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The Complete Holiday Gift Guide




In the spirit of ease, comfort, joy – and efficiency! – I rounded up all of my gifts guides from last week into one complete post.

You can consider all of these my highly-recommended gifts to give this year for any of your loved ones.







My first gift guide is for the most-fun group to give gifts to : kids! In creating this gift guide, I didn’t want to share whatever toys that are “hot” right now because I feel like you could easily figure that out just looking at Target ad or on Amazon. Instead I thought thought hard about and wanted to only share the tried-and-tested toys and items in our home that Paige (3) and Reese (6) have loved and used the most this year. And I’ve loved them in our home, too.

At first glance, this gift guide seems very girl-centric. And it IS because I am a girl mom and this is what I know best! If you have a daughter, a niece, an Angel Tree family with a girl or any other girl in your life, these are perfect picks.

BUT  WAIT. These are actually almost all totally appropriate for BOYS, too! The suitcase and boots come in other colors, the fair isle PJs are unisex, boys love playing with kitchens, too, and of course legos, and every child loves the magical stories of Roald Dahl. And who says pink is only for girls?

(For teens, I will be sharing a “for her” guide that include many items that teen girls like our 13 yr old, Maddix, will like, too. Stay tuned!)

Here are my top picks for kids :

1. Tea set – a tea set is a classic gift, and it’s one they will use time and again. This one has princesses but it’s done in such a subtle and elegant way; a lot of the tea sets out there are obnoxious-looking. This is not plastic, meaning it’s more breakable, but I think it’s not a bad idea to start getting kids to practice being gentle with their things. If you’re worried about that, this might be a set to break out for special tea party occasions.

2. Hairbow set – I have love, love, LOVED these Amazon bows. And what girl wouldn’t want to open up a box of an entire rainbow collection of bows? They honestly have all lasted longer than the bows I have gotten from small shops for such an incredible price. They come in 6″ (which are like JoJo bow sized) and 3″ sizes. You cannot go wrong with these.

3. Fair Isle PJs – we put the girls in Burts Bees PJs last year and will again this year. A fair isle pattern is so cozy and photographs well, too. The great thing about this winter pattern is that you can wear them well into January and Februrary even for Valentine/s day!

4. Native boots – our girls LOVE their Native shoes and have worn each pair they’ve had to death. These are their new boot versions, and they are SO cute! It also comes in an olive and light blue.

5. Mini Bake Shop – you may have seen Reese and I play with this on my IG stories. The clay it uses is light and spongy and easy to work with and most of all is not sticky and messy! (It’s called magic clay and here’s a set of just the clay if you want to try or gift that!) The instructions in this are so good and it’s so cute and I may have liked playing with it just as much if not more than Reese!

6. Toy Kitchen Appliance Set – my mother-in-law got this for us and it’s THE CUTEST thing! They are battery operated so they actually move and work and makes a “cup of coffee” (with water) – just like mom and dad make!

7. All-In-One Kitchen – my parents got this for Paige last Christmas and it has been hands-down the most used item in our playroom. The height of this is smaller than the other PBK kitchen pieces, but I like that because then they can use it really easily; the other ones are big and tall and have a larger footprint. I love that this one tucks into a playroom rather than overbearing it! Paige calls it “the chicken” lol – she flips the K and CH and it’s so so cute.

8. Classic Lego Set – Reese is obsessed with legos. While the thematic sets are super fun and helps kids learn to follow detailed instruction, I love the creative play this set encourages. Once, Reese built these color-coded worlds where each scene was all one color and arranged them on a shelf by rainbow order.  You KNOW I loved that!

9. Away Kids Carry-On Suitcase – if you have a travel-loving family on your Christmas gift, give the kid the coolest suitcase around with an Away carry-on. We got one for Reese and Paige this year to match Russ and my sets (he has black, I have pink) and these all came with us on all our trips this year. Such a great investment.

10. Doll Umbrella Stroller – Paige pushes this stroller around EVERYWHERE. I got it for her last year for her birthday and I loved that it was a neutral gray color. If you have a babydoll fan like Paige on you list, this is a great buy.

11. Roald Dahl Book Set – this is the most recent addition in our home and it’s our nighttime read-aloud books. We just finished the BFG, and this past Sunday had a “BFG party” to culminate finishing the book! I used to read Roald Dahl books as read alouds teaching 1st grade and the kids get totally sucked in. A kid may be like “cool, books. Thanks.” But trust me that they will love the stories the moment you get into it. Reading to kids is one of the best things you can do for them!







This gift guide has ME written allll over it : it’s all about WELLNESS. In fact, I originally thought about only doing one gift guide this year and making it THIS. That’s how important the category is to me!

I collected some of my top items that you see me post about regularly – plus a couple of items I’m adding to my Christmas shopping list this year. These are items that encourage rest, relaxation, self-care, sleep, peace, health, motivation, and inspiration.

This is a great way to give your recipient a head-start into a healthy, positive, and wonderful 2019!


1. GEMFLEUR Essential Oils by Nectar Essences – these are targeted organic aromatherapy remedies infused with flower essences and gemstone elixirs. I MEAN. If that doesn’t make you feel luxuriously happy just by reading it I don’t know what will! I first discovered these oils at the spa in my gym, and have now become friends with the founder, Jenny, who has put her heart and soul into this line. I use them throughout the day and especially before meditation and yoga and when traveling.  You can breathe them in, place then on your pulse points, or put a few drops in a bath. Please buy these for yourself, your friends and family, and anyone that needs a little love and boost in their life. And don’t forget to use the code MIKA for 10% off!

2. Beats Wireless Headphones – I meditate, workout, travel, listen to podcasts, and even record our podcast, Good To Be Home, with these on. They’re the best. So soft and comes in so many colors, but this is the neutral color I have. WORTH IT.

3. Waffle-Weave Spa Robe – this is the robe Russ and I have, monogrammed with our initial. Personalized items makes SUCH a great gift, and who doesn’t love a good spa robe?

4. Silk Pillowcase  – I have it on my list to add this to my own sleep routine. Everyone that has used it says it helps protect hair, skin, lashes, everything. Sold! (Here’s the standard/queen size version)

5. It’s All Easy cookbook by Gwenyth Paltrow – I’ve been a fan of Gwenyth before her Goop years, and now her podcast and cookbooks are some of my faves. This one is such a beautiful book with effortlessly beautiful tips and recipes. I’ve tried several and they’re great, and I have this one out on my stack of cookbooks in our family room.

6. Eberjey Pajama Set – This is one of the items on Oprah’s favorite things list and it’s on mine, too. I have the shorts version of this and it’s what got me started on the matching-PJ-Set-only rule.

7. Ice Rollers – these come as a duo and will change your LIFE! Give it to anyone on your list. I use this every morning and night after cleansing and before all my facial products to reduce inflammation, tighten skin, and help heal acne. You cannot beat the price, either!

8. The Five-Minute Journal – I used this a couple of years ago and am thinking of bringing it back for next year. The prompts inside are the same everyday and address gratitude, goal setting, and affirmations. It will be a great entry-point for journaling and mindfulness for anyone in your life working on their wellness and personal growth.

9. The coziest throw blanket – The Kardashians made this blanket popular in an instant, but I’m a fan of this more neutral version, of course!

10. You Are A Badass – I read this on a weekend getaway and it was so great. Easy read about how the energy you put out there is what you will get back, and I stand behind that philosophy. We’re not talking any sort of mystical weird energy – just good stuff.

11. Car diffuser – It’s a permanent fixture in my cupholder, diffusing oils and creating such a great vibe in the car. And that’s super important for someone like me who spends a lot of time every day driving. My car is like my second home, so I treat it like it! Tip : kids going crazy? Throw some lavender in there.

12. Bath And Body Rituals Set – This line’s facial care is super popular right now, but I’m pulled towards the body care items, since you know I already love my Emme Diane products. I love a good body scrub and body oil and these are just so pretty, too. Adds a nice feminine and modern touch to a bathroom.

13. Calm Magnesium Drink – I drink this every night to literally calm me down (and also help my digestive system, too!) Plus it’s a great shape and size to stick into a stocking…! 😉



N E W  H O M E / H O S T E S S  G I F T



Last year, I did only one gift guide on the blog and it was a host/hostess gift guide. The reason was because I feel that this might be the most important gift to prepare not only during the holidays but really, any time of the year. I was taught and still believe it’s best not to show up to an event empty-handed 🙂 I always have a few of my favorites bought in bulk and on-hand for bringing to a dinner or get-together. Those favorites are included in this list.

This year, I’ve collected my picks for hostess gifts again BUT I also added items that would be great gifts for a new homeowner. Last Christmas, we were new homeowners and a year later I can say that some of these items are my favorite things in our home.

And like last year, I’ve included my ideas for wrapping and presenting each of these items as you take them to a party, a friend’s house, a girls’ night, or to your in-law’s for dinner OR to give them as a gift to a new homeowner in your life.

Consider this your perennial guide for all things home-gifts.

1.  Monogrammed Awning Stripe Beach Towel – our sweet friends sent these to us last year when we moved in and I just thought it was the most thoughtful gift ever! Then I noticed they were a. monogrammed and b. the softest, plushest beach/pool towel and it made them all the more amazing. I would roll these up and just tie them up with a pretty big ribbon – no need for wrapping paper.

2. Marble cheese board – the beautiful thing about a board like this is that it’s practical (for serving) and beautiful (for display) I have two marble cutting boards layered and leaning on our kitchen counter and it’s a great collected vibe for your kitchen. Everyong will say “yay” to a new board like this – sign up to bring a cheese platter, bring it on this, and accompany it with a little note that the board is theirs to keep!

3. Good Dish Towels – one of the signs of getting older is getting excited about life’s small things, like dish towels. These are my favorite and come in a variety of colors but I like navy best. You can gift these on their own, paired with #6 below, or use them to actually WRAP bottle-shaped gifts like #10, below.

4. Nespresso Latissima Pro –  this is our Nespresso machine and we love it. 5 stars – highly recommend. It comes in a big box so pick a good wrapping paper and top it off with a few boxes of Nespresso pods (available online or in-store) or a set of mugs, if you’re feeling extra.

5. Candle Set – I like to keep a few of Diptyque’s “Baies” candles on hand in my candle cabinet (yes I have a cabinet!) This holiday set is fantastic to gift on its own for a new homeowner – or for hostess gifts you could wrap each of these 5 candles up individually using clear cellophane bags and tying them off on the top with twine or ribbon so you get a few gifts out of one gift set!

6. Hand Soap – a good hand soap is always appreciated. Everyone needs it, but it’s something that becomes an afterthought to some. Then when you upgrade it, you can just feel the difference and it becomes an experience using it. I’m serious. I have tried super expensive hand soaps, medium-priced handsoaps, and have landed on this one that’s $12.99 as a favorite. The bottle is glass and the label is neutral and the scent is amazing. I discovered this brand in bulk at Costco, never to be found there again. Then our podcast listeners came to my rescue and told me where I could find it again. Thanks, guys!  You can stick these in a gift bag or pair them with #3 above and call it a day – easy!

7. Stemless wine glasses – for drinkers or non-drinkers alike (we use them for water!) nice stemless glassware is just nice to have. I think if you have time to do it, monogramming them is SUCH a good touch.

8. Baies room spray – this is an INCREDIBLE value for your money. This thing will last you a year, as it has for me, and the scent is just beyond. If you have a Baies fan in your life, take them to the next level with this. This comes in a box so I imagine wrapping it with white and gold paper with a black velvet ribbon to keep the monochrome theme.

9. Fir and Firewood candle – this candle is made by the same company as the infamous Volcano candle – another one of my favorites. Hostess gifts are a perfect time to give something holiday-themed so they can use it during the holiday season and enjoy it on Christmas day. I like to use my favorite ribbon for candles to tie a bow on top, and then using a white Sharpie and a these chalkboard markers write whatever sentiment is fitting for the occasion ( “thank you for having us!” “Happy Holidays!” etc.)

10. White Jonathan Adler vase – if you’re bringing flowers as a gift, bring them in a pretty vase your recipient can keep. I like going to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and buy all of one type of flowers – not mixed bouquets. White or green hydrangeas or white roses go with everyone’s home decor, or you can look for eucalyptus or filler greens called Israeli ruscus. I love the texture of this  vase.

11. Blue and white pattern dishes – this set of 4 is such a great quality for the price. I bought these for myself when I just wanted a touch of color in our serving dishes. These are bread and butter plates so smaller size and super pretty stacked.

12. Carapelli unfiltered organic olive oil – you may have seen me on stories hoarding this olive oil. After our summer in Tuscany this year, I had been looking for a peppery, delicious olive oil here in the states and had not had success until I came across this. The unfiltered is what makes it stand out in flavor. I bought two cases from Costco, so if you’re there take a look to see if they have it (my Costco has sold out.) In the meantime, you can find it here and keep an eye out at Target (although, their version is not organic) Everyone in my family will be getting a bottle this year. Olive oils like this are perfect for any foodie or home cook! Wrap it up in a dish towel (see #3 above) tie a ribbon around the neck, and stick a sprig of rosemary or thyme in it and – voilà.

13. Sunday Suppers cookbook – I bought this at the McGee and Co store in CA but you can find it here. The cover is gorgeous, the biscuits recipe is amazing, and who doesn’t love the cozy, warm feeling that Sunday family dinners bring! You could even include a recipe card of YOUR family’s favorite Sunday meals.

14. Reversible tassel throw – I think a throw is a classic gift for a housewarming, and for hostesses, too. This one is reversible so it’s very versatile for anyone’s home decor. Roll it up and tie with ribbon for a hostess gift, or put it in a  gift bag with the tassels spilling out the top for a gift under the tree.


N E W / B U S Y  M O M



If there’s anyone that needs a little love and grace during the holidays, it’s a mom. Cooking , coordinating presents, arranging holiday photos, upholding traditions, entertaining guests, etc. Oh, all while taking care of the daily needs of a family. Moms, I hear you!

This guide is all about the time-savers and sanity-savers that I have personally found helpful during my journey as a mom. They’re items that a new or seasoned mom will wonder why they didn’t buy them sooner, or they’ll just text you one day and say “OMG, THANK YOU. This has been amazing.” I also included one new item I have heard other moms rave about, so I just bought one for myself on Black Friday.

1.  Packing Cubes – your packing and traveling life will NEVER be the same with these. We used them all throughout our travels this year and it kept me visually organized as I planned and packed outfits, efficiently fit everything into our suitcases, and kept items separated as we traveled around (eliminating the rumpled suitcases I’d have to completely repack before checking-out and heading to our next destination.) I have this pink set for each of the girls, and I love their streamlined, simple look. We have the Away packing cubes for Russ and I, and these are almost identical but for more than half the price.

2. Drybar Dry Shampoo set – dry shampoo is every mom’s friend and DryBar makes my favorite. This great value set also includes the Triple Sec refresher spray as well as travel sizes of that and DeTox, both perfect for keeping in a gym bag or in the car. ($52 for a $75 value)

3. Namebubbles label packs – I have used Namebubble labels for years now and put them on everything the girls’ own that goes out of our house and to school and extracurriculars : lunchboxes, backpacks, water bottles, jackets, shoes, headphones, dance gear, etc. They can be put in the dishwasher and washer and dryer, and also have allergy labels and the option to put your phone number on them. These are such a great gift to give moms so they feel more organized with all the kids’ gear!

4. Jo Malone Set – because moms often forget to treat themselves 🙂 I remember when I had Reese and was in the hospital, a mom-friend came to visit and gave ME a gift – not the baby – and said “because moms need attention, too.” I just remember in that exhaustion of having just had a baby and everything around me was diapers and breastfeeding and bottles, wondering if I would never fell like myself again, that made me feel nice.  And, clearly, I still remember it.  Treat a mom you know with this gorgeous and luxurious set featuring candles and fragrances and they will never forget the kind gesture.

5. Bamboo kitchen drawer dividers – a messy home can often be a huge source of stress for a mom – whether they realize it or not. The kitchen is the heart of the home and these are one of my favorite super-easy organizational hacks for kitchens that any mom can benefit from. I use them for our coffee drawer, dish towel drawer, and utensils drawer, and they’re adjustable so they can be used in a variety of drawers for a variety of items.

6. Highlighter and blush palette – most moms are tired most of the time, and one guaranteed trick to look a little more alive and rested is blush and highlighter. I rarely leave home without putting on a touch of highlighter on my cheeks over my tinted mineral sunscreen. I have a similar palette and when I have a little more time for a day-time makeup look, I brush on one color for highlight, one for blush, and one for eye shadow and I’m done. Such a time-saving palette that will universally flatter everyone.

7. Chatbooks automatic Instagram photo books – Russ got this subscription as a gift for me a few years ago and it’s an automatic photo book that gets sent to you of your instagram photos. I was like, “well, the photos are right here on my feed. Why would I need it in book-form?” But let me tell you : when I got my first shipment I CRIED looking at it all because it feels very different looking at everything in an album vs. scrolling in your feed. It’s hard to explain, but it made me realize all the work I had put in to document our lives and how much we’ve grown over the years. And who knows how long Instagram is going to be around, so having it on paper is forever makes it your own collected memories to keep. Your kids will also love looking at these, too! I love that they come to me as soon as I’ve posted enough for a new book without me thinking about it. Automation is a mom’s best friend.

8. Instant Pot – I’m such a die-hard and loyal fan of my slow cooker that I was slow to jump on the Instant Pot bandwagon. But I’m on it now because I just bought one for myself – as well two more for family member gifts – after being convinced that things like my favorite salsa chicken recipe can be made in a fraction of the time. And what mom doesn’t need a time-saver, right? Especially at dinner time.

9. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth – if there is a new mom in your life going crazy because their baby isn’t sleeping, I highly suggest this book. It saved me when Reese was going through sleep transitions around 3/4 months by giving me insight into children’s sleep needs and strategies to help them become better sleepers. She’s been an excellent sleeper since! If you have a mama in your life that’s LOSING IT because of baby/kids’ sleep issues, consider gently giving her this book. Other parenting books that have made a difference for me are The 5 Love Languages of Children and Parenting With Love and Logic. 



S T Y L E  F O R  H E R



Today’s gift guide is more along the lines of the typical guide that you’ll see during this season : beauty, fashion, and style for her.  HOWEVER, I always have to put a little spin and personal touch on it, so this guide is comprised entirely of beauty and style items I personally own and love. These are tried-and-true items I reach for over and over and over in my closet and on my vanity. And several were actually gifted to me, which goes to show how great of gifts they can be! I think whomever you gift these items to  – your sister, best friend, neighbor, mom, etc. – will love them as much as I do.

I wanted to be sure to get this guide to you on a Cyber Monday because, as predicted, so many of these items are on sale online today!!! I noted what’s on sale below. And if you miss the Cyber Monday window, fret not because these are all priced reasonably, and those that are on the pricier side are still WORTH. EVERY. PENNY for a gift your recipient will never forget.


1. PJ set under $20 – This is one of my favorite PJ sets ever! I have every color in both the version with short sleeves/shorts and the long sleeve/pant version. They are comparable in feel and fit to pricer sets but for much less. I highly recommend snagging a set for yourself while you’re at it! 😉  

2. Neutral sweaters by H&M– If you see me wearing a sweater, chances are it’s H&M. I don’t know why but they just know how to do sweaters! This cozy and well-cut turtleneck sweater can be tucked into jeans or worn with a leather skirt or thrown on with leggings. Very, very versatile. I also have this one and this one and might add this one and this one to my closet soon.

3. Oversized thermal – I bought the white one last year and wore it constantly, and I gifted it to my sister-in-law last year, too. So this year I bought two new colors – out of 16 total colors! It ties in the front which is a cute touch and is such a great casual top that goes great with some ripped jeans or leggings.

4. Puffer vest – When the weather gets colder, I bust all all of my puffer vests and they are ALL this one – just all in different colors. I bought my first one year ago (olive green) and have since added black, navy, white, grey, and blush. The price is INSANE for the quality you get ($15 right now!!!) and they are so warm.

5. Spanx faux leather leggings – I bought these last year and they’re back this year, and I think by now have made its way into almost everyone’s closet. If you know someone that doesn’t have these, get them a pair (that includes you!) 

6. YSL card case – I use a card case instead of a wallet when I am carrying a smaller clutch, and this is the one I have. It’s a great gift option for when you want to give something a little more luxurious or designer, but don’t want to spend thousands.  Russ has one, too!

7. Dainty initial necklace – this is a super delicate necklace that would be perfect for anyone, especially someone that is engaged or just got married with a new last name, or someone who just had a baby with their newborn’s initial! I had a three-initial necklace that broke, so in the meantime I bought this one in a P (for Perry) to wear.

8. Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette – Maddix actually bought me this palette for my birthday last year, and I LOVE the colors! I always tell her she did such a good job picking this out for me because the color are so gorgeous and neutral and wearable. It’s my go-to palette for a daytime eye look.

9. Urban Decay Highlighter – this is the pink color (Aura) out of a palette that I have and it’s the color I wear most. I swipe it across my cheek bones almost every day. Highlighter is KEY for looking awake and refreshed and alive. And what girl doesn’t need THAT in their life?

10. Ugg slippers – currently have them on my feet as I type this! These are SO cute and cozy but are not bulky, which I feel like a lot of slippers are. They sold out last year so I was so happy to see them make a return this year. Comes in three colors.

11. Cashmere wrap – I bought this one earlier this year for traveling and love love love it. I bring it on the plane with me every time. It comes in a ton of colors but I wanted a classic camel color, and also doesn’t have fringe on the ends (which a lot of wraps have, no thanks.) The price is awesome for cashmere.

12. Quay sunglasses – hands-down my most-worn pair. I posted them a while back and so many people have told me they bought them. They’re universally flattering on everyone! 13. Cuyana travel bag set – I was gifted this by my girlfriends for my birthday one year and love it. I use the larger one as a toiletries bag when traveling and the smaller one as a makeup bag for my purse. They got mine monogrammed – which I recommend for a nice touch when gifting! Just makes it even more enjoyable to use.

14. T3 blowdryer – worth every cent. I recommend it to everyone as it really does cut down drying time. I never believed blowdryers could make a difference in styling – until I tried T3. Comes in black and white (I have the white.)

15. Baies black candle – the candles by Diptyque are ubiquitous and for a reason – the scents are gorgeous, they last forever, and they make any shelf or countertop prettier in an instant. I have a few Baies candles in white around the house and also keep them on hand for gift-giving. But there’s something about this slightly larger, all-black version that makes a statement. Russ got it for me last year for Christmas 🙂

16. Nume curling wand – I’ve had my Nume wands for years and they are still working great! I bought them per the recommendation of several beauty bloggers and love their quality, heat distribution, and quick heat-up, too. I think beauty tools are a great gift because we all use them – and everyone can appreciate a little upgrade that they might not treat themselves to.



C O F F E E  T A B L E  B O O K S



I think books are a great gift for anyone, but coffee table books in particular make an elegant, timeless gift. Their substantial heft, pretty covers and bindings and, of course, interesting and beautiful contents inside make them really fun gifts to receive; I recently received a few books for my birthday (some included here in this guide) and loved them. They’re great to give someone who’s into home decor, fashion, photography, travel, and cooking.

I use coffee table books as decor around the house, stacked and layered on coffee and side tables and on shelves. If you look at any space that feels comfortable and collected, you’ll notice books as integral parts of the decor. But of course they are awesome reading material for guests and me, too, when I have a moment to myself (rare, but it DOES happen!) I like to read cookbooks for fun and collect them, and some of them make them onto my coffee tables (the rest are in my pantry. In rainbow order, of course.)

They say to not judge a book by its cover – but coffee table books are where you DO have to take their aesthetics into consideration. They’re going to be out there on display so you want something that looks good, too. One trick is to remove the book covers because many times the binding underneath will be really neutral and pretty. But some books have gorgeous covers that you won’t want to remove, so play around with the colors, how you layer and stack them. All these books I’ve included in the guide have passed the “pretty cover and/or binding” test!

I think writing a personal note inside, when appropriate, is a nice touch 🙂

I’ll let the descriptions of each of the books below tell their stories, but have included my notes on a few :

1. Monochrome Home

2. Sweets : Desserts from London’s Ottolenghi  – This is Yotam Ottolenghi’s newest book. The binding is really pretty with “sweet” written in a thin foiled rose gold print. Great for someone who loves to bake!

3. Living with Pattern : Color, Texture, and Print at Home – the sides of the pages are a bright orange, which is a super fun pop of color and in keeping with the book’s mixed vibes

4. Mother and Child – gorgeous for a nursery or kids’ space

5. Home Body: A Guide to Creating Spaces You’ll Never Want to Leave – Joanna Gaines’s newest book. And who doesn’t love some Joanna Gaines. ake the cover off of this one and you’ll find gorgeous neutral binding with gold typography. It’s a thick and really pretty book. I actually just bought it for myself today!

6. This Is Home : The Art of Simple Living : I bought this at the McGee and Co store in Costa Mesa. I often buy books when I travel somewhere, so I have to remember to pack a little lighter on the way there!

7. Eat Beautiful : Food And Recipes to Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out – great choice for anyone into wellness or beauty

8. Dream Spaces

9. The Finer Things : Timeless Furniture, Design, and Details

10. Simplicity : take the cover off of this one and you’ll discover it’s a beautiful black and white ink dot print, with black page sides. This is another one I bought at McGee and Co’s store.

11. Plenty : Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London’t Ottolenghi. This was his first cookbook and is such a beautiful and inspirational collection of veg-centric dishes. It’s now a classic for any cookbook collector.

12. Where is Karl? – I literally laughed out loud when I first saw this. It’s a Where’s Waldo, but with Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. Perfect for any fashion fan.

13. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating

14. Tom Ford – pretty much every blogger has this large and luxe book in their home, but for a reason. It looks great and photographs well. The end.

15. Harper’s Bazaar 150 Years– when I was growing up, the walls in my bedroom with plastered with pages from Bazaar, in particular their September issue. I would have LOVED this book.



M Y  W I S H L I S T



Never hurts to have a little wishlist, right? Here’s what I would love to have show up under the tree from Santa :

1 . Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in Navy Suede : Meghan Markle’s fave pumps. I love that it’s navy and the heel rests further back on the shoe, creating a good line

2. Moncler fur pom pom beanie – we’re hoping to have a few more ski trips in the future and this will go with everything. So cozy!

3. Lauren B stacking emerald ring – if you haven’t checked out Lauren B;s instagram, do. SO many beautiful settings. I love this stacking ring that has a unique twist by adding emeralds sideways.

4. Maya Brenner initials necklace – having 3 kids, I love how this one delicately spreads their initials out over the entire necklace. Plus, a little diamond for a nice optional touch.

5. Le Labo Bergamot 22  – you know it’s finally time to buy the fragrance when you put on the tester every time you go into Nordstrom (ME, guilty.) I realized that bergamot is a note that is in most of the fragrances I’m drawn to and this one bottles it up beautifully.Le Labo is great in general.

6. Le Creuset skillet in white – I have the regular Le Creuset dutch oven in white and a tea kettle in white, AND the salt and pepper shaker in white, so I’m thinking this iron skillet would be a great addition. We used to have an iron skillet but didn’t take care of it properly so it didn’t last well; now that I know proper seasoning and care techniques, I’m hoping to bring one back into our kitchen.

7. Yoga retreat – Canyon ranch, Miraval, I don’t care where it is I just really really am craving a re-set for 2019 and going on a yoga retreat! Distractions are the hardest part of self-care for me, and a getaway is something I’d like to invest in for the new year. Who wants to join me?? 😉

8. Gucci glasses – I’ve seen these oversized sunnies on a few bloggers and they just look so good. I’m all for a good, big pair of sunglasses.


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