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Our Home : One Pantry, Two Ways


I’m so excited to share our pantry with you! This is one space I was SO looking forward to organizing when we moved into this new house because pantries were my favorite space to organize as a professional organizer. You can see an older post of my favorite pantry products used in spaces I organized, and you’ll find a lot of the same methods and products used here. The pantry is just a space that I understand (I love to cook) I can immediately get a vision of what I want it to look like, and really get into the details to make it a well-functioning and aesthetically awesome space. Also, this was my first walk-in pantry of my very own so I.WAS.PUMPED.

But it took a while for me to completely finish the space; it has been at about a 90% completed status since we moved in. And there are a few reasons behind that. I had everything placed where it was going to go, like categorically everything was good and ready. And I had implemented several basket styles. But 4 things held me back with indecision that kept it from being DONE done :

  1. The shelving. When we built the house, we had the standard builder-grade shelving installed. I knew no matter what kind of shelving I had, I was just so excited to finally have a walk-in pantry and I *thought* I wouldn’t care. After we moved in, I was …MEH about the shelves. We had upgraded and invested in so many of the other areas of the home I just felt like we forgot to think about the shelving here and it could be so much more. But, BECAUSE we upgraded and invested in so many of the other areas of the home, pantry shelving got put waaaaayyyyy down on the priority list. Not knowing whether or not we’d be changing the look fo this space down the line made me hold off on completing the organizing.
  2. The color of the shelving. Once I started thinking about shelving, I started to think about the COLOR of the shelving. Should we go with a darker color, maybe gray? Or what about natural wood shelving? So same as above, not knowing the end result, I wasn’t ready to commit to the overall finishes of the space. Including…
  3. The baskets. Knowing the dimensions in here, I knew there were so many options I could go with. A lot of my favorite go-to’s would work in here and coordinate with our decor (black, white, neutrals.) I had a lot already on hand and then started adding some new ones, and went through different combinations to figure it out.
  4. The labels. Similarly to the baskets, I didn’t know what style to go with. I tried gray, white, and craft paper labels. I tried block lettering and cursive and more hand-lettering style. I tried it all.

As you can see, a lot of thought went behind this pantry. I think the indecision came from just caring about it so much.

I decided, however, that it was time to just get it done. We had lived here for a year now, after all. So, I got it done and I love the end result! Except one last decision needs to be made…



Labeling I think is what makes the space pop. It also maintains the functionality. After trying everything, I still could only narrow it down to two styles, so in the end here are the two – and you and my Instagram followers are going to help me decide which one is going to stay!


Look 1 : White and gold with script writing.


Look 2 : Chalkboard black and white with block lettering


Different, right?

For the gold lettering on white, I didn’t write onto the baskets and containers – I wrote it on clear label maker tape and clear shipping tape and then taped it on!




While we decide about the labeling, let me tell you how everything is organized and categorized into zones :

Top Shelf Right : Cookbooks

Second Shelf Right : Decanted Dry Goods (grains, pasta, crackers, granola, nuts)

Third Shelf Right : Snacks

Forth Shelf Right : Chips, Salty Snacks, Sweet Treats

Fifth Shelf Right : Dinner, Sauces, and Paper Goods

Bottom Right : Bulk Items

Top Shelf Left :  Pellegrino

Second Shelf Left : Cereal, Oats, Pancake Mix, Tall Pasta

Third Shelf Left : Decanted Baking Ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda and powder, etc.)

Fourth Shelf Left : Canned Items, Baking Items

Fifth Shelf Left : Paper Towels

These were decided by accessibility and how I like to use the space. Also, how my family especially my kids access items. I don’t want my kids to have free access to the snacks, and I use pastas and quinoa more than baking items so those are places appropriately.




Tips about putting into baskets and containers :

  • Decanting items means you take it out of the original packaging and place in a more space-saving, airtight and usually clear container. For example, pastas, grains, cereals, and baking items like flour and sugar.
  • You want to decant items that you use often, whereas something you don’t eat as often might make more sense investment-wise to just keep in the packaging and corral into a basket that categorically makes sense. Like a rice pilaf would go into a “dinner” basket, and a brownie mix goes into a “baking” basket. But something like your kids’ favorite cereal or, like for us, Kodiak pancake mix and quinoa and rice that we use regularly might go into a decanted container.
  • For items you do decant, if you want to put the expiration date OR the cooking instructions, write in on the back with a chalk marker, which you can erase and re-write, but stays until you wipe it off.
  • Individual grab-and-go snack items usually come in boxes that are bigger than its contents. So I group items like “bars” “fruit snacks” and “crackers” together in one basket. This consolidates spaces, and looks 100% nicer than a bunch of open boxes.
  • Being able to see the inventory of items in your pantry by decanting, grouping, and getting rid of boxes and original packaging helps you when creating your grocery list – AND planning out meals. You might even find yourself more inspired to cook now that you can see the ingredients in your pantry!



S H O P  M Y  P A N T R Y



If you want organizing tips for the entire home, head to my podcast episode all about home organization. And if you go back into my blog posts, you’ll find organizing posts for specific spaces in the home like the kids closet, playroom, and closet. I also have a post on labeling, too! Find that here.

Happy organizing!





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5 Responses
  • Melanie
    October 4, 2018

    Love it! Where do you buy most of your containers, baskets, etc?

    • Mika Perry
      December 30, 2018

      Hi Melanie! I buy almost everything from the Container Store! I just know that store really well and love their products. It’s a reliable spot to get additional items of things I am already using in spaces (if and when I need to get more) whereas other stores I never really know what they have in stock and when they’ll run out or discontinue items. Hope that helps!

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