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My Picks for Opalhouse at Target

You might have seen the Opalhouse line happening at Target.

Oh, you didn’t? Have no idea what I’m talking about? Don’t worry because I didn’t either!

A few nights ago I was on Target’s website scrolling per usual for I don’t even know. Shoes? Snacks? Soap? Anyway, I noticed a heading for something called “Opalhouse” and found myself browsing THE most exciting looking collection of home decor ever. It was launching the following Sunday (today!) so I am a werido and I literally put it on my Google calendar to check out. In the past it seems Target amped up new lines and designer collaborations well in advance, but this one came out of left field for me.

Fast forward approx 12 hours later when I was in Target for…shoes? Snacks? Soap? I didn’t even know.  But found a swarm of Target employees busying themselves with setting up the Opalhouse displays in the middle of the store. They said they got them in early! I had about 15 minutes to spare and checked out everything I could in person, posting pics and videos on my stories while I did it. You could say, I was kind of excited.

It’s a very eclectic line but as you’ll see here there are some AMAZING neutral and softer pieces that are fun but aren’t in your face. I think the line is perfect for where you want to add pops of color and texture throughout the home, and in more playful areas like a kids bedroom or playroom. That’s where I’m planning on using them.

I bought a few pieces already in-store (like in the above for our playroom) but noticed that there are a LOT more items online, so be sure to consider the buy-online/pick-up-in-store feature which is free (which I use all the time.)

Here are my top picks!

T H R O W  P I L L O W S + P O U F S

T H R O W S  A N D  B L A N K E T S


F U R N I T U R E  + D E C O R

D I N I N G + S E R V I N G


I feel like Target is really keeping their finger on the pulse of good designers out there right now, which is super exciting. I believe in good quality pieces for the home but don’t believe it all needs to break the bank. Especially when it comes to decor – furniture you might not want to skimp on but small touches throughout the home don’t have to be high-end. No one will ever know if you do it right.

Would you want to see more of my top pics from Target’s lines, like Threshold (traditional/transitional decor) and Project 62 (midcentury modern decor)?

I mean, I’m at Target almost daily, so. I see it all!


S H O P  T H I S  P O S T




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