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Our Home : The COVID Closet



In this era of COVID, there is one shared constant in all our lives right now :


In light of our “new normal,” I recently updated a cabinet in our mudroom to include a spot for our masks, wipes and hand sanitizer. This way, I can grab a mask or a fresh bottle of sanitizer when we head out the door and be good (and safe!) to go. I’m calling it the “COVID CLOSET.” Yes, I have found a way to combine the pandemic with organizing 🙂

This cabinet is where I have kept the grab-and-go items we need as we head out the door like shopping bags, workout gear, and shoe care. If you want more details of this space, click here for the blog post.


3 Principles of Good Organization

When it comes down to a well-organized space, there are three key principles that always come together :

It makes life easier for you

You can easily find what you need when you need it, and put things back just as easily when you’re done, saving you time and energy.

It is easy to maintain

Complicated systems and create complicated spaces. Simple products that are simply labeled make it, well – simple to maintain!

It can be easily updated

When you need to adjust the contents or the flow of the organization (maybe you added items or removed some categories, or need to make certain items more accessible) you can do so easily with new labels, additional bins, or making small shifts and adjustments. No need for a giant overhaul.

This cabinet is an example of the 3 principles above.

It makes life easier because I’m not scrambling for a mask or searching for hand sanitizer when we are heading out. It’s easy to maintain the system, because everything is clearly labeled and there’s a home for everything. It really does stay organized even with daily use. And it was super easy to update the cabinet’s organizational system to make it more useful to our current needs. I just re-labeled some of the bins and ta-da! COVID CLOSET.


How To Create Your Own COVID Closet

If you’re wondering how to organize your collection of masks and hand sanitizer, here are some helpful tips!

Look for a space near where you enter and exit the home

This could be by your front door – but it could also be your garage door, laundry room, or a hallway.

No cabinet?

No problem! Is there a shelf, spot on the counter, a bench, or a tabletop that could work as a designated spot? Think of where you tend to “drop” your daily items like keys, mail, and purses and create an area there for you to keep your COVID supplies.

 Use simple products to contain 

A basket like this is neutral and fits into any decor. Or use these deep bins to take advantage of deep cabinets. A divided lazy suzan could be helpful in tight spaces. Or use the same bins I used, which are inexpensive and totally versatile.

Label it

Labeling assigns meaning to a container or specific space, which makes knowing where to find items and where to put them back faster and easier. It might not seem like a necessary step, but without labels a basket or bin can quickly turn into just an expensive “junk basket” to collect random things! You can use chalk labels, a label maker, or attach a tag. Be creative – but keep it simple!



Hopefully this COVID closet can go back to a regular mudroom closet soon! In the meantime, it’s been really helpful to have a convenient setup for our masks and sanitizer.

NOTE : I bought some reusable masks after I took these photos. So, we DO have them but they are just not pictured here. I did link them below if you want to see where I get ours!



S H O P  T H E  P O S T : O R G A N I Z I N G

S H O P  T H E  P O S T : M A S K S

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