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Our Home : Girls’ Room Reveal


I’m so excited to share a new room reveal with you from our home – it’s Reese and Paige’s room!

When we first moved into this house, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted their room to look like. Lots of color? Modern? Chic? Super girly? I just wasn’t sure.

The one thing we DID know was that I had promised Reese a bunk bed so that was a must. After an extensive search including a consultation to potentially create a built-in, we landed on this bunk bed and we’ve loved it. Reese sleeps on the top (this was her DREAM) and little Paige sleeps very comfortably on the bottom bunk. This was also Paige’s first bed out of a crib; due to the timing of the move, she went straight from a crib to this big girl bunk bed!

For the look, I wanted something whimsical but not too girly, feminine and soft but not too precious. Just a touch of color but overall neutral and very comfortable.

I also thought putting up a wallpaper here would add some fun interest, just with it being a kids room, but I had the hardest time finding “THE ONE.” There are so many wallpapers and wallpaper companies out there for sure – but nothing was grabbing my interest at all and that is honestly why it took so long to finish this room.

THEN. I found it. The wallpaper mural is from Anewall and it’s PERFECT. It was exactly what I had pictured in my mind but even better – neutral, beautiful, and fun. I love lemons, there’s flowers, and an unexpected bird element for a unique touch. When it was being installed, I literally JUMPED UP AND DOWN because I was so excited about it!

It just felt so fresh and pretty.

Once the wallpaper went up, I knew where to go with the rest of the room.

We have so many projects going on still around the house that I decided to keep it simple : the dresser used to be in Reese’s room, I had the baskets from Paige’s nursery, and the floral, pillows, and other very simple decor were all super easy to add. The art above the top bunk, “life is beautiful,” was what I had above Paige’s rocking chair, so again, lots of recycling happening here. But giving a very different vibe, all because of the wallpaper and whole look of the room. The hat wall was a last-minute add and I used the same secret hanging method and tool I used in my gallery wall (link here for that post.) I think it added just the right touch at the end plus it’s also an organizational element!

The letterboard was originally purchased for the playroom, but after I saw these script phrases, I knew adding it to the girls’ room would be perfect. It says “humble, kind, brave, happy.” Very much words I want my daughters to live by.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the explaining, but if you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me a DM on Instagram 🙂

Resources and links below!





P R O D U C T   S O U R C E S


W A L L  M U R A L : Anewall

B U N K  B E D : Pottery Barn 

D R E S S E R : Ikea

L I G H T : World Market

P I L L O W S : Homegoods (crazy great deal, came stuffed with a down filler.

The test is to make sure it holds a “chop!” Similar one here)

P O M  P O M  T H R O W : Pottery Barn (similar one here)

B A S K E T S : Target (similar ones here and here)

L E T T E R  B O A R D :  Letterfolk

L E T T E R  B O A R D  L E T T E R S :  Target

S U N G L A S S E S  T R A Y  : The Container Store

J E W E L R Y  S T A N D : Target (similar one here)





This post was sponsored in part by Anewall, a wonderful company!

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7 Responses
  • Angie
    July 31, 2018

    I’m In Love! Absolutely Stunning!! Mika, your style is the Absolute best!

  • Emily
    August 1, 2018

    Who did you use in a Scottsdale to install the wallpaper?

  • Fiona
    August 3, 2018

    This is such a beautiful light room, the wall mural is stunning-it kinda makes me think of Italy which is funny!

  • Sara
    August 4, 2018

    Beautiful space! Would you mind sharing the paint color?

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