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Things That Keep My Life Together



As a mom, a business owner, and a busy person in general (I mean, who isn’t, really) I have a few favorites and some new obsessions that help me keep my life together, things moving forward, and just flowing nice and efficiently like I want it to.

Since it’s Monday, I figured I’d send out some #mondaymotivation for you! Let me share ::



About a year ago I saw a similar idea online (sorry, I can’t remember who it was to credit!) and thought “Huh. I totally need that.” Because ::

  • I like lists.
  • I like checking things off.
  • I like cute little cards.
  • I like to prepare everything I can on weekends for the week ahead.

This looked perfect.

So I typed one up and this has been my go-to to feel organized and prepared for the start of week. “Clean out wallet.” YES, because if I don’t all of a sudden there’s a giant bunch of unclassified receipts. I print out a bunch and they are on my desk ready to go each week, and I just sit down and work through them on Saturday and/or Sunday. Want the checklist for yourself? Click HERE for your own copy! (Print out on cardstock and cut into four.)



It should be no surprise that for a professional organizer, punctuality is essential. I have always been a watch person and I’m ALWAYS wearing one. Even when I’m working out, or sometimes I even totally forget and wear one to sleep….! I like them as an accessory and I also like not having to pull out a phone to check the time. A recent beautiful addition to my collection is this JORD watch above. It’s wooden and is THE most lightweight watch ever! I don’t have anything else like it and love that it bridges casual and a bit dressy with the face and neutral wood strap. Bonus :: you can win a $75 gift card or get $20 off your JORD watch by clicking here.



A very bad habit I have when organizing for clients is that I forget to eat. My organizers can relate because once you’re in the organizing zone, you are IN THE ZONE. But our typical day of organizing goes 6-8 hours straight and it leaves me ravenous by the time I get home and ready to eat the first thing in sight. Not good.

Enter the protein shake. I have never been a breakfast person. I used to also not believe (ok, I SCOFFED) at people who said a “smoothie filled them up all day.” SURE. But call me a believer now because I get it, they really do. But it has to have protein in it and here’s my favorite ::

That’s it! So easy and tastes like a chocolate strawberry ice cream shake. Of course this is not all I eat all day every day, but it at least keeps the hungry vibes at bay.



No surprise here – my iPhone is a major tool for organization. From everything to do with NEAT, to what my girls need for school, to personal goals and photos, I don’t think I could live without my apps!

  • Trello to plan my social media, track my clients, layout event timelines, and plan personal goals
  • Evernote to write down personal to-do lists, take notes during meetings, and access to business documents
  • Cluster to quickly share photos between groups of people (it’s like a private IG!)
  • Slack to communicate with my NEAT team
  • MileIQ to track my mileage
  • ToDoist to write down my master work to-do list
  • ShopList Free for grocery shopping items by category
  • Google Calendar because as much as I love a good paper planner, I’m all digital now

Thanks to the above I can start my days and weeks feeling ready and good to go 🙂




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