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The Simple Way to Get Organized This Year



Happy New Year!

This time of year is a natural time for many people to think about organization : it’s a fresh and clean start, your house is cleared from the holidays, goal-setting and planning for the year is in full-force, and the motivation and energy is there. It’s national organization month for a reason. As a fan of organizing, it’s a buzzy and super exciting time for me, too.

BUT. (Yes, there’s a but, and I don’t like being a downer so I’ll keep this part short, so stay with me.) BUT, sometimes it can be really overwhelming to know where to even start. OR, you can get started hot out of the gates, super excited for your list of organizing tasks, and have all the motivation and momentum but then lost steam and dwindle down to old habits again and be like “Great. Here I am, disorganized yet again.” I’m just being realistic here, and that’s not a fun feeling I want anyone to have.

It’s because organizing takes time, energy, and focus – which are all limited resources. And even with the best intentions, it can be challenging to go through the steps of organizing (taking everything out, editing out items, creating a system, and implementing.)

So here’s my simple solution to getting organized this year, which is this :


Not a room, not a closet, not your entire garage. Just one drawer.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organizing, start with one drawer that’s kind of crazy, the one that gives you anxiety, the one that you really wish was beautifully organized and arranged. One drawer is totally manageable. You can definitely get it done in a reasonable amount of time, and it’s INCREDIBLE the feeling you will have when it’s done. I promise you : do a drawer, and it will change your life. If not your life, your mood for the day at least 😉

And even better, it often leads to a snowball effect of wanting to keep going. I hear this all the time. So that’s when you might want to move onto the garage, or the rest of the kitchen, or the playroom, or the closet.

But if not that’s OK.

Stop there, and the next time you have the time, energy, and focus to organize something, head to a drawer and get started. One day you WILL have the time, energy, and focus to tackle the big spaces – and GOOD NEWS,  by then you’ll have lots of practice with organizing!

My point is this : Start small. And the perfect entry point to that is a drawer. I think that’s why I share so much drawer organization here on the blog and on Instagram is because it’s something everyone can do.

There are many amazing drawer dividers out there, many of which I have shared before and will link below, that are easy to implement and make a huge difference for the investment. It just becomes this win-win situation where it doesn’t take a lot of time, but the payoff is huge.


As an example, here’s how I have my jewelry and accessory drawer organized, which I haven’t shown you before!



The specifics on this drawer :

I used these acrylic dividers (same ones I used in my makeup drawer) and I love these because the compartments inside are adjustable so that you can fit everything from stud earrings to statement necklaces. I took everything out, weeded out what I didn’t wear anymore, placed them back in there the way I wanted it that made sense to me, arranged by color, measured for product (in this case I knew I wanted to use these trays so I measured to see how many I could put in there) went out to shop the product, and came back to place them in (using this adhesive in the corners to keep them from sliding around.) It’s the same process I use for all spaces in my home! And when things get a little cluttered or the color order gets mixed up or new items come in, the system is already there and it’s not jam-packed, so I can quickly make adjustments as needed to get back to the way it was in a snap.

For more quick drawer project ideas, you can see how I’ve organized the junk drawer and dish towels here, my bathroom drawers here, our kids cups and plates here, the kids hair drawer here, my spice drawer here, my coffee drawer here, our freezer drawer here, my utensil drawer here, and there’s more but these are the ones that just come to mind that I’ve shared so far.


Drawers, guys. Just start small. It’s a philosophy I believe in – and this is coming from someone that really likes to go all-in, all-out, 110% on everything. I’ve really learned that longevity and success in anything is doing the right things in the right direction, one step at a time 🙂

Happy organizing – and happy 2019!



PS . More tours and posts on spaces in my home big (like this closet and playroom ) and small (more drawers and cabinets) coming up this year!


S H O P  T H E  P O S T



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