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How I Use a “Week Start Checklist” to Organize My Week Ahead

One thing in life I love :


Something I love even more?


I have several lists fluidly running throughout the week. For example, I have my grocery list app (Shoplist Free is my choice) that I add to as I think of things we need to restock, and then right before my big weekend grocery trips I go over my menu for the upcoming week and add any and all ingredients I need to buy to prep for it. Then I have my Reminders app list, which serves as my general “to-do list.” Whenever I think of something I need to do, someone I need to call, something I need to buy, or someplace I need to go, I pull up my Reminders app and voice text it into the list. A great time for me to do this is while I’m driving in the car and have some “think time” – I brain dump all the tasks swimming in my mind onto this app and get it out of my head and onto a list by just talking into my phone. I also use the Evernote app for collaborative checklists and “agendas” for any meetings and the Notes app to jot random things down.

As much as I love these apps, there’s one list I like to keep on paper. Here’s how this one came about.

For things that…

  • I found myself doing on a regular basis
  • I found would make my weeks go much smoother when I did it
  • I found would quickly pile up if I didn’t do on a regular basis
  • I found to be easily done without requiring much time

I made a list of these items. They included things like clean out my wallet, write thank you notes, menu plan, and clean out my inbox tray on my desk. I decided to batch them all into a weekend routine instead of spreading them out throughout the week. It saved time and the feeling of overwhelm and uncertainly and took advantage of me having a dedicated time focused on getting. things. done. The brain likes to chunk things together and this is certainly taking all those chores and tasks and putting them into one chunk.

When I wrote this all out, I decided to take it a step  further. What if I saved time by pre-printing this list so I don’t even have to write down this same list over and over (and over) again and could literally just grab-and-go and repeat each weekend?

Then I took it even further and named it “Week START checklist” – not “Week END checklist” – to positively signify that these are the things I need do get my weeks rolling. These are not things to end my week; these are what I need to do to catapult myself into a good week ahead with good momentum.

And the week start checklist was born.


How I Use a Week Start Checklist

Every few months or so, I print out a few sheets of these (there are 4 on each page,) print on cardstock, cut them out, and then keep them on my desk by my planner and notebook. Then every weekend, be it Saturday, Sunday, or sometimes even Monday if I’m traveling or just get busy (totally happens) I take this handy pre-made, pre-printed, ready-to-go list and check through it. I won’t have thank-you cards to write every week, and some weeks my purse is a disaster to clean out and takes a lot longer (btw I use several bags throughout the week so I clean them ALL out when I do this.) Some weeks I will have just filled up on gas, and food prepping is so engrained in my weekend routine that I don’t necessarily need to have it listed as an item. But having my top tasks visually there as a reminder just organizes it all in my mind and lets me know I’m prepping myself and my family for a smooth week ahead.

And let’s face it – having a list that I can fully check off every week is just oh so very satisfying (Type-A high five!) If you’re anything like me and love goals and routines, this checklist IS FOR YOU.

Want your very own week start checklist?

I know these tasks are personal to what I do on my weekends to get ready for my weeks, so I wish I could offer you one that is customizable to your tasks. But, technology. I just don’t know. Until I figure that out here it is.

Print it on thick cardstock – it just makes it feel more official and is also more durable as it sits there in a stack with your planners or other desk items. Print it on some fancy paper, even – make it fun. It’s the little things, right?

Happy list-checking,





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  • Ele
    February 28, 2018

    Hi Mika, thanks for the printable! Please, could you make a post on your food-prepping routine?

  • Jenn
    March 20, 2018

    Photo clean up = genius!!

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