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My Local Beauty Resources



Today I’m sharing where I go for all my beauty services here in Scottsdale – who they are, how I found them, how long I have been seeing them, and what they help me with. You asked – and I’m answering!

While this is a resource list for those local to AZ, this post will also help answer some of the questions for both locals and non-locals on what I get done on a bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or yearly basis.

I thought about making the title of this blog post “I DID Wake Up Like This.” I literally wake up with less things to do to get ready every morning because of these services; so much is already DONE! That in itself has been life changing. Yes, I do have to go in for regular appointments, but the impact it has for me on a daily basis and the time it saves for me is absolutely worth every minute and dime invested. For example, I don’t have to fill in my brows or put on mascara or eye makeup every morning, I feel confident in my skin that I don’t need to wear foundation, my hair is easier to manage so I can style it quicker, I don’t have to shave as often, my hands don’t look haggard and are presentable to the general public, and I look more awake and refreshed (even when I don’t feel like it!)

If you want to know my secret to less hectic mornings, this is part of it. I walk around town and hop onto IG stories makeup free almost every time and I like that. I’m not aiming for perfection (and there are days that no matter what I do I’m just going to look crazy and tired!) but I’m simply aiming to be the best and simplest version of ME that I can be, and all this just really comes down to saving time and feeling very comfortable in my skin.

These include many women business owners who are passionate about what they do, are kind, driven, professional, and talented, and many have become friends. So this post is also meant to serve as a big, giant THANK YOU to each one who have helped this busy momma keep it together lol.  I hope you will seek them out if you are local and interested in having any of the below done for yourself!


H A I R  : Maggie Hancock (@maggiemh)

I have been seeing Maggie for the last 4 years. When we started she was in a small rented studio by herself, and now she owns her own salon with over 10 full-time stylists, has blown up on social media, and is now on the artistic team at Schwarzkopf. I remember having conversations with her on how she needed to just hire an assistant, and now she is a stylist educator being flown around the world. I am just so, so proud of her and her incredible drive, passion, and success. And did I mention she is a single mom? (We were both pregnant when I went in for my first appointment with her.)  She specializes in blondes but graciously (she’ll laugh at this) work on my brunette hair and indulge in my desire to have the ashiest brown hair possible (which is hard, because all my hair wants to do is be orange.) I now have standing appointments monthly for toner (with every other time for a trim and layers) and go in about every 6 months-1 year for balayage. If you want hair magic, go to Maggie and her team at Moxie.


S K I N  :  Emme Diane (@emmediane)

I started seeing Emme in 2017 after she was recommended to me by my lash girl, and my skin is now transformed forever. I struggled with medium level acne, discoloration and melasma, uneven skin tone and texture, and tried pretty much everything without the results I was hoping for (microneedling, peel after peel, super expensive products, etc.) Emme gave me visible results in just one month with zero downtime recovery (which I LOVED.) It was incredible, and my skin just keeps getting better. You can read all about it in this detailed blog post here. And we actually had her on the podcast recently which you can listen to here! I go to her for customized facials monthly and use her own skincare line, Emme Diane, and she has been doing this for 20 years. If you want to try her out, she takes clients worldwide with her online coaching and can ship products directly to you. So many of my friends and followers have gone to her now and all have reported similar transformations and being happier with their skin, which makes ME so happy 🙂 Use code MIKA10 for 10% off your first order!

Speaking of my lash girl…


L A S H E S  :  Marcelle Tammen (@lashful)

Marcelle has been doing my lashes for over 3 years. I started with her when she was at a lash salon and now she owns her own studio.  I actually started getting lashes done when I was pregnant with Paige because I wanted to look good during delivery. No joke! My birth with Reese was an emergency C section and quite traumatic, so with Paige being a scheduled C section I thought one thing I could give myself was that I could feel more prepared and put together, and I thought having lashes done would help me have one less thing to do as a mom with a newborn (this was before I had my skin under control and before I had my brows filled in so I felt like I was always putting something on my face.) People ask if it ruins your real lashes but I have had them on ever since so I have no idea – and I don’t have plans to take them off! I love that I don’t have to bother with eye makeup anymore and it makes me look awake. They do not feel heavy AT ALL. In fact, I remember the first time she put them on thinking how much lighter they felt than mascara! Marcelle is highly trained and uses only the highest quality lashes and products, and knows how to un-do bad lash jobs, in case that is a situation you ever find yourself in. I get the volume ones and get fills every 2-3 weeks, with appointments about and hour. Absolutely life-changing!


B R O W S  :  McKenna Walker (@missmckennawalker)

I met McKenna several years ago when she was an esthetician at the doctor’s office I mention below. She was always so sweet when she would help check me in and out, and when she started doing microblading I knew I wanted to have her help. Microblading is a semi-permanent application of pigment in really feathery, pretty strokes to fill in your brows. In 2017 I had gotten my brows microbladed elsewhere but wasn’t too happy with them (they faded so fast!) After her session that same year, I had full brows and have now followed her to her new studio that she opened up last year. I have gotten a full application once and get touchups every 6-8 months. She’s is also going to start training others in microblading, too, if any of you reading this are interested in getting educated and certified. Use my name when booking for $100 off your microblading! 


B O T O X / F I L L E R :  Eva Unell (@the_glam_nurse)

I feel like this is the big question people have wanted to know haha! The answer is simply YES. When people have asked me via DM’s I have always shared that yes, I do do it. But because I feel like this is more of a medical area, I hesitate to give my detailed input and would rather you consult directly with whomever you go to – and I couldn’t recommend Eva enough. I started seeing her this year after going to a doctor’s office the last several years. While that practice did a great job, too, I just felt the passion wasn’t there because they did so many other things, and then the practice itself started to shift. This is ALL that Eva does and as her specialty, her skill and passion and care for each patient comes through. My main goal is not about looking younger – it’s about looking more awake and refreshed and just maintenance. People can certainly go overboard and I love that Eva guides you with her knowledge and expertise to bring you to a place where you are completely comfortable and happy with the results. I know I am!


L A S E R  H A I R  R E M O V A L  :  Hello Laser (@hello.laser)

I started doing laser hair removal last fall and immediately wished I would have done it YEARS ago. What a timesaver!!! So this is going to sound weird but the areas I went in for are my sideburn area and nape of the neck. I had shaved this part over 10 years ago when I got married because I did an updo and wanted it cleaned up (I have dark hair so the extra fuzzies and baby hairs in that area I just wanted gone, you know?) Well since then I had to keep doing that and it was so annoying, because it grows back so fast and I was shaving it all the time. I finally bit the bullet, came here and was instantly sold and wondered why I waited so long. After the first treatment, my hair didn’t grown back in weeks and when it did, it came back finer. I have done it 3 times now and this week just added underarms to the mix and will probably do more areas.  Hayley is who does my treatment and you are literally in and out in like 15 minutes. I have a few more treatments to go and then I will be hair-free! As for the pain? It stings more than anything and it doesn’t last long. It’s honestly not that bad, and completely worth it for the results. Use my name when booking for $20% off your first appointment!


N A I L S :  The Village or Scottsdale Nails

Nothing makes me feel less put together than bad nails. Conversely, nothing makes me feel more put together and polished than freshly-polished nails! Do you agree?? 😉  I alternate between these two spots. The first is the spa at my gym, The Village at DC Ranch (you can still go to the spa part without being a member) and I go to either Gia or Jill. I get the CND gel polish (that brand stays on but comes off the best, thus less scraping and damaging of your natural nails) and my go-to color is Romantique. For pedicures I do regular polish and get OPI Funny Bunny most often. This place requires an advance appointment, so the second spot – Scottsdale Nail – is for when I need to pop in during a hectic week and I haven’t had the time to make an appointment. It’s also right by Paige’s preschool so I’ll swing by after drop off or before pickup. I love that they are clean,  busy, but have a ton of staff  so they can always get me in for a walk-in. I recently got the dip/powder polish done and Mimi there did a fantastic job of not making it thick and shaped them beautifully. Not sure if I’m going to stay with the dip/powder but they also have the full lines of CND and OPI for regular and gel polish.


I think that covers it!

Writing this all out, it seems like a lot, and also very focused on aesthetics (obviously.) But me sharing all this has several reasons :

It’s good to know, it’s good to share. And word-of-mouth referrals are the best, especially for small businesses. And I’m all about supporting that.

Do what makes you happy, 100%. You can do none of this, you can do all of this, but what I think is most important that you are just doing this for yourself – whether it’s for saving time, feeling more confident, or just wanting a different look than where you are currently at. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a change. All reasons that start with your own intentions are good reasons. And when you want to find out more, it’s good to know what your options are.

As a mom of girls, I do think about what impact any focus on looks and beauty might have on my daughters. For me, I remember with fondness watching my grandmother in Japan at her vanity with her gold-flecked serums and Guerlain Meteorites setting powder, taking care and time to do her hair and makeup every day. I never looked at it as her struggling to find herself or improve her looks – I saw it as her OWNING who she was and preparing to put that self out into the world. I was mesmerized. On the flipside, my mother has always been very minimal with beauty products and routines, and she is beautiful and strong and a woman of God who I try to emulate in my life as a mother. Long story short, I try to strike a balance between both. I let my girls try out dressing up and playing with nail polish and talk about what amazing things their bodies can do, like jump and dance and breathe. I let them pick out outfits with glee and point out their blue and brown eyes they inherited from mommy and daddy and their grandmas and grandpas that makes us all family (and that carrots help them have supervision!) We practice hygiene and we take care to be healthy, they have very evident self-confidence, and I treat them to mani-pedis because it’s fun. And whatever my daughters end up wanting to invest in or are interested in the future, I will support, because I know they will be strong, graceful women.


I hope this list was helpful to anyone interested! Thanks again to all the above ladies, for everything.






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  • Nelly
    April 3, 2020

    Wow Mika reading this puts a smile to my face! I love following you. You are beautiful Inside and out! I’m so happy to be following someone who doesn’t just care about the physical but knows also how important being real means. So thank you for sharing this blog. You have beautiful daughters and can see that they will go far in this life because they have a mom like you.

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