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Our Home : Mudroom



In Arizona, you don’t really have a “Mudroom” – there’s no “mud” to catch on your way in the door. But every busy family needs a drop zone and command center right by where ever they enter and leave the house. As with many families, ours is the garage door and so we created this hallway space into our “mudroom” that is used daily – and I don’t know what I would do without it!

We enlisted the help of Modern Nest to create this space like many of our other built-in spaces. I wanted the mudroom to reflect the same traditional, timeless look I was weaving throughout the house and use black and white to create a crisp look. Paneling defined the space and echoed the same millwork in the stairway around the corner. Because it was a hallway, we were limited with depth but ended up with a very efficient storage system with room to grow.

Brendan, the co-owner, and I went back and forth with the mudroom design and I think we nailed every single aspect of it. What was once a boring plain hallway with plenty of empty space to dump thing (scary!) became this amazingly functional spot in our home!


S H O P  T H E  P O S T



M A I N  W A L L  | R I G H T  S I D E

On the right side of the main wall is dedicated to the girls – they each have their own hook. The bags are from Lands End I got a couple years ago and I keep these here as Paige’s diaper bag, Reese’s dance bag, Maddix’ on-the-go bag, etc. They also hook their backpacks on here after school, too.

On the top shelf is my favorite candle and I recently started to keep some greenery on there too, which gives the space some life. It’s not a proper room until you bring in a tiny bit of decor elements in, IMO. I light this candle whenever we have company and it just wafts through as guests enter and go.

On the left part of the upper shelf is where I place my outgoing mail and returns – I place them there so that on my way out for the day I see it right there. I played around with baskets up there but just didn’t like how they looked – and didn’t really need them.

Once the kids start getting into more sports I may change the drawers to hold some of their gear and utilize baskets or something up top. What I love about this space is that it can grow with us.



L O W E R  D R A W E R S

We don’t wear shoes inside our house and keep shoes on the other side of this garage door on an Elfa wall storage shelving system by The Container Store. So here in the mudroom I decided to do pullout storage drawers instead of having space for shoes. We reuse bags from Lululemon, brown bags from Whole Foods, and small plastic ones from Target, so I designated these drawers for grabbing-and-going bags when we’re heading out the door. Returns, items to take into the classroom, etc. etc. You know what I mean. Sometimes you just need a random bag.

A trick for labeling drawers is to use a label on the inside lip of the drawer. I used a regular label maker with clear label tape. Here’s one for our large Lulu bags (there’s one just for small ones to the right of the drawer – that’s how many we amass….Russ wears just as much Lululemon as I do!)



M A I N   W A L L | L E F T  S I D E

On the very left side of the main wall, there is a tall cabinet that holds Russ’ and my training and sports equipment. Running gear, exercise bands, my spin shoes, my yoga towel (yoga mat goes on an Elfa rack in the garage), straps and first aid, etc. Russ does some crazy races sometimes so the windbreaker/warmth/waterproof gear is in here up top.  We also have our shoe care items in here as well. Love Tight Wipes which we use on all our sneakers.

I labeled them with my favorite rectangular chalkboard labels but into thirds, creating a smaller label. It just totally made sense to have chalkboard and white writing with the black and white theme.

This hook and shelf area is Russ’ “drop zone” so there’s a valet tray and hook for him here.




L E F T  W A L L

On the opposite wall is a chalkboard and my dedicated hook where I place my bags daily. I’m so impressed with how much weight these hooks can hold – I always have at least one purse on here or more.

On the chalkboard I have written out bible verses, our 2018 goals, holiday messages, “welcome home” messages, and recently a friendly reminder for everyone to pick up after themselves 😉 It’s the fist thing you see when you walk in so I love having a message from me to the family there for everyone to see.





The light I originally bought and hung in our master closet, however it just didn’t have the vibe I was going for in there. So I had it moved to the mudroom as it was being built and as soon as it was up I just knew this was where it was meant to be! I love that it ties in with the hooks and pulls and adds some earthy interest without being too in-your-face.

The pulls and hooks are affordable and are such good quality. They’re amazing. Jillian from Modern Nest found them for me and I love them so much we used them in the reading nook, too.

Here are links everything :

Drawer And Cabinet Pulls

Light (custom)

Wall Hook


Valet Tray

Tote Bags



Medium White Blastic Bin

Small Plastic Bin



Hope you enjoyed the mudroom tour! Let me know below if you have any questions as to the design, process, or recourses.




S H O P  T H E  P O S T

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3 Responses
  • Brittany
    April 29, 2018

    This is beautiful! Is the chalkboard built it? If not, would you mind sharing where it was purchased from?

    • Mika Perry
      April 30, 2018

      It was built-in! I have seen some good chalkboards at Hobby Lobby, and Etsy as well.

  • Shan
    August 26, 2018

    Thanks for the suggestion on Tight Wipes.

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