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Our Home : Master Bathroom Organization


A few weeks ago, I posted a few pics of me organizing this space – and here’s the finished product as promised!

This is the main storage space in our master bathroom. It’s part supply storage and part linen closet. It has items like towels and our often-used items.

Since this my first post on our master bath, just wanted to quickly share about the design. When we designed the space, there was no question in my mind that I wanted a classic, all-white and marble bathroom. Every time I would be in a similar space like that whether it was in a hotel or in someone else’s home, I would just love it. It’s such a clean, crisp and timeless look. We don’t know how long we’re staying in this house and what the trends will be when we eventually move, so like the kitchen I wanted it to be classic and something that everyone would feel comfortable in. I absolutely LOVE this room! We actually made a big design change in the plans – scroll down to the end to find out what it is!

So to organize it, I also stayed with some classics and utilized one of my favorite bins for bathrooms (these are great for laundry rooms, too!) They also come in a gray but I like the bright white. But before buying the bins, I needed to know how many and what sizes to get.

To get started, I took everything out and when through what I wanted to keep or toss. We moved in last summer and even though we purged a lot before moving in, things can accumulate, or especially for me, my skincare routine changed and so I still had a lot of skincare items that I kept that I needed to get rid of. Then I placed the items onto the shelves where I wanted them to be, and then decided which bins and how many to get.

After I sorted, tossed, and categorized items and placed them where I wanted them to be, I created the labels for each category. I love these craft labels and chose this look with the white marker so that it wouldn’t compete with the white and bright look for the bathroom and remain soft and neutral.



Then I tied them on with gray twine, which I chose to pull in a tiny bit of the gray that was in the countertops. Again, just keeping everything neutral. I like this one because it doesn’t fray and therefor give it a “rustic” look; it stays tight and clean.


Organizing a space takes into consideration two important things : how you group them together to make sense for what you have and how you use the space, and where to place them so that they are most accessible to how you use them. So, most-used items will be lower and easier to grab, and grouped together to take advantage of the space you have available. Because Russ uses less of this space and is taller, his two bins dedicated to his items (meds and travel) are placed on the higher shelves that he can easily reach but I can’t.

I decided to place hand towels in a bin of it’s own because I found that when we would put them away they’d often get placed right on top of the bath towels and it just never really stayed put. So it got it’s own basket and I just file-fold them into there.



One bin you’ll see here is a “feminine care” bin. Most of you reading this are female so I’m going to get real here. Yes, tampons guys. But I just felt like “feminine care” just looked a little classier to put on there than straight-up tampons! Quick tip about organizing these – for the past few years I have been taking them out of their boxes and keeping them in a bin instead. Just like in the pantry where you take the bars and cereal and other items out of their original packaging and it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in both the use of space and the way it looks, same thing applies here. I always found the boxes to look a) terrible and b) start to bend or get crushed, and c) it’s so much easier to see this way before you run out (important, right?) You’ll never see a box of tampons on the countertop at a spa but you will see them in a basket. Same thing applied here.

I wear contacts and whiten my teeth, and also buy toothpaste and floss and Sonicare brush heads in bulk, so that’s what the “dental” and “eye care”  bins are. I don’t do my own manicure but I will do my own pedicure sometimes, plus the girls love to do their nails, so those supplies are in the “nails” bin.

The self-tan bin is SUPER important to me as it’s part of my weekly routine, so it gets it’s own bin, too.




Yes, I know the makeup drawer is open here in the background lol! I had just thrown on some makeup in a rush to take these photos so, ya know. Real life 😉



The three drawers below hold our medicine (which is super minimal, I’m talking just some Advil and bandaids and neosporin, basically), my travel must-haves like travel bag, steamer, and travel size items. To be honest I just forgot to take photos of that this time so I’ll do a separate share on that drawer because it’s actually been a REALLY awesome drawer to have just dedicated to travel items! The bottom drawer is toilet paper.

You’ll see that there are more drawers and cabinets here in our bath but it’s really basically our toothbrushes, hair brushes, hair spray, my favorite moroccan oil, hair ties, deodorant, contact solution and case, makeup, hair dryer and curling iron, and that’s about it. Just our very basic daily items. To be very honest, we don’t have that much –  couple of these are actually totally empty! So these drawers are really basic with clear dividers. If you want me to do a post on them I totally will!

If you’re thinking of refreshing your master bath, here are some tips that have helped me to create a room that I totally love.


T I P S  F O R  Y O U R  M A S T E R  B A T H :

  • We deleted the plans for a bathtub that was in the original floorplan, and instead created this cabinet space and a vanity. We are shower people, so having the extra space for other uses was really helpful. If you’re building or remodeling – know that you don’t always HAVE to have a bathtub!
  • Assess all the beauty and bath and hair products and ask yourself if you REALLY need it. When was the last time you used it? HONESTLY. When I used to organize professionally, I often found clients to have a ton of beauty products they never, ever used. And many of them were dried out, expired, or past their prime. When you have just the best of what you love that you use all the time, you’ll find for a much more streamlined morning routine when getting ready!
  • To make it more spa-like, add some greenery, flowers, and your favorite candle. REAL flowers – it makes a difference!
  • Decant hand soap into a pretty dispenser. It literally takes minutes and looks so much better than the original packaging. OR, invest in a brand that has pretty packaging, there are some out there for sure. But if you have a favorite hand soap that comes in a bright red bottle, maybe try putting it into something more neutral.
  • Have speakers to play music. We have speakers built-in in our house, but you could use a dock. I have a station that’s called “spa music” and I’ll listen to this at night. In the morning I play bossa nova or something upbeat.


Happy Friday!




S H O P  T H E  P O S T


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4 Responses
  • Loren
    May 10, 2018

    I love your blog so much!! You’ve inspired me to get more organized. I would love it if you did another post on the other drawers you mentioned above. You have so many good ideas for storage and organization!! And your master bath looks gorgeous!! ♥️

  • Carla
    May 31, 2018

    I love following you on Instagram and your blog! Such pretty and beautifully styled organising, it’s so inspiring. FYI I read somewhere not to keep medicines in the bathroom as the heat and steam can weaken their effectiveness. I changed mine as I always stored it in my bathroom also!

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