The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Mika Perry

The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

I look forward to doing these every year for you guys. My goal is to highlight items I personally own and love, as well as items I have given in the past (that were a big hit) or items I am excited to give this year (cue Laneige lip sets and Target throw blankets!) What you will find here are items that I stand behind and truly recommend.

Everything is in one post here for your convenience, and I included a few notes about the items. I also created a page tab at the top of the blog so you can easily refer back to the gift guides when shopping.

Alright. Let’s get to it!


Amazon sweater | Oversized sweater | Cashmere sweater | Ugg slippers |Antrho slippers | Heated mug | Sunglasses | Pajamas | Silk face masks | Leather travel case set | Robe | Best of Baies set | Leggings


A few notes …

If I had to pick my top three sweaters this year, it would be this Amazon sweater  (a close second is this Amazon sweater) this Free People oversized Tunic Sweater (I get compliments every time on the bright color) and this Cashmere sweater (it’s under $100 and I have it in 3 colors!)

Currently wearing these Ugg slippers and sipping coffee out of my Ember mug. Obsessed!

A friend of mine was wearing these sunglasses the other day – and I immediately bought (and fell in love with) them. They are super sturdy and chic and remind me of Celine glasses. For under $100!

I gifted these pajama sets last year to family. They are truly the best. And I give these  leather travel case sets as thank you gifts – with the recipient’s monogram. They ship really fast, too!

My fave silk face masks are on SALE! 25% off every color!!!

This Target robe is a steal and feels like a total dupe for the Barefoot Dreams robes. Sending a few as gifts this year.

If you or someone you know is a fan of Diptyque Baies like I am, this exclusive “Best Of Baies” set is a MUST!

One of my fave recent purchases are these printed Lululemon leggings. My trainer was wearing them and knew I needed them immediately, since I rarely find a print that I like. It says “wild thing printed camo multi” but it looks more like a leopard print 😉 I got the matching bra, too! And they have it in this style of leggings, too! I wear a 4 in leggings and an 8 in the bras.


Breville Espresso Maker | Momofuku Cookbook | Kobe Bryant Book | Sneaker Wipes | No Rules Rules | Shoe Dog | Nike Vintage Shoes | Ember Travel Mug |Cologne | Massager | Slides | Hoodies | Headphones | Lululemon Backpack

A few notes …

An AirBnb cabin we stayed in this summer had this espresso machine, and we loved how it felt like a nice ritual to make espresso in a more hands-on way. I’m getting it for my husband Russ (but really it’s kind of a present for me too LOL.) Currently on SALE for $100 off!!!

Books make a great gift for anyone. If your guy likes sports, I think this Kobe Bryant book would be really good. If your guy likes to cook, I gifted this David Chang Momofuku cookbook to Russ recently and he has been loving cooking recipes out of it. He rarely cooks, but when he does he like to go super elaborate and all out.

Another pair of books are these two : about Netflix’s company culture and the story of Nike. Both were Russ’ top reads this year – and this is coming from someone who reads a TON. So, highly recommended!

Russ and I both have Beats headphones – and they are 50% off on sale right now!!!!!

We have this massager (LOVE it) and Russ made a comment the other day how much he loves his Lululemon backpack.

Also, he has a bunch of colognes like Chanel and Tom Ford, but this one is hands down MY personal favorite fragrance on him! He always puts it on on date night 🙂

Airpods | Apple Watch | Thermometer | Sweater Shaver | Tile Tracker Stickers | Tile Wallet and Keychain | Ember Mug | Bluetooth Speaker | Fabric Steamer | Spray Bottles | Dashboard Phone Dock

A few notes …

Can’t go wrong with Apple products like Airppod Pros and the Apple watch. I have both and use them every day.

A thermometer seems like a very 2020 gift, right?? This is the one we have, and I also love this sweater shaver to remove pills from fabric.

For people who misplace their wallet or keys all the time (ahem, Russ…) a Tile Tracker for their wallet or stickers to place on anything would be a helpful gift.

Another item that was at the AirBnb we stayed at over the summer was this Bluetooth speaker. It has SUCH a great sound for SUCH a great price – just $25!!!  I got one for our house and use it all the time (like during the girls’ bathtime.)

Once you get a garment steamer, you will wonder how you lived without one! Same with a sweater shaver.

This is a random find that might not technically be “tech” but it’s a genius invention : continuous spray bottles. I discovered them at a salon and now use them for doing the girls’ hair.

I have this magnetic phone holder in my car and love that it’s quick and sturdy, not the kind that you have to clip your phone in every time.

$15 Throws | Monogrammed Water Bottles | Silk Masks | Starbucks GC | Mug | Socks


A few notes …

I typically do a hostess gift guide, but this year I think it’s all about thanking our TEACHERS! See above for my notes.

PS the silk face masks are my favorite and are 25% OFF!!

Playing Card Holder | Sticker Books | Lego Set | Camera | A Kids Book About | Sherpa Pullover | Headbands | Holiday PJs | Atlas and Craft Kits Subscription | Scooter

A few notes …

For kids that end up showing their hands during games, this playing card holder is so smart! I’m getting them for Paige and Reese.

Paige’s 2020 obsession has included headbands. Comes in tons of colors for under $20. My kids also toon a TON of pictures on their Instax camera this year. They turned out adorable.

These sticker books might be one of my best purchases this year! I placed them in a zip pouch in my car and whenever we are out at a restaurant (or a place where the kids have to wait) this keeps them super entertained. So surprised how INTO them they are!

I love the look of these Bird scooters! We use our scooters a ton during walks around the neighborhood or zipping over to the park.

Kiwico is TOTALLY worth it! Reese and I have loved doing these Atlas and Craft subscription boxes together (or on her own when I need her to be give me a break and be occupied lol)

The best kids PJs that we find can used for more than one year, the sizing and fabric are top notch. Love the subtle, not-obnoxious character patterns they have, too!

Soft Kids Pajamas | Bun pins | Girls Flats | Makeup Case | iPhone Case | Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Mouse | Sweater | Book Light | Tumbler | Hydroflask | Time Block Planner | Waterbottle Boot


A few notes …

These corkscrew bun pins keeps my girls’ dance buns in place (and my messy buns, too!) Speaking of dance, I keep Reese’s competition stage makeup in this divider makeup case.

I have this silicone iPhone case which combines a pop-socket type feature  that lies flat so that it can easily slip into your pocket. Plus, it’s also a magnet so it sticks right onto my dashboard phone holder!

The bluetooth speaker making a repeat on this list, because it’s that good 😉

I bought these book lights last year as gifts and everyone, from Reese to my dad, loved them!

Our summertime AirBnb really scored with some great Amazon finds, because the hosts left these insulated tumblers for us as a gift (so sweet) and I use mine every day!

Russ and I are planning on using this time-blocking planner at the start of the year. We are big time blocking fans AND big Cal Newport fans (remember that one time he wrote about my blog post???)


Le Creuset Utensil Set | Simplicity BookArchitectural Digest Book | Reed Diffuser | Madame/Monsieur Bath Mats | Byredo Candle | Diptyque Candle | Serving Board | Nespresso Coffee Maker | Wooden Bowl | Percale Sheets | City Map Throw

A few notes …

This utensils and crock set is so chic I am tempted to replace ours with it.

I love giving coffee table books as gifts. I have this one (it has a polkadot cover and black page sides which looks super cool) and would love this one.

My go-to home fragrances that I use and give as gifts : the best daytime candle, the best nighttime candle, and the best reed diffuser for closets and powder rooms.

SUCH a steal of a long charcuterie board. Only $15!! I had to do a double take when I saw it in the store.

The sheets we have in our home, very worth it. Also, how fun are these map throws! A great reminder of favorite cities to visit or hometowns.


Satin Pillowcase Set | Highlighter Palette | Power Hair Ties | Blowdryer | Concealer | Blow Dry Brush | High Frequency Wand | Lip Sleeping Masks | Face Mask Duo | Lip Gloss Set | Dry Shampoo Set | Volumizer Set | Eye Crayon Set


A few notes …

A satin pillow case set that is WAY more affordable than the Slip one. But still gives the same skin and hair benefits!

This undereye primer and concealer made it onto my faves and finds email, so so good.

Three beauty tools I love : the T3 blowdryer, the blowdryer brush when I just need to touch up my hair on day 2 or 3, and this high-frequency wand zaps breakouts and seriously works!

CANNOT live without this lip sleeping mask (comes in a few sets too) or these power hairties that keep my ponytail in actual place.

My go-to duo for my weekly Sunday face mask ritual. The sulfur mask goes on first, followed a few minutes later by the pumpkin. Makes a great gift for any skin type!

Some sets that are a GREAT deal and can be used by anyone : a set of my favorite lip glosses, duos of dry shampoo and volumizers, and easy-to-wear eyeshadow crayons.



Happy holidays, and happy gifting!




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  • Carrie Maez
    December 6, 2020

    Merry Christmas

  • Lori Swearingen
    December 6, 2020

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  • Lailanie
    December 6, 2020

    Thank you for sharing! Hope all is well, happy holidays!

  • Theodora Sims Martin
    December 6, 2020

    Miss you on Instagram but I think it time to say goodbye like you did anywho love your gift guides . Merry Christmas to you and your amazing family

  • Sarah
    December 6, 2020

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for this!

    P.S. The Le Creuset utensils are incredible and clean so well! We have the white set and they are probably the most used kitchen items we have! Also, my favorite gift to give when I see it on a wedding registry.

  • Loren
    December 7, 2020

    Hi Mika! I always love seeing your gift guides! Could you tell me where the camel colored sweater on the kids guide is from? I don’t see a link…but maybe I’m missing something.
    I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas season!

    • Mika Perry
      December 7, 2020

      I knew I would miss a link somewhere lol – and you found it Loren! 😉 I updated the post with the link to the sherpa pullover. It’s so so cute, my girls wear theirs all the time! Merry Christmas! xo Mika

      • Loren
        December 11, 2020

        Wonderful!! I know my daughter will love it too! Thank you!
        Merry Christmas!

  • Courtney
    January 2, 2021

    I’ve been listening to the podcast nonstop and couldn’t be happier to find that your blog is still active! Can’t wait to follow along here from now on— hope you and your family are doing great Mika!

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