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Our Home : Living Room


Welcome to our living room!

We’ve lived in this house for a while now and I’ve definitely posted pics of this space, but never have done a full tour so : here it is!

Like many homes, we have a “Front Room” that can often become “The Room That No One Sits In.” You know what I mean. And that’s exactly what I DIDN’T want for this room. I wanted a room that was not sterile, not boring, and not forgotten about. My mind went to ways that I can create an inviting, comfortable space that serves as a conversation room, a special place to celebrate the holidays with a Christmas trees, and a spot that the whole family will actually use.

I love a round formation for dining and living because it really feels gather-ey. Like a campfire. Or a huddle. And I remember one of my favorites, Ina Garten, saying round dining tables were best and I kept that bit of into in my mind forever that I would have a round dining room some day. But ee weren’t able to use a round dining table in this current dining room due to space and how big we needed to have the table in order to fit 5 people minimum (8 or more, usually, when family is here) so I moved that concept over into the living room, and it worked out beautifully.

I rounded up some inspo photos and had my friend Kristi (@kayandelledecor) help source what I was picturing in my mind. (She is a WIZARD at finding items and she and I share the same taste; no sooner than my idea comes out my mouth, she’s ready with a link!)

The rug was the first item I bought, then the coffee table, then the chairs, then the accessories. I still don’t think the room is COMPLETELY finished (maybe a couple accessory touches on the mantle, still considering drapery but also like the bright crisp open windows…) but overall, the room is cozy and well-loved by our family.

Here’s a tour and details, with sources below!



I love to read cookbooks, so they made sense for me to have as coffee table books. (I did the same with the coffee table in our great room.)  I chose ones with titles on their spines that were simple and meaningful for me, and on top is a small fashion book that is from the Kyoto Museum of Art (Kyoto is one of my most favorite places on earth.)

I love to use greenery in the house and these things LAST. Like crazy. I get them from Trader Joes and honestly keep for weeks.

The gold candle was a gift (from West Elm) and I like to light it at certain times because it’s a strong warm amber scent that I think is only appropriate for the right time/season. It’s more there for decor.



The pillows are from Little Design Co and I initially meant for the green ones to be upstairs but placed them here and just loved it so they stayed! That’s what I love about pillows; they’re flexible. The green is velvet and the animal print is a canvas-style material. Kristi shared some awesome quality pillow inserts that I got on Amazon and the trick is to buy an insert one size larger than your pillow cover for a filled look.



The mantle was tricky. I knew that I didn’t want just a single painting above it. I wanted layers and texture. But I didn’t have any inspiration or ideas to go with. So what ended up happening is I added items one at a time and they just stuck : the blue art first, then the photograph, then the black dot painting, then the vase, then the candles, then the matches. I just layered it to try it out and every time I was like OK this works. So there you go!

Speaking of Kyoto, this is a photo I took in a rock garden when I visited there and it just remind me of being peaceful and I trip Russ and I really enjoyed. The black and white dot paining I actually loved and considered every time I saw it and thought “I could MAKE that.” But then I thought of how much time and effort it would proabably take to paint it and decided I’d save that effort for a bigger statement piece elsewhere. I loved this one every time I saw it for some reason. It “spoke to me,” as they would say in a gallery 🙂 Which, you guys, was TARGET.




Favorite home scent of all time of course takes a spot on this mantle.



I LOVE these chairs; I love chairs more than couches sometimes. I knew I wanted a traditional look but with a tiny twist, and these with lighter wood legs and a larger and deeper seat were exactly what I was looking for.  The chairs are white but a linen durable blend, and we’ve have them for a year now and no coffee stains, no kid stains, no dirt or rips to report!



This particular chair out of the configuration of four chairs is “mine.” Meaning, it’s my go-to chair; Russ’ chair is the one by the widow. Maddix likes to sit in that one, too. Reese likes the one next to mine, and Paige just runs around them all.

Because this one is the spot I go to every morning for reading, meditation, and coffee, I placed a basket next to it for keeping my devotional and books. I also have the fill-in memory books “Stories For My Child” in there to encourage me to finally finish them someday soon (it’s a goal for this year!)




So there you have it – our cozy, simple living room that ACTUALLY gets used 🙂 We love it!

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me an email.



S H O P  T H E  R O O M :

Chairs –  Pottery Barn

Coffee Table – Ballard

Rug – Lulu and Georgia

Pillows – Green, Print, and Blue from Little Design Co

Pillow Inserts – 24×24 and 22×22 from Amazon

Coffee Table Books – this and this from Amazon

Glass Vase – Target

Wood Vase – Target

Gold Frames – Target

Blue Art – Homegoods

Black Dot Art – Target

Candle – Diptique

Matches – Urbana

Basket – Similar one here

Agate Coasters – Etsy

Sweater – Revolve

Jeans – Bloomingdales

Wall Paint Color –  Sherwin Williams Alabaster



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