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Our Home :: Update


If you follow me on Instagram stories, you have probably seen all the home construction that’s going on around us right now. We’re living in a big bubble of plastic sheets, blue painters tape, scaffolding, wood and paint, and lots and lots of SOUND.

“Wait. Didn’t you just build a new home? So why all the construction now? Again??”

Great question – and one I’m answering here today!

So our home was semi-custom and there were a lot of things that we wanted to have done BUT didn’t like the builder’s options for them. Either their options were limited or their options were overpriced for what they were. For example, a mudroom, built-in office, paneling in the stairwell, a breakfast nook table, etc. They’re a homebuilder, not a custom cabinetry company, and already had so much going on just trying to get the house done. So we decided to have them leave those spaces empty and do them completely custom to what we wanted once the home was finished (our builder would not allow any other outside construction to go on until we closed on the house.)

I also knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to have my friend, Jillian, who owns Modern Nest with her husband, Brendan, do these spaces for us. I love their style and their craftsmanship and I knew that they would be able to do a much better, much more customized job than our builder could. They specialize in remodels and flipping homes but they also have an excellent cabinetry builder who can essentially make anything we could dream up. That to me was a perfect combo – extensive knowledge of the inner workings of home construction coupled with an eye for design and appreciation of a well-made and beautiful space.

We met with Modern Nest for a walk-through of the house after the walls went up in July, went over inspiration photos I had, and started the design process for the 8 different spaces we wanted to have done:

  • Breakfast Nook
  • Family Room Built-In
  • Living Room Reading Nook
  • Office
  • Mudroom
  • Stairs
  • Homework Station
  • Master Closet

The design process took a while but we were literally going over every single detail together to ensure it was done right. We did design reviews and approvals via online conferencing as we travelled and it all came together.

The downside to all this is that we are now living in a remodel situation, where areas of our home are taped off and access is limited as we move around our house and live life. The one thing I am so thankful for is that the kitchen is being untouched throughout this process, which I feel like I’ve heard people say is a NIGHTMARE of a space to live through a remodel/construction.

That all being said, this is such a dream come true to see what lived in my mind come to life in our home! BASICALLY, I’m seeing my Pinterest boards becoming a reality and I am so, so excited and so grateful that we could do this.

Here’s a peek at how everything is coming along …

First, everything got prepped for construction. The guys did an excellent and meticulous job covering the grounds and making sure things were protected. Our entryway got wrapped and so did our furniture. A workshop was stationed in a covered area.


Then we decided on some hardware. Mixed metals for the win!


We are also putting in countertops in 3 spaces (breakfast nook, office, and homework station) so a visit to AZ Tile helped us narrow down the materials for each space. (We decided to go butcher block with one of them, though!)


This is Jillian, who is actually a real-life model so it’s too bad she’s turned around.

So you’ll just get me, sporting the craziest top knot in America.


This is probably where we are going to eat the most for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The tabletop and seating is installed and now we just have to finish the countertop slab and the benches that open for storage on top.




I have always dreamed of a built-in surrounding the TV in a family room. The TV was dismounted and the speakers and subwoofer moved from the original spots to accommodate the shelving depth.



This space was actually meant to be an entertaining/bar area because it faces the dining room but we decided to make it a reading nook. We already had plenty of space for storing and serving when entertaining so a spot for reading (and extra seating for guests) was much more functional for our family.

You can see that we changed the depth of the seat as we moved along on the project. We’re also putting in a recessed outlet for a charger for a phone.


This is my space but OK Russ, I guess you can have a little area of it, too. My favorite part is the center island. I can’t wait to see the upper shelving go in soon!

The cabinetry is going to be a light gray. These are the chairs I bought over the summer knowing they’d go into this space.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T



For a family of 5, a spot for everything to go as we go in and out of the house was essential. First the lower cabinetry went in, and then you can see the paneling, baseboards, and upper shelves and tall cabinet tower go in recently. The light was actually in the master closet originally but I moved it down here because it felt more fitting for this space.


This was the best example of when you have a builder that only allows for certain options. I didn’t want boring, I didn’t want modern, so for a traditional style banister this was our only choice. So we’re cutting down the ends to be square, we already removed the railing along the walls (which were required when building) installed a new light fixture at the top of the stairwell, installing millwork all the way up, and making the stair risers white.  This has been the most challenging space I think for everyone because of the size and shape. Luckily, we have outside stairs that go to the casita and have been using those to go up and down outside. Which is awkward in the morning and night in our PJs in front of neighbors!

This week they’re painting the panels and then taking down all the scaffolding. It’s completely taped off! Not gonna lie, I totally climbed down the banister like a monkey last night in desperation because I wanted water and didn’t want to go through the outside stairs…


This nook area is going to have seating for 3 for crafts and homework. The builders called this space a “tech” center so it was wired for computers already. Not sure if we’ll have those from the get go but maybe as the girls get older. The GIANT projector is for the playroom theater screen on the opposite wall.


Last but not least, the master closet. To be completely honest, this was surprisingly not the space that initially got me the most excited. Ask me years ago and maybe it would have been different but as I’ve gotten older and become a mom a mudroom for kids’ stuff and an office island for wrapping gifts got me more excited. HOWEVER, now that I’m seeing it come together I am so giddy about it!

First I had to take everything out and set it out in our master bedroom. I tried to create some semblance of organization.

The door had to be moved to allow for depth for the shelving on the left side. We also removed the door frame so now it’s just a walkway.

We started construction last month and hopefully finishing up in the next two weeks. It’s certainly been exciting and challenging at the same time to live through it but I truly, honestly cannot complain at all and working with Modern Nest has been amazing.

When it’s all done, I’ll share my decorating and organizing for each space so be sure to come back!

In the meantime, the girls don’t seem to mind everything around them one bit.




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  • Jenna
    November 8, 2017

    It is all going to be worth it, and FABULOUS! Happy your dreams are coming to life!

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