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Organized Home Tour – Best of My Home Organization Blog Posts

I wanted a spot to do a quick overview of all the organizing blog posts of my home. This post can serve as a quick scroll through for inspiration, or a reference point where I’ll link the blog posts that go in-depth for each area of the house, as well.



For a bit of background, I have always loved organizing and had a career as a professional organizer. Being in so many beautiful homes with different layouts allowed me to dream up exactly what I would want in a home one day. When we got to build this home – it was so exciting to turn all of those dreams into a reality!

If you’re looking for inspiration to become more organized, I hope this gives you some helpful ideas as well as some tips and tricks you can keep in mind as you organize your home. This was not all done at once. I would slowly work on one room or area at a time until it was where I wanted it to be, then move on to the next project. So remember to be patient, it will take time. But enjoy the process, and have fun learning along the way!






Aren’t pantry’s the best!? They’re so satisfying to organize, and are a great place to start since they’re used on the daily.

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Must-Have Organization Products for the Kitchen and Pantry

Our Home : One Pantry, Two Ways






One tip to keep in mind when organizing a kitchen is to designate one area for coffee/tea. Keep the machine, coffee, creamer, and mugs all within arms reach and it will make for a quick cup of coffee, and easier clean up!

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4 Tips for Organizing a Coffee and Tea Station in Your Kitchen






Try to use individual dividers rather than pre-made inserts when possible. The reason being, that each person is different, and there usually isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for organization. Plus, having individual dividers allows you to adjust as your inventory and needs change.






My trick for dishtowel drawers is to stick to one type of towel, this way they’re all the same size and look cohesive when folded! An adjustable bamboo divider gives the drawer a custom feel.

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How I Organize My Junk Drawer (and Dish Towels, Too)






Again, individual dividers are best for a junk drawer, especially since the contents can change depending on your needs! I love using museum gel for acrylic dividers to secure them to the drawer.

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How I Organize My Junk Drawer (and Dish Towels, Too)






If you have kids and space in the kitchen, creating a “Mom station” or homework cabinet can do wonders! This helps with getting kids out the door on time in the morning and will save you a few trips up and down the stairs if you live in a two-story house.

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Our Home : Homework Station / Mom’s Corner






This hair caddy is a lifesaver! If you have girls who need their hair done every morning, you understand how frustrating it can be to try to find bobby pins and hair ties scattered throughout the house. This keeps them in one place and saves trips to the bathroom.

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Mom Hack : Creating a Hair Caddy






This post went viral on Pinterest last year, and for a good reason! This is so helpful once kids are at the age where you feel comfortable with them having access to their

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Our Home : The Kids Kitchen Cabinet











My top two tips for organizing any closet: matching hangers, and sort by color!

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Master Closet Tour






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How to Organize a Kids Closet

Our Home : The Girls’ Shared Closet







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Our Home : Makeup and Bathroom Organization

Our Home : Master Bathroom Organization



M U D R O O M / E N T R Y W A Y



Having a designated “drop zone” is super helpful, even if it’s small! This will help keep the house orderly. We are also a no-shoe household, so shoes are left at the door!

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Our Home : Mudroom


C R A F T / H O M E W O R K  S T A T I O N



This space serves as an all-purpose area for homework, crafts, and play time. My biggest tip for organizing crafts and toys is to keep the items you don’t want them playing with out of reach 😉.



G I F T  W R A P  S T A T I O N



I love gift-giving, so this space brings me a lot of joy! This area is in a custom-built island in our office, but I give tips for smaller “gift wrap stations” in the blog post linked below.

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How to Create and Organize a Gift Wrapping Station




C A R  O R G A N I Z A T I O N



As a mom, my car is basically my second home. When you spend 2+ hours doing pick ups and drop offs every day, it’s worth it to make your car a relaxing, organized space just like your home.


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7 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized


G E N E R A L  O R G A N I Z I N G  T I P S



For more organizing tips, check out these articles:


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If you want to learn more about organizing and follow along with updates, follow me on Instagram or check out my online courses, your resource for a more organized, calm, and intentional life.

Happy organizing!



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