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Our Home : The Girls’ Shared Closet



Today’s reveal is Paige and Reese’s closet!

The girls share a room (you can find the post about the room itself here) so they also share a closet, which is just a simple reach-in type. When we built the house, we had the regular standard builder grade closet put in just so we had a place to put everything temporarily, knowing that we would eventually customize it. What I had in there wasn’t bad but it definitely didn’t maximize the space for two girls using it. Paige had only one hanging bar on the left side and Reese had an extremely high one on the right that she couldn’t reach., and it just had a lot of empty lower space.

I decided to go with an Elfa system from the Container Store for it’s quick build, quality for the price point, and most of all it’s versatility. (PS, this is not a sponsored post!) While our master closet was built custom by @modern_nest, I wanted a system for our little ones that I could move around and adjust as the kids grew and their needs changed, and a wall-mounted, adjustable shelving system like this would give me that flexibility.

I went into the Container Store knowing pretty much exactly what I wanted and designed this space in about 15 minutes. Easy peasy. Here’s what I took into consideration – and what you can think about, too, if you’re thinking about closet design :

Kid’s Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

  • Decide whether to hang or fold

    Are you a folder or do you prefer to hang clothes? I like to hang clothes, so this closet design features lost of hanging rods, including one that went all the way across on the very bottom, which leads to the next point…

  • Keep Accessibility in mind

    What do you want easy access to? Or perhaps limit access to? Paige loves dresses and shoes and it would lead to meltdowns in the morning when it would be a cold day and she wouldn’t understand why she couldn’t wear jellies or a tank dress or put on a fancy dress. I wanted to encourage she wear more “playtime basics” tees and tops and have jackets accessible  so I put those on the bottom, while the dresses and shoes stay out of her reach but are easily accessible by me. The great thing is that as she gets older and can understand more “appropriate” clothing choices for the day, I can change the configuration and bring them down. On the flip side, I want Reese to be able to independently dressed so her uniform and basics are on the lowest level so she can help herself when she picks out outfits.

  • Account for Shoes

    Many of you know that we don’t wear shoes in the house, but we keep about half of them in closets and then the others that we are currently wearing more we keep downstairs in the garage – also on a tall Elfa wall system! (another post another time!) Regardless of what kind of closet, get adjustable shelving for shoes because the heights vary and being able to customize and move that around it key. Even here, I moved them up and down on the peg several times until I figured out the best setup.

  • Use baskets and bins on open shelving

    In a kids closet, stacked items won’t last very long on a shelf, so bins and baskets corral items like winter gloves and hats and, for us, dance items. Keep in mind you might need to get these types organizational products as you complete the closet. But in many cases they’re better (and more economical) than adding a drawer or other more permanent feature. You don’t need to add every single custom closet feature – that actually sometimes gets too clutter-ey. Simple designs that maximize the space creates a system that can be used over the long term with small tweaks as needs change.


If you are doing a closet with Elfa, I highly recommend using their installers. Unless you are extremely handy AND you have the time AND it’s something that you genuinely enjoy then go for it. But my philosophy in life is that if there is someone that can do it better than me and can do it in half the time, I’ll invest in the little extra to have them take care of it. The one thing I remember from my college macro economics class : opportunity cost! It literally got demo’d and installed in a couple hours and then it was done.

You’ll notice I don’t have doors – that’s on purpose. Like a walk-in closet, having it be open feels more roomy and open and it helps you to see every option you have. I love that. With a shared closet, it was also super inconvenient to move the sliding doors to the left and right every time I was getting both the girls ready and going back and forth between their two sides. I actually removed the doors from Paige’s nursery closet in the apartment we lived in before this and it made a huge difference (read that blog post here – it’s an old one!) It will also encourage you to keep it organized because it’s all there for you to see.

This closet is very much an example of when everything has a home, it just all just pretty much always stays that way. Aside from some color-order getting mixed up and shoes being different, the closet remains organized and I always know where to find everything AND where to put things back when I’m cleaning up.




These two boxes I labeled Paige and Reese and they are their memory boxes. All the little trinkets and treasures go in here – and off of all the countertops, shelves, surfaces, and floors 😉 It’s pretty cute to look at what’s in there – notes, things we’ve bought on trips, special rocks lol.



You might be thinking WAIT. Where are all the bottoms/PJs/socks/underwear?

They’re all in this dresser. From the top left going down it’s : undies, socks, dance and swim, shorts and skirts, pants, and PJs – which I purposefully have on the bottom because they like to pick their own PJ’s at night. I use these drawer dividers inside to separate Paige’s from Reese’s (Paige’s items are on the left side of the drawer, Reese on the right, just like in the closet.)

The knobs I had on from when Reese and Maddix shared a room and their colors were navy, green, and pink. But somehow it works in this room, too, so I haven’t gotten around to changing them.



For Paige’s beloved sunnies, I used a small acrylic tray to display them – much like I would in a grown-ups closet!



The hats are hung via my favorite hanging method : pushpins (see post here!)



So there you have it : our very real-life, non-staged, simply organized, very functional, filled-with-little-girl-outfits closet! I hope you enjoyed my kids closet organization tips and tricks.

If you have any questions, ask below!


Happy closets, happy kids (and moms),



S O U R C E S :

Elfa system (currently on sale!) : The Container Store

Hangers : Amazon

Hanger clips : The Container Store

Water hyacinth baskets : The Container Store

Oskar boxes in mint : The Container Store

Linen drawer dividers (used as bins) : The Container Store

Bin clips : The Container Store 

Light : World Market 

Bunk Bed : Pottery Barn

Wallpaper : Anewall

Dresser : Ikea

Dresser knobs : Hobby Lobby

Acrylic Tray for sunglasses : The Container Store

Letter Board : Letterfolk 

Letter board words : Target

Vase : Target

Necklace stand : Similar one here

My Outfit : Cardigan (similar), cami, jeans, slippers


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14 Responses
  • Deena
    January 8, 2019

    I love this! Where did you get those cute jelly shoes?

    • Mika Perry
      February 13, 2019

      Hi Deena! They are from Old Navy and we buy them every year, they’re the best!

  • Marite
    January 8, 2019

    Looks so good!!! You always inspire me to organize something at home!

  • Jessica
    January 8, 2019

    Beautiful space!! Where do their laundry hampers go?

    • Mika Perry
      February 13, 2019

      Thank you, Jessica! It’s underneath some hooks they have on the wall to the left of the closet! xo

  • Morgan Tolson
    February 16, 2019

    Hi! What size of the baskets on the very top shelf did you purchase?

    Thank you!

  • Laurel
    December 26, 2019

    I’m new so maybe this is somewhere on your blog but do you limit the amount of clothes they have? Do you swap out the clothes seasonally? I have 2 girls with a tiny closet and one dresser so I’m trying to find that perfect balance of enough variety but also not a jam packed closet/dresser…

    • Mika Perry
      December 30, 2019

      Hi Laurel! I do swap out their clothes twice a year- for winter/fall clothes, and summer/spring clothes. I keep the off-season clothes in large plastic bins from the Container Store!

    • Mika Perry
      December 30, 2019

      I talk more about this in my online organizing course as well 😉 https://mikaperry.mykajabi.com/

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