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Our Home : Makeup and Bathroom Organization


Hello! Welcome to our master bath! I first shared about our bathroom organization in this post here with an emphasis on the other side of the room. On this side, where my makeup drawer and my sink are, is pretty basic: toothbrush and toothpaste, hair tools and ties, deodorant, contact solution, etc. Standard stuff. But I got a lot of questions asking to show what my makeup drawer and other drawers look like, so here it is – and now I’m glad I’m sharing this with you because I realized I do have some tips to share over on my makeup and vanity side, too!

The biggest key takeaway I can offer you about bathroom organization is this : “less is more.”

More than the closet, more than any other room in the house, I think it applies most to the bathroom.

I totally understand the pull of all the fun hair, skin, and beauty products out there. And I get that you have to buy products in order to try them to land on your eventual favorites. But there is no reason to hang onto things if it’s not working for you and you’re not actually using it in your daily or even occasional routines. Because that’s just taking up space. When I was organizing clients’ homes, this was one room that I definitely saw a lot “hanging-on-to” of items that were rarely or ever being used and it just made everything cluttery. NO judgement, though, because I get that over time it can just build up if you’re not thinking about it. Plus, a lot of them are pricey so there can be an internal struggle of letting them go.

I used to be much more into beauty products but have simplified over the years, and it’s created a more calming bathroom environment. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I want to feel as fresh as possible with a clean space and not have to think about which products I should use that day. As a mom I need to make it speedy and I have zero time (or patience!) rifling through drawers. At night, we actually have a spa setting on the lights and music in our bathroom to make it as calm as possible. And when getting ready for events or date night (when I actually put makeup on) I again want it to make it easy because I am usually pressed for time. So I intentionally made the bathroom, its contents, and its organization super simple and straightforward.

To organize everything, I followed my usual process of taking everything out, placing items back in in the ideal way, measure, then go buy products, and then implemented them into the drawers. (You can listen to my organization process for any space in detail in my podcast episode here!) I like to use acrylic organizing products in bathrooms (over wood, let’s say) because they are easy to clean (I’ve even stuck them in our dishwasher) and they also look clean. I used Museum Gel to secure the dividers in each drawer so that they don’t slide around (museum putty is what I use for wooden dividers like in the kitchen here.) Makes a HUGE difference in how the drawers feel and function as you open and close it.

OK so let’s get to pics to show you what it all looks like!


M A K E  U P




Here’s my makeup drawer which holds all the makeup I have. These are 10 zones by categories including eye makeup, foundation, blush, highlighter, etc. I used 4 trays with 12 square sections to organize the whole drawer. Each of the small dividers are adjustable so I took them out for a lot of the sections to make bigger ones, which allows for each to be customized for my items. (The tray in its original form is shown with the single eyeshadows on the left.) There are 4 trays total. The very right side, with the foundation, is actually open because I could not find anything that would perfectly fit that space. Because these are bigger heavier items that don’t really move around a lot, I could lay them flat there and they stay put.

Two items you don’t see here are 1) my Laura Mercier Translucent powder, which is big and the drawer is too shallow for it so I keep it on the counter and 2) my makeup brushes which I keep in a simple acrylic holder, also on the counter. It also holds my perfume bottles.





Around my sink vanity are all the regular bathroom items. I placed items based on their category and also the reach from standing at the sink for accessibility.

I used these acrylic drawer organizers. Tip : don’t get the set or assorted sizes; get each individual piece so that you get the exact quantity and size you need for your drawer and its contents. This applies to all sets for all spaces. For example, don’t buy a set of containers and dividers that says “pantry organizing kit” or “bathroom organizer set.” I see these everywhere like Costco and Target and The Container Store. This will not give you a custom solution and you will either end up with not enough or too many containers or dividers.



To the left of the sink I have two top drawers. One of them is my hair items, plus my glasses in its case (which I put on when I take my contacts out at the end of the day, and replace here in the morning) and a pair of scissors. This might be a weird thing to have in the bathroom but I have found scissors to be SO useful to have around – especially for cutting off tags on clothing!

The drawer next to that has my deodorant, eye lash wash and lash brush (I get both of these from my lash girl)  lip balm and lip scrub, and Tinkles. “WHAT ARE TINKLES??” you ask? They’re designed as eyebrow shapers but can be and are used by many, including myself, for dermaplaning. It’s basically shaving your face. Dermaplane is the fancy word, shaving your face is the real word. I do this at least once a week for a totally smooth face. TRY IT.



Below my hair ties and tools are two other drawers that hold hair products; the column of three drawers are all for hair.

The middle drawer is for my hair products (hairspray, dry shampoo, Moroccan Oil, style extender cream, and my not-so-secret root cover up spray I use for thinning hair spots.)  I also keep my paddle brush in here. The one divider I have in here you might recognize from our kids drawer in our kitchen (post here.) Yes, it’s a kitchen drawer divider! I love using these for deep drawers because it allows you to hold things upright and have it not fall over. I LOVE these bamboo spring loaded dividers I use elsewhere in the home, but the length of this drawer wasn’t long enough to insert them. You have to get creative sometimes in organizing and look in other areas to see if you can find a solution! The most important part is that it fits perfectly.



Below that are my staying tools – curling wand, blow dryer, and round brush. As you can see, I kept this entire drawer without any dividers because there really is no ‘division”  or corralling necessary. I know they make those little things you can hang your blowdryer from the inside of the cabinet door but I didn’t really want to drill holes into the cabinet or hang things over the rim of the door. Sometimes, all you need is a designated specific home for items and that’s it! I actually have another curling wand that’s not pictured here in a smaller barrel width that normally nests right next to this one.



To the right of my sink is one small drawer and that holds my essentials : contacts/solution and dental products. I put these most-used items in the right side drawer because I am right handed 🙂



Under the sink I have a cabinet but honestly I have a small trash bin and only 4 products in there :  two bottles of body lotion, a foot lotion, and baby wipes. And that’s it. So I didn’t take a pic but I’ll show you on stories!



If you want to know more about my skincare routine you can read about it here. And here’s an old but still very relevant and accurate post about my hair routine. Products like travel items, self tanner, towels, feminine products, etc. are all on the other side of the room which, again, you can take a look at over here.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of this corner of our home! As always, send any questions below or leave it as a comment on any of my IG posts!




S H O P  T H E  P O S T




D E C O R  S O U R C E S

Sconces : Amazon

Mirrors : RH

Hardware : Atlas Hardware

Robe : Pottery Barn

Robe hooks : Delta

Vanity stool : Similar one here


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  • Georgia`
    November 10, 2018

    This is so fantastic and exactly what I needed to read right now! We just moved into a new place and this is the perfect guide to organizing the essentials. Thank you so much Mika – we love you!

    • Mika Perry
      December 30, 2018

      Aw thank you so much, Georgia! That makes me so happy to hear and encourages me so much to know that I can be helpful. Congrats on your new home!

    • Mika Perry
      February 13, 2019

      Thank YOU! THat’s so kind of you. I’m happy to be of help and congrats on the new home! xo

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