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Our Home : FAQ’s


Call me a homebody, but – and maybe this is surprising given how much we love to travel – I love being home. We built this house last year and since then it has been my passion and joy and so much fun making this our home.

The keyword I have used in designing it was “timeless.” I wanted to use finishes we wouldn’t tired of, and would still be relevant and pretty when we would sell the house in the future. When I reflected on what spaces I had seen or spent time in that made me feel most happy, it was bright, light, classic spaces. So that’s what you’ll find when you walk into our home.

I get a lot of questions about our house especially in my DMs when I post pics on stories, and know from these questions that many you are in the process of building, remodeling, redecorating, or dreaming up ideas for your next home. Congrats, btw! A lot of designers and people and resources have inspired me, so I want to keep that loop of inspiration and sharing going here today by listing the most commonly asked questions about our home and answering them all here for you in one post!

I put them in order of most-asked 🙂



What is the paint color of the inside of your house? Did you paint the baseboards the same color? 

Our interior paint is Sherwin Williams “Alabaster,” and yes the baseboards were painted the same. I actually didn’t give much thought to painting the baseboards different or the same – I just went with keeping it simple and painting them all one color. I like that it really brightens and opens up all the rooms; contrasting trim can in some cases close up a space. This adds interest via texture and dimension – not color. I would recommend this white (it’s very neutral) but as always, grab a swatch and test it your home as things like ceiling height, window sizes, flooring, and of course the way your house is oriented can all change the light in the room and therefore how the paint looks!



How do you keep the house so white with kids?

OK. Here’s my thoughts around a white house : dirt and messes are going to happen to matter WHAT color furniture or walls you have, and I actually would rather be able to SEE the dirt so that I can clean it rather than it blending into a tan or brown background and just being there indefinitely. You know what I mean??  I think at the end of the day you should enjoy your home and get whatever color you want to get – dirt and messes will happen anyway! There are definitely a few tips and strategies for keeping it nice and white and those are 1) quarterly or at the minimum bi-annual professional cleaning of  upholstery and rugs, 2) only eating in dining areas (of course things will end up in places but this is the rule and the kids most times follow it,) 3) we don’t wear shoes in the house, 4) we don’t have pets because 3 kids is enough lol, and 5) obviously just cleaning things up right away! That all being said, it’s not as scary and high-maintenance having white walls and furniture as you would think.



Where are your barstools from?

They are these and I love love love them. It was one of the first furniture pieces that I bought for our house while it was being built and I literally jumped up and down when we unboxed them and put them up against the counter! I’ve been asked about how they hold up with kids and they hold up fine – but they ARE fabric, so just know your kids and how you’re going to use them. When we eat at home we typically eat at the breakfast nook and these get used more for sitting, working, homework, and crafts, which means things still have gotten on them. I did spray them with fabric guard spray and have gotten them cleaned with professional cleaning (see above.)



Where did you get your rug?

Our family room rug was a total unicorn find from Homegoods. My friend Kristi of @kayandelledecor who is a pro at scouring Homegoods found this one for me and I am eternally grateful. It’s so pretty and perfect and such a great color and I don’t even want to tell you the price because it will blow your mind. It looks about 100 times more expensive than it actually is.

Our living room rug is this one. It was the very first purchase I made for our home before moving in. I didn’t even know what room I was going to use it in but I knew it would be perfect and it was!

Our master bedroom rug has sold out but this one is similar.



What kind of countertop you do have in your kitchen?

It’s New Carrara quartz countertop from Arizona Tile. Sidenote our breakfast nook is also quartz but it’s called Tippiary. I didn’t want it to be an exact match with the kitchen counters and be more of it’s own standalone table, but have the durability of quartz.



Where did you get your sofas? 

Both of our sofas in the family room are from Pottery Barn and we are so happy with both of them. The brown leather one is so comfortable and the white one has a slipcover so it is completely washable which I love. I wash it on average every other month. It was recommended by the staff there that I get the denim white and it’s been great and totally durable. We needed a really long couch so for the white one, I actually ordered two parts of their sectional line and put them together to make one 11ft sofa. Tip for any space and furniture is to measure, measure, measure and find something that fits perfectly.



Do you like your girls’ bunkbed? Where did you get it?

Yes we love the bunkbed and it’s this one! You can read more about the girls’ room here.



Is your kitchen backsplash marble? 

Yes and yes! I remember the day they installed the backsplash in the kitchen and the whole room was taken to the next level. I noticed one time when spaghetti sauce splashed on it, it kind of stained it, so I’ve just been careful to wipe it down after cooking. But surprisingly I don’t get a lot of splashes in general on the backsplashes, probably because I cook on the front burners the most.



Where did you get your tall bathroom mirror?

It’s this one! And you can check out a master bathroom organization post here. For the mirror in our master bedroom (the one on the floor) it’s this one!



What is the size of your kitchen island pendants?

These are the pendants and they are in size small. I really spent a lot of time measuring, thinking, and planning out the lights here, because what you put above the island can really make or break a kitchen, in my opinion.  I love their simplicity but heft and I liked them so much I used them in a different metal in the breakfast nook. There I used the medium size.



Do you like your fridge? What kind is it?

LOVE IT. It’s a Subzero french door. Living in rental properties before this, we had lived through our fair share of horrific, tiny, busted refrigerators. This one is like a dream. I knew I wanted a french door style because we use the freezer much less and loved having everything in the fridge right in front of you. There were two  types of door handles we could choose from and I liked the slimmer, cylindrical handles because it gave a cleaner look; the “pro” style was ergonomic but bulkier.



How do you like your new mattresses?

When I posted our new mattresses last week on my stories I got so many questions from you saying that you were also on the mattress hunt! When we moved into this house we wanted to start fresh with everything and brought very little with us – BUT we dragged in all our old mattresses because we needed to sleep here the night we moved in. A year later, we found ourselves still with the same mattress we never really liked in the first place – so it was time. I liked Allswell’s branding and simplicity and their reviews were really good so I reached out to them, got to know their customer service team, and got two mattresses – one for our master bedroom and another for the guestroom we are are currently designing. Russ likes firm and I like medium firm and our old one was pretty soft, and this is their new medium-firm 10 inch hybrid that is both foam and coils. It’s kind of that Goldilocks feeling of it’s not too soft, it’s not too hard – it’s just right! We’re a week in sleeping on it and so far, we are really happy with it. We literally have looked forward to getting into bed every night!



Where did you get your outdoor furniture?

Everything in our backyard and the courtyard is from RH. I didn’t want everything to be matching, so I mixed weathered teak in clean lines for a modern look (Aviara dining and Belvedere lounging), and black iron (Carmel) to pull in that classic feeling, with white cushions on everything (in perennial textured linen.) Again, all the white cushions are washable and you can hose them off, too, so that keeps them clean.



Where is your dining table from?

That is also from RH! Deciding on a dining table took FOREVER for me. Again, I wanted to tie in both modern and traditional in a simplistic way. I also wanted to mix materials to keep things from being boring. I decided on a marble top with a wood base. Russ liked that it was wood reclaimed from 100yr old buildings in Europe; I liked that it was simply pretty. I paired it with gray chairs with black metal bases to tie in with the black metal windows, the chandelier above it, and the touches of black throughout the house, plus white upholstered chairs at the end for interest because, well, by now you know I love white furniture 🙂


Keep sending me questions and I’ll always answer – you can email me at mika@mikaperry.com, DM me, or leave me a message below.




S H O P  T H E  P O S T


This post was sponsored in part by Allswell. As always, all opinions are my own and I only partner on products that I have already purchased and tried myself (or was about to purchase anyway!)

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