making them, and these are the very closest I’ve ever found to the same layout and format. There’s a schedule side on the right and then a more to-do-list type of side on the left with each weekly spread. I don’t use my paper planners as my actual calendar (that is with Google Calendar.) However, my weekly routine is to “map out” my schedule and -to-do’s for the week and lay it all out on paper using these. I love how simple, functional, and pretty they are.




I love having fresh flowers in the house. But when it comes to plants, I do not have a green thumb and can’t keep anything alive. Most faux plants look, well…fake, but this one looks amazing. So much so that I have three in our home : one on the guest bedroom nightstand, and two in our playroom/theater. They really add some brightness and (faux) freshness to a room.




Until next time!






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5 Responses
  • Jane
    May 29, 2020

    Mika! I’ve been itching to read from your again after your big announcement, and I’m so glad you are sharing your target finds 😀
    The other day, someone asked my opinion on the new puff sleeve sweaters at target and I told her “I know just the person!” And forwarded her your insta post. It made me realize truly how much I was reading you. Up until I, myself, also deleted Instagram from my phone. I have gone my screen time go down 14% since I did it and I am loving the changes!

    I also listened to your last podcast and hoping you really do that cord organization post. Glad you are well.

    • Mika Perry
      May 29, 2020

      Hi Jane! That is amazing!!!!!! Good for you, isn’t it amazing (and shocking!) how much time can actually be spent on social when we are not mindful of it? And yes – I have the cord organization post in the works! 😉

  • Laura Weaver
    May 29, 2020

    Yahoo! So happy to hear from you. I have been binging on your podcasts while I clean my closets.

    Excited that you are still sharing your target finds! I can’t find the link to the faux greenery you mention last though.

    • Mika Perry
      May 29, 2020

      Hi! Oh I’m so happy to hear that! The link is showing up now 😉

  • Pebbles
    May 30, 2020

    These are fabulous finds! Thank you so much for sharing, adding the plant and beverage dispenser to my basket.

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