The Complete 2019 Gift Guide - Mika Perry

The Complete 2019 Gift Guide

To make your holiday shopping even easier, here are all of the gift guides from this year rounded up into one post. The least I can do for you is to save you some time clicking around!


Gift for Kids

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When you think of Christmas, kids are definitely part of what makes it so magical. Their excitement, their joy, their child-like wonder really adds to the beauty and spirit of the holidays.

Kids can be so fun to shop for – but it can also be stressful because there are just so many options. And there’s a lot of obnoxious toys, too!

To give you a hand, I’ve picked out the items my girls have really enjoyed this past year (or even longer) – plus a few items I will be giving them this year. I always try to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to kids’ gifts, balancing between items they want and items I know they need or could use over and over again.

At first glance, this gift guide looks very girly. I only want to recommend items I have used or would buy myself, and as a mom of all girls my experience is buying gifts for girls – so that is what I know best! That being said, many of these items can also be gifts for boys as well. They come in different styles, types, and colors, and some of these are just plain fun and good – regardless of if you’re buying for a boy or girl 🙂

1 . 5 minute story books – We love these for bedtime stories. These come in all sorts of varieties and characters but our mosdt recent additions have been the Daniel Tiger one and the Pinkalicious one. The lengths are just right, and they are written well (badly written kids books are so hard to get through!)

2 . Good Night Yoga – This is one of the girls’ favorite books. We often do it right before bedtime. It’s the CUTEST THING watching kids do yoga. You can see a couple pics of us reading this under my “kids” highlights on my IG 🙂

3. Scrunchies – Reese has been on a scrunchie kick lately. These come in soft and pretty colors for a great price. If your child is more of a bow type of girl, this set of bows are the Jo-Jo Bow sizes at a fraction of the cost.

4. Wool coat with faux fur collar – I love J Crew coats, and this is such a classic. It’s cute to dress up or dress down.

5. Monogrammed canvas tote – I have one for each of the girls in pink. We have used them as beach bags, dance bags, playdate bags, etc. and have lasted for over 4 years. These canvas totes are a classic for a reason!

6. Five-Minute Journal for Kids – The very popular Five-Minute Journal brand (I’ve used them over the years) came out with a new kids version and it is amazing. Take a peek at the inside writing prompts! These will be under the tree for the girls for sure.

7. Rainbocorns – Reese had been wanting this for months and finally got one the other day – and hasn’t let it go. It seems to be one of the new “it” things, like LOL dolls and squishies. You just don’t see the draw or purpose of toys like these – but kids love them.

8. Piggy bank – A interior-design friendly piggy bank that will go with any room decor 😉 We have ours next to their chore boards.

9. Cookie play set – Paige just got this for her bday and has been loving it, going around and serving us cookies at all times of the day. I love Melissa and Doug toys.

10. PJs – This is my favorite brand for affordable kids pj’s. They always have the cutest prints! ALSO : These Hanna Andersson ones which we also love are currently on sale!

11. Digital camera – When Paige had her tonsillectomy, this gift from Grandpa and Grandma kept her entertained for DAYS. It’s so cute and is easy to use that we also ended up getting one for Reese, too. The girls have the instaX camera, but I like that this doesn’t require the film. It’s a different kind of fun where they just entertain themselves with snapping away.

12. All-in-one play kitchen – Paige got this last year and it has been hands-down the most used and loved toy in our house! She uses is almost every day. I love that it’s not an obnoxious color or design; it looks like an actual dream kitchen!

13.  Cupcake game – One of the girls’ favorite games this year. It’s absolutely adorable, easy, and keeps their attention.

14. Alarm clock – This is one thing I’ll be buying Reese this year. She’s been asking for an alarm clock, but this has a bonus of being an “ok to wake” clock that changes colors to let them know whether it’s OK to get out of bed – which is something Paige (who she shares a room with) needs. With the darker mornings, she has been getting out of bed and into our room at all points in the night because I think she doesn’t know whether it’s morning or night. So I am hoping this might help!

15. Puffy sticker activity books – the girls first got one of these last year at the airport before a long-haul flight and played with it for HOURS. Since then we’ve bought a few themes. This is actually a 3-pack of books for $10! They have pirates, farm, mermaid, fairy, etc. themes, too!


Hope this helps you with some ideas for the kiddos! These really are items my girls have loved – so I hope your kids love them, too.


Gifts for Him


Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2019


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This gift guide is definitely based on my husband, Russ, and what he has bought himself, what I have bought him, and the things he loves and uses frequently! Men can be difficult to shop for, so here are 14 unique, affordable gifts any guy in your life is sure to love!

1. Puffy jacket – Russ always buys himself a jacket about once every year around Christmas. I might jump in this year with this North Face one, since he has a few trips planned to cold-weather destinations.

2. Airpods Pro – Russ actually just got these for me the other day – and I love them! These are good if you have a hard time with airpods falling out of your ear (which, I do!) He said he would love a pair for himself. I’m thinking that’s a hint?

3. Gucci slides – I got these for Russ earlier this summer and he wears them ALL. THE. TIME. If your guy likes Gucci, this is a relatively lower price point for a luxury item that they can get a lot of use out of.

4. Polo – this is Russ’ favorite polo brand. It’s sleek, simple, and a great fabric. Comes in several colors (Russ has a ton in black.)

5. Reading light – this is a gift I bought for myself so that I wouldn’t wake him once he falls asleep. If your husband loves to read, this is perfect!

6. Cologne set – we discovered this one randomly in the duty free section at London Heathrow and both loved it, so I bought a set for him during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. It has a scent I can’t place but it’s SO GOOD. I like it better than his Tom Ford or Chanel ones!

7. Hydroflask – Russ was an early adopter of the Hydroflask around here and now we all have one. He has this black one and now I like mine so much that I have it on several gift guides this year. Hydroflasks all around! (Don’t forget the silicone protector for the bottom, too.) 

8. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport – this is one of Russ’ top books from this year, so your guy might like it too! I read Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” and it remains one of my personal favorites. Haven’t gotten around to this one yet.

9. Sweatpants – Another staple in Russ’ wardrobe. Good quality and doesn’t look sloppy. I love it when he wears these joggers, I think they look so cute!

10. White sneakers – I bought a pair of these for Russ earlier this year as part of his “London wardrobe.” Russ doesn’t really buy clothes here and there but more so in one fell seasonal or semi-annual swoop, and this year I came in and helped before the summer. We both LOVE these shoes.

11. Airfly  – I can’t believe it but I actually found a tech item that Russ had never heard of : this! It’s so that you can use your own headphones or Airpods to listen to the in-flight entertainment on a flight via Bluetooth. I never watch the in-flight entertainment but Russ does, and this will allow him to use his own set instead of the ones they give you on the flight (which always makes me nervous with germs.)

12. Backpack – this is Russ’s favorite brand of backpacks. He’s gone through a few iterations of them over many years now. I have to keep him from buying a bunch, it’s like he likes to collect backpacks – but your guy might need a new one!

13. Cord tacos – I use these, but I am going to sneak a few into his stocking this year. They keep your charging cords nice and neat whether you’re throwing them in the above backpack, in your purse, in a briefcase, during travel, or even while you are using them and don’t need the long cord everywhere.

14. Half zip jacket – this is a great option for men of all ages, whether it’s your husband, brother, or your dad or even grandpa! A nice half-zip sweater for men can be worn for so many occasions and this one comes in several colors. I got this for Russ last year (in black, of course.)




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When I first started doing gift guides 3 years ago, I started with just one : the hostess gift guide (you can find that blog post right here!) I am of the old-fashioned belief that you should never arrive to a home empty handed, so I think this is an important gift guide and I love sharing some ideas around how to make hostess gifts easy and fun.

My biggest tip is to find a few hostess gifts that speak to you, then buy a few of each so you always have them on hand – especially during the holidays but also throughout the year for last minute birthdays, teacher gifts, or dinner party invites. This guide includes several of those items I keep stocked here in my own home.

You can also use this guide for gifts for the home – for the homebody, a foodie, interior design lover, or someone who just moved into a new home!

1. Kitchen Aid mixer – If you’re looking for a great gift for a young couple moving in to a new home or someone who loves to bake or cook,  a stand mixer is always an amazing gift. But this new hobknob version (exclusive to this store) is absolutely STUNNING. I have a stainless steel one, but I wish I had this one! It comes in a white or blue base.

2. Room Spray – This is one item I stock up on not just as hostess gifts but for myself! The same beloved class of Diptyque Baies – but in a long lasting room spray. Just a couple sprays is all you need, so it lasts all year!

3. Bamboo drawer dividers – If you know someone that loves organizing, these are versatile drawer dividers

4. Organic cotton sheets – a clean, crisp classic white set is something everyone will appreciate. I have this set on my own bed.

5. Throw blanket – a neutral throw is a cozy and useful gift. This popular brand is loved for good reason – it’s like a lush, soft cloud! This year I bought a couple to give as gifts.

6. Magnolia cookbook  – I got this book as a gift this year and I have loved it. The banana bread is AMAZING (I’ve made it so many times already I think I have the recipe memorized.)

7. Coffee table book – I think coffee table books make a fantastic and elegant gift. Make sure to write a little message inside the cover 🙂 I have this one on our coffee table, among many others (I did a coffee table book gift guide last year!

8. Candle – This is another item I stock up on during the holidays. I have 7 of these in my cabinet right now! Such a great holiday scent of pine and firewood in a gorgeous green. Candles might seem cliche, but if you buy a good quality brand like this I think your recipient will be excited to get them.

9. Candle – I bought this candle in London earlier this year but they also sell it here stateside and the brand is gaining popularity for sure. It’s a gorgeous, moody yet calming scent and I have it in my home office. “Bibliotheque” means “library,” so if you have a bookworm on your gift list, this would be perfect.

10. Dutch oven – A beautiful upgrade to any home. BONUS : put a printout or written card with your favorite soup or chili recipe inside for a thoughtful touch.

11. Round wooden tray – I bought a similar extra large serving tray earlier this year. I love the clean, classic look of this that you could really do so much with it. Wow your hostess by bringing a charcuterie spread on this – and tell her to keep the tray!

12. Mini candle set  – I stock up on these, too. They only do sets like these every once in a while, so I highly suggest grabbing one or two. You can also split them into multiple stocking stuffers or mini-hostess gifts!

13. Initial coaster – Anything with a monogram is a great, personalized gift. This is such a beautifully simple design that anyone will love.

14. Tea towel set – these are the towels I use (such a classic pattern) but I also have used the towels themselves to wrap a bottle of olive oil, tie the top with twine or ribbon, and put a few sprigs of pine or rosemary through it. It’s a gift wrap that’s reusable!

15. Pepper mill – I have this one and every time I post a pic of my stovetop area, I get questions about it. That leads me to think there are a lot of people who would love a beautiful pepper mill (I have the salt mill, too!) It’s such a classic item for any cook’s kitchen.




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This gift guide is for all the special ladies in your life : your mom, your sister, your best friend, your mother-in-law, your aunt, anyone!

As with any gift guide, I wouldn’t suggest anything that I don’t absolutely love (or really want) for myself. But this is especially evident here because I basically pulled the best-of, greatest hits list from my side of the closet and bathroom that I have loved over this last year and beyond!

Note : most of these are free shipping, including Amazon Prime, so I indicated those below!

BONUS : Does your significant other need gift ideas for you? Just forward them this gift guide. Done and done! 😉

1. GLDN Necklace– GLDN makes gorgeous handmade jewelry that you can personalize in so many ways : the metal, chain length, and stamp. I have this necklace with three disks- each with my girls’ initials with an 18″ length chain. I often layer it with this necklace which has a cross stamp and a 20″ length. Both are in solid gold- I wear them every day! Use code GLDNXMIKA for $5 off your order.

2. Body lotion – yes, this body lotion is worth it. The giant bottle is a statement as a gift, and it will last your recipient all year. 

3. Robe – the infamous plush robe that is so popular for a reason. I have the blankets and the socks by the same brand, and would buy this for myself if I already didn’t have two robes. So, I will be gifting this this year for sure!

4. Down parka – I bought this last year for a ski trip and it is such a great coat. It comes in lots of colors and it’s TTS.

5. Sweater  – this brand makes the BEST sweaters. This one is comfy and oversized, kind of like a tunic. You might want to size down one size if you think you might want the fit to be a little less loose. I have this in a neon green but will be buying the black for myself and for a secret recipient this year (don’t want to spoil the surprise if she’s reading this!) I am also eyeing the pink and the white. Ahhh! I need to stop haha!  (This link takes you to more sizes and colors if they sell out)

6. Fuzzy socks – these are my “flight socks”; I put them on as soon as I get on the plane. So cozy and wonderful. Anyone on your list would love them

7. Perfume – A very of-the-moment brand, and this is one of their more popular scents from the line. I love it; I bought mine in London but they have them stateside, too.

8. Sherpa pullover – I have been wearing this non stop. Loved it so much I got a second color (I have army green and khaki.) It’s TTS and I bought a small. It’s Amazon!

9. Candle – Just a perennial classic. Every woman should own a Diptyque candle, IMO 😉 Free prime shipping!

10. Blush and highlighter palette – I love this brand for it’s soft colors and formulations. This is an awesome deal for 6 colors.

11. Hydroflask water bottle  – I have this one! I love that it’s a straw top.

12. Pajamas – I have two brands of PJ sets that I go with, and this is one of them and probably my favorite set. It’s the pricer one of the two but I think you get what you pay for – it’s so soft, doesn’t pill, and is just the coziest thing. Whoever you gift this to will be so lucky!

13. Tech carryall – A very beautiful, simple, and feminine laptop case. I have it in the blush/tan color. You can get it monogrammed.

14. Slippers  – Alright. I wanted these for myself so I did a little test of two of the most popular ones of this style – one that is more of a name brand and pricier, and the other that was less expensive. I went through several packages and returns and ended up with “the winner.” And guess which won? The budget version!! The other brand was waaaay to0 tight, even when I sized up. For these, I would still size up a bit. For example, I am a size 8.5 and first tried the “medium 7/8” and they were too small, but the “large 9/10” fit perfectly. These are so soft. I have them on right now as I write this! It’s Amazon so you can prime ship them 😉

15. Cashmere beanie – a gift that will “fit” anyone on your list. This one is so luxe and beautiful at a great price, under $60.

16. Camel coat – I bought this last year and so did a lot of my followers! Great, classic coat at a great price. Comes in several colors but I went with the camel.

17. Rockstud sandals – if you want a luxury item to gift, these are SO GOOD. Everyone who’s bought them loves them too. I have them in tan and black. Very, very well worth it.

18. Faux fur stole – this is a hugely versatile and awesome piece to have in your winter wardrobe. Instead of buying a coat with a faux fur collar, just wrap this on top. If you’re wearing a dress to a party, drape this over your shoulders. Top a sweater with it to luxe it up a bit. I bought this last year and was blown away with the quality vs the price. SO GOOD.

19. Sunglasses – I have two pairs of this one to make sure I’m never without it. Under $50 and flattering on everyone. It’s free shipping with Amazon Prime!

20. Leather travel case set –  These were on my gift guide last year, too. Such a good quality travel case set – you can use them for anything : skin care, jewelry, makeup, even as a little bag to have in your purse or the larger one can be a clutch. You can monogram them, too!

21. Lululemon align pant – Popular for a reason. Anyone would love a pair of these, whether they have a bunch already or are new to Lululemon. Free shipping!





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This is my first year doing a teen gift guide – and it turned out to be my favorite one for this year! That’s because I got to enlist the help of my own teen, my 14yr old stepdaughter, Maddix. As we drove around with after school pickups and activities, I asked her to tell me what I should put in this gift guide. So this was a collaborative effort and it allowed us to have some good conversations, too 🙂

One thing I suggest for teens that is not “linkable” are experiential gifts like concert tickets and trips. We have done that for Maddix and it’s been really fun.

Alright, here we go – teens!


1. Five Minute journal – I have used this one over the years but I think it’s totally appropriate for teens (there’s a kids version, too, depending on the age and maturity of your teen.) It’s never too early to start a gratitude and reflection practice, and this journal makes it easy.

2. Airpods – Maddix was so happy when we got her a pair of these! 

3. Mildliner pens – I don’t know about you, but who can’t use a set of good pens? Colored ones are fun, and these dual-sided ones are part highlighter and part pen. They can use these at school and doodling around in notebooks and journals (I don’t get why they like to write on arms and hands and each other’s backpacks, though..?)

4. Scrunchies – part hair accessory, part bracelet. This set is so affordable and comes in teen-friendly colors.

5. Eye masks – Maddix loves sheet masks and these are nice because it’s just a quick little one they can do for under their eyes.

6. Sticker pack – I didn’t know it was a “thing” to cover Hydroflasks with stickers until Maddix told me, and now I am noticing them EVERYWHERE! Amazon has these great variety packs.

7. Hoodie – I don’t know about the teen in your life, but ours loves hoddies. This brand is one of my faves for soft basic ones. Even I have a few of them. Does that make me “cool?”

8. Dy shampoo and styling set – Maddix stole my Drybar dry shampoo, so I’m going to get her some of her own this year 🙂

9. Beats headphones – Airpods are great but so are really good quality head phones. If your teen prefers a head set, these are awesome. And they are currently on sale!

10. Lip mask – Kind of along the lines of eye sheet masks, this is something they can use for their lips while they sleep. It’s been very “in” this year.

11. Phone case – This brand lets you customize cases with their names. SO cute.

12. Eyeshadow palette – This was the first thing Maddix suggested when we first started talking about this gift guide. If your teen likes makeup, Morphe is apparently the “it” brand – and bonus points if you get a “Youtube-er collaboration” palette like this one.

13. Sweater – I have this sweater but thinking it might make a good teen gift. Maddix loves oversized tops and it comes in tons of colors. It’s a very “teen friendly” brand! (This link takes you to more sizes and colors if they sell out)

14. Hair styling set – Clips and a nice brush – what teen can’t use that?

15. Curling iron – I have this curling iron and love it, and with Maddix’s new haircut this year, I think she might need a curling iron upgrade.

16. Vans – This was another one of her quick-response suggestions for this guide. She’s right – now that I look around at the teens, everyone is wearing Vans. Amazon Prime a new pair to put under the tree this year!

17. Slippers – Teens + couches + lazying around the house. It’s a familiar combo for all parents of teens. This will make all of that cozier. I suggest sizing up on these. I’m an 8.5 and got a Large 9/10.

18. Hydroflask water bottle – Teens love Hydroflasks. I love Hydroflasks. Everyone seems to love Hydroflasks. It’s a fail-safe gift this year for sure! This light ice blue color is SO pretty.  





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I’m all about that high-low mix of items. It’s how I personally shop and style my home, my outfits, and it’s also the way I look for gifts! It just takes a little bit of strategic searching – and I’ve done it for you here 😉

A lot of the items in my other gift guides are also under $25 – but I wanted to give you a full list that you can refer to that are all budget-friendly. They include Amazon dupes, little beauty and home favorites, and luxe PJs, a throw, and pillowcases that look and feel WAAAAY more expensive they are.

It’s a win-win, because your recipient gets something amazing – and you don’t have to break the bank 😉


1. PJ SetYES. An incredible pair of PJs for under $25! This is my most-loved set. I have 7 of them in different colors!

2. Silk pillow case – not ready to dive into the $100+ brand na me one? No problem! There’s an Amazon dupe for you to gift (or try out yourself!) I have the Slip so I haven’t tried this one, but reviews are good.

3. Beauty sponge set – I personally think these Beauty Blender – dupes are BETTER than the real thing. And many people agree! They are softer and just, well,. blend better IMO. Plus they are more affordable. Even more when they come in a value pack! I actually just put this in my Amazon cart because I need a new one!

4. Workout tank – SUCH a great find! It’s like the Lululemon or Athleta one, but at a fraction of the cost. And I think the fabric might be even better! It’s so soft. I bought both black and white – and at this price, you can totally gift someone a black and white duo, too!

5. Insulated coffee tumbler – I bought this for myself – and then Russ promptly stole it lol. It comes in 9 colors and is a great alternative to pricier types like Yeti’s and Hydroflask. I actually first got it because I got a promotional cup just like it liked it so much that I wanted another (without the promo logo) and found this one just like it. When it comes to coffee mugs, I don’t like the complicated flip tops and slide tops because I always end up spilling a drop (or a lot!) of coffee on me. This simple, slim design is so much better for me. Comes in an 12oz or a 20oz and are both slim enough to fit in your cup holder (another thing I don’t like about many travel coffee mugs!)

6. Earrings – These are absolutely gorgeous and you cannot beat the price point! I love that they are a modern shape yet dainty.

7. Candle – a mini version of a pricer candle always a great way to treat someone – but still make it budget-friendly for you.

8. Deer boots – throwing in one for the kids here! I bought these (also comes in a unicorn print) last year for Paige, and this year bought them both again in a bigger size. When you repeat a purchase, you know it’s good. I like that they are not a heavy boot so they can run around easily in them.

9. Lip gloss – my all-time favorite gloss! I gifted a bunch of these last year and will probably do the same this year!

10. Initial Mug – this is SUCH a pretty and updated spin on the monogram mug! I love the interior design -inspired bistro tile design. You can either get it in someone’s first initials, or grab a set in their last initial their whole household can use (I mean, at this price why not!)

11. Eat Beautiful cookbook – cookbooks are such a great gift. I got this one and it has the bonus of being absolutely beautiful enough to make it as a coffee table book! (Ps I have a whole gift guide just on coffee table books from last year)

12. Kiehl’s hand lotion – I love, love, love this hand lotion. It’s deeply moisturizing and sinks in right away, and I have noticed my cuticles improving after starting to use this. This is another item I have a few of that I keep around in the car, in my bag, etc.

13. Plush throw blanket– You guys. I cannot believe the price on this blanket!!!!! It’s AMAZING! I bought two this year (one cream, one green.) It’s so, so, so incredibly plush and velvety and feels like butter.

14. Our Moments family game – We bought this for our dinners at home and it’s awesome! Little conversation starters and it’s really sparked some great talks with our kids. It would be great for any family!

15. No show socks – I did a big cleanse of my sock drawer and now I only have one pair of in-flight socks and then the rest of them are these! I have them in three colors : white, black, and nude. this is one of those random things that people need in life and whomever you gift them to will appreciate having!

16. Dry shampoo – what woman doesn’t need dry shampoo? Right? I gifted this last year because I love it so much.




We all love the convenience of Target and the speed of Amazon Prime. And all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday with discounts and free shipping makes it so easy to rely on all the “big stores” for your holiday shopping. TRUE.

But I think it’s important to remember that there are some ridiculously amazing products being created by small shops out there – many of them women-founded and owned. And this guide is my way of highlighting some of these businesses that I personally love.

These are women who have worked SO HARD and continue to do so to bring to us, the consumer, products that they believe in, products that will improve our lives, and products that have been so carefully and lovingly created with YOU in mind. It’s not easy being a business-owner. There is so much behind the scenes that we don’t see that goes into starting and running a business. It usually involves tons of sacrifice – often the sacrifice of their family members, too. After all the costs, only a fraction of the sale actually comes back to them. But they still do it anyway because they feel called to do so, and just really believe in what they do and are passionate in serving you.

So while I am the first person to say I love a good discount and I do think twice if there isn’t free shipping involved (I know I’m not the only one!) I think it’s important to take a step back and see what small businesses, whether in our own communities or across the country, we can support in our holiday gift shopping – and beyond.

These women don’t know I’m including them in this guide, so I don’t have discount codes or anything like that in advance. Maybe they will have a sale, I don’t know. But I encourage you to see past a dollar or two saved and see instead the quality, the love, and the value behind each of these products and invest that.

If you want high-quality products for gifting this year (like, truly, really really great stuff I stand behind) and want to be part of supporting women just like you and me at the same time – take a peek at the below. Click each business name to go directly to their websites!



1. Be Good kids skincare – This is our favorite kids line of products we have used exclusively for about 4+ years. The creator, Karolyn Stayer, is a kind and generous mama who used to be an executive for Philosophy and turned around her knowledge to a gentle, safe, effective line of products for kiddos. I cannot say good things about all three of the signature products : hair wash, body wash, and lotion. It makes the girls hair so soft and comb-able. Even I use the lotion!

2. My Daughter Florence chore charts and advent calendars – This is the advent calendar and advent cards I got this year, and Karlee also makes really cute chore charts. While I DIY’d our own chore boards that you can see here, if you’re not up to making your own, this is a great alternative. You can either gift it to your kids or another momma friend. I love the whole neutral and simple feel of her products.

3. Lifestyled Co Home Decor and Clothing – This is a really beautiful fashion and home decor shop here locally in AZ, but you can shop them online! Kristen Forgione and her team run an interior design company but this store is an extension of their work so that we can all have a bit of their “organic desert living” vibes in our homes. There’s coffee table books, little decor items, clothing, shoes, headbands and accessories, and even a curated box of items for wellness or baby that would make a perfect gift.

4. Gorjana jewelry – Gorjana is an AZ girl who has had huge growth and success with her namesake jewelry line. I first started to wear her pieces years ago when she got started and now she has 13 stores across the country, including her newest one here in Scottsdale! While she might no longer seem like a “small business” per se (the line is carried in Nordstrom, etc.) that’s how it was started and I’m all for supporting that continued success. I am currently eying that ring set you see above. (PS they did tell me that they are doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!)

5. Val Marie Paper prayer journals – for a friend or family member that you know would love to enrich and strengthen their prayer life, this journal would make a beautiful, meaningful gift. I was so honored to help them select their 3 colors for their 2020 line : white, olive, and french blue. The founder, Val Woerner, was just recently on our podcast where we chatted about the backstory of this journal and the company dedicated to prayer, as well as motherhood and her book, “Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday.” That book is a great gift for moms, too!

6. The Polished Jar – I decanted all of our kitchen counter and shower products into these matching jars. It’s run by a mom of 4 in CA. Streamlining the look of all the mismatched bottles in your shower and kitchen makes a HUGE visual difference. If you have a friend who loves interior decor, has a pretty kitchen, or just loves organization, I would gift these; the hand soap and dish soap combo would be a good start! I have the classic label style.

7. Emme Diane masks – my go-to masks from my favorite skincare line! The pumpkin enzyme one is one that can be used to brighten all skin types, the sulfur is amazing for acne-prone skin, and the cucumber is her newest that is cooling and soothing. I have all three, but my go-to routine for Sunday nights (that’s my face mask night) is to do the sulfur mask followed by the pumpkin enzyme mask. I leave on the sulfur just long enough to dry, and then do the pumpkin for about 10-20 minutes, while I either pick up around the house or I sit in my massage chair. These are the only masks I’ve ever used that not only make my skin feel better after – but I see an actual, visible improvement. And I’ve tried a LOT of skin masks 😉 Bonus : Emme is the sweetest person on earth, and should you choose to go for all her skincare products, she will give you an online consultation to help you choose what products would be best.

8. Sage Aubrey handbags – I think the picture above says it all : that’s Sage herself, standing on her kids’ trampoline in her backyard, rocking her beautiful handbag. I love Sage because her mission is to challenge the luxury brand market by allowing women to enjoy beautiful, classic yet on-trend pieces without the “exclusionary” feeling of those high-brow brands. She is also really funny and I love her personality. I’ve been eying the white bag for spring/summer, and I’m hoping she brings back her silk scarves – they are so chic to wrap around the handle of any bag.


Happy shopping!



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